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David Atcher: "Graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Merchandising degree and from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1995 with a Master of Church Music degree. Currently serving as Minister of Music/Youth for the Northside Baptist Church in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Married to Margo Compton on October 5, 2002." atcherservice@yahoo.com


Rebecca Barnum-Coleman: Married Roland Coleman 12/99 and are now expecting a little girl. Living in Edmund, OK. rebecca.coleman@cox.net


Kimberly Bailey Gilbert: Still in Raleigh, NC, currently at home with a 2-year old, Lauren, and teaching part time pre-school through the '99-'00 school year. She and husband, Chris, are expecting a second child 6/00.


Chris Villa Barton, 10/14: "Wow... I was talking about our tour tonight at dinner... Great memories especially of my trouble-making my crew... Dana, the two Scotts, Jerod and..... I can' remember... Well, it has been 20 years ago. Married with 2 kids... Both musical. our lives revolve around marching band, jazz band and chamber choir competitions! " cvbarton@aol.com


Randy Benedict, 7/11: Hey everyone from '84....I was the baby on tour...had just turned 16...have wonderful memories of the WHITE Bus and the big tap number... spent a few years dancing for "Sesame Street"......now I live with my partner and two beautiful kids in Philadelphia.....hope everyone is well and happy.....ethalanddad@aol.com


Ann Bennison Darr: "It's been 16 years and I still talk about my wonderful experiences and adventures from touring Europe with SOA in 1984. My only regrets are that I wasn't able to stay in touch with the friends I made and that I didn't take enough pictures of all the wonderful things I saw. Keep up the GREAT work!!" Ann has a husband, 2 active sons (and a 3rd child on the way in Aug-00) and a full time job as a computer programmer. Darratak@aol.com


Dana Besig Carr, 12-03: Oh my what a joy to have found this site. Boy did some memories come flooding back. I got married to David on Aug 13, 1988 and we have 3 wonderful boys, Chris 1/6/92, Jonathan 12/14/96 and Stephen 9/4/99. I am currently an RN in the Faxton ER in Utica, NY. I love being a nurse. I sing from time to time and am now in my church choir. Amazing how fast things come back to you. I still stay in touch with Scott Sheperd. Any old buddies out there, please write. Put SOA in the subject so I know its you!!! Miss you all and those wonderful, wonderful memories. DCarr81388@aol.com

Mark Clark, 2/04: " Hello to everyone from '84! How incredible to have found this website! Life has been so good to me. After college (Univ of Maryland) I worked in real estate in D.C. until 1995 when I took a job with Safeco Insurance that moved me to Seattle. In 1997 I left Safeco for Allstate Insurance and have steadily worked my way up the corporate ladder having fun all the way! I love my job and have a fantastic life. SOA gave me the travel bug so I tend to spend my vacations skiing in Switzerland or drinking good beer in Munich! I would love to hear from all of the great friends from '84! " mwclark22@comcast.net


Karen Cross Bruce, 10-10: "I love that I still keep in touch with Terri, and have found others on Facebook.  Hubby and I back in PA now (Harrisburg area), after many years in northern VA. He teaches middle school band and I worked for the state until they downsized. (Hey, economy, way to go!) We have two teen boys that keep us hopping. Can't help but smile and giggle to myself when I think of that trip in 84. And remember, if you wanna ride, RIDE THE WHITE BUS" pstkbruce@yahoo.com


Chad Feistner, 9/10 "Hello '84 alumni! I was one of the guys back in the percussion section. Wow, I still have our tour recording, looking at our group picture on the cover brings back a lot of great memories. I've been an RN for about 15 years, did travel nursing for part of that, and now have been living in Mankato, MN for about 2 years. Married my wife, Annette about 9 years ago, and we have a 3 year old boy, Jeremy, who starts pre-school this fall. Musically, I've been giving drum lessons off and on, and mostly play drums for contemporary church services. Jeremy is already taking a big liking to the drums. Look me up on facebook if interested in getting in touch." chadfeistner@gmail.com


Pam Fingerson Pierce: Still working as a nurse in the E.R. at St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester, MN; She has 3 children, Megan,9; Jacob, 7; Benjamin, 3. Still working on Masters degree in Family Nurse Practitioner and occasionally fills in as pianist for her church services. Would love to hear from Margo and Dave!


Chrissy Follmar Carmody, 7/08: "My husband and I live in New Orleans, Louisiana and have twin daughters, Grace and Caroline who just turned two years old!

Previous: My husband Ian is a surgeon specializing in liver and kidney transplants and I am no longer in the music industry. Was at Capitol Records in Los Angeles. Attended Belmont University in Nashville, TN and earned a Bachelor in Business Administration with a major in music business administration in 1990. Had worked as a staff producer at Sony Music Nashville and moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and handled International Creative Affairs at Warner Music Group. cfcarmody@yahoo.com


Susan Freeland: Married to Michael Allen, another band director. Recently had baby daugther, Emma. Had been teaching middle school music/band in Charlottesville, VA.


Sue Fry Wickard, 4-11 "OK, I made the oh, so exciting move BACK TO CARLISLE! My hubby and I bought a house here in 2005, but he commuted from Erie & Canada and I commuted from Lancaster & Philly for a while. Yes, it was nuts. I got a job at Carlisle's Wilson Middle School (music teacher, obviously!) 3 years ago and now I see Mr. Barr pretty regularly, which is tender! I just visited with Susan Freeland Allen last week...and her two beautiful daughters, Emma & Natalie. Even though there are budget cuts, I just got 6 new guitars for the classroom. Hope everyone is doing great! I went to Paris with my hubby for Thanksgiving break and reminisced about the last time I was there for the Bastille Day Fireworks at the Eiffel Tower! (soooo many years ago!) I hope to go to my 50th state next summer (Alaskan Cruise) with my 83 year old Mom, who is too busy this summer traveling to Ireland! Wonder how will schedule that trip? Ha ha!

Previous info: worked at Manheim Central Middle School, Pennsylvania Academy of Music, and Zion UCC, Marietta. I was on the board of OperaLancaster and at Johanna Meier's Opera Institute in South Dakota. Still tinkling the ivories 24/7! " frys@carlisleschools.org

Renee (Giffin) Dorsey, 3/07:
"Live near Wheeling, WV with husband Kevin and our 3 year old son Andrew. We own Airport Limousine Service, Inc. (www.wheelinglimo.com) and mainly serve the PIT airport. (We are busy - 32 drivers and 23 vehicles.) Check us out! Have 2 Arabian horses, a small farm and lots of trails. Would love to catch up with other SOA folks! GOD BLESS the Internet - makes this so easy!" REDorsey1066@gmail.com


Laura Goforth Detrick: "I now have 4 children - all boys (3 play piano, 2 play band instruments. Thanks to SOA's encouragement during my time in the choir, my boys have benefited from my love of music!). I have been running my daycare for 10 years and have now geared down to summer care only. For two years I have been coaching ice skaters and loving it!"


Patti Haak, 7-06: "Hello all! I just stumbled on this site, and what a flood of memories! On the 1984 tour I sang Soprano, danced tap, and was the only one from Oregon if that helps jog the memories :) Viva la Golden Bus! =) After college I sang with other symphonies, soloed here and there, but mostly I teach private voice lessons. In 1991 I married a piano man who plays French horn, and we have two musical kids, our son plays guitar and percussion, and our daughter plays piano and cello. I've lived in Utah, CA, and have now relocated back to Oregon. Feel free to write, it'd be fun to reconnect!" Descantress@hotmail.com


Bill Hagenbuch: Living in northern PA - Bill is an ordained minister in Kingsley, PA. iwrite@epix.net


Lisa Harrington: Finished medical school '93; finished Family Medicine residency '96; married Thad Jackson 8/30/97 and has daughter, Emily Claire 7/7/98; living in Grayling, MI. LAHDO@voyager.net


Stephanie Hoffman Leinbach: Her 3rd son, Shane Richard, arrived 5/21/99, 6 days late; she's still a domestic goddess and enjoying her children immensely. Living in Mohnton, PA. leinbach@msn.com


Joan (Johnson) Scholz, 8-03: Hello fellow SOAers and a special hello to the members of the Golden Bus. I still think about our tour and have wonderful memories of those 4 week together. I enjoy listening to the tape and of course, singing along. I still sing regularly. I am in choir at church and do solos and duets for church and weddings. After high school, I attended college and received a degree in accounting and business. I am also a CPA. Currently I work as a financial analysist for a company in the financial services industry. I married Jay Scholz on Aug 31, 1991. I have two daughters - Rachel (6) and Amber (3 1/2). I would love to hear from fellow SOAers. Has anyone heard from Beth Johnson? joan.scholz@metavante.com


Kerry Kasper DeCoteau, 10-07: dragnfly@westriv.com


Tamara Logan Huyck: "I was married on June 29, 2002, bought a house in Westmoreland, NY, and am now expecting our first baby in mid-April 2003. I am in my 15th year recruiting for a private business college in Utica, New York, and also continue to sing and play flute for both church choir and for wedding ceremonies. I still listen to the album from our '84 tour, and will always have special memories of our trip. I would love to hear from other SOA members from that year!!" thuyck@uscny.com


Erica Maslanik-Carudo: "Living outside of NYC with my wonderful husband, Tony, and three beautiful children Anthony (7), Cassandra (4) and Courtney (1 mos). I think often of the fantastic time I had touring Europe with some wonderful people! Hi to all!" carudo@optonline.net


Doug McCullough: Completed MBA at Duke Univ., and will begin work for Johnson & Johnson as a Supply Chain Mgr after trip to Australia and New Zealand.. DAM@CYBERDUDE.com


Bill McGehee: "I spent some time in the Air Force after college, and now live in Colorado with my wife Laura and 4 kids, working as a software engineer. My current music outlet is bass guitar, which is incredibly fun. Everyone needs to go plug one in and feel the vibe!" blmcgehee@frii.net


Lesley Morse Horner: She's a Certified Public Accountant practicing in Ithaca, NY. She's a tax manager for the firm she works for; was married in '92 and now has 2 children, 2 and 4 years old.


Kevin Parsons, 7/11: "Was one of the Tuba players that toured in '84....the best time of my life! What an experience! Went to College at the International Fine Arts College in Miami FL, graduated in Commercial Art. Now I live in Meadville and am the Assistant Director and Graphic Artist for the Crawford County Convention & Visitors Bureau." kparsons@visitcrawford.org


Julie Potter Gross: Was married 3/12/2000; is plugging away at the last few classes of her masters and has a fantastic position as a "Contract Economic Researcher" for the Charles F. Kettering Foundation. She'll get to work with the World Bank in her research endeavors! Living in Fairborn, OH. Julie recently had her first baby, Jack! japotter@ameritech.net


Wendy Rankin Plummer, 4-11: Wendy has a daughter who is going to travel with the Sound of America 2012 tour!

"Hiya to Terri, Karen, Lisa, Bill, Frank(x2), Sue F(x2),and everybody else! Thanks for all the great times (remember silly songs about the White Bus?). I was just telling my 15 yr old son, Luke, about SOA and what a fantastic experience it was. So, I looked it up on the web...lo and behold, here you all are! My 3 kids (15, 13, and 9) play percussion, guitars, ukelele, piano, violin, cello, and flute. (It's SO noisy here!) My son and I play with a team in church every Sunday (drums and flute). I spend the week teaching preschool music classes and private flute and piano lessons. I'm so glad you Barrs are still running the tour! What a gift to all the lucky participants. I can't wait to send my kid on tour... some day soon, I hope!" wbplummer@gmail.com


Kathy Rhoads Taylor: teaching at Greenville College, IL as Associate Prof of Education; has 2 children, Afthan, 15 and Abigail, 5. Still plays flute. ktaylor@greenville.edu


Terry Rohrer, 1-07: "Still working in Fort Wayne, IN as a sales rep. for a box manufacture. My daughter joined the Air Force and is in Alaska. My son turned 7 in Jan of 07. I traded e-mails with Kim Gilbert and it brought back so many memories. I would love to hear from all of you and hope all is going well. tkroar@comcast.net


Loren Schofield, 1-13: "I am now working as the Director of Data Center Security for the US Army Reserve.  I retired from the Air Force in 2006 after 20 years of service.  I am currently living in North Carolina.  Previous: I retired from the Air Force last year and am now living in Las Vegas with my wife Amber. I now work as a network engineer for the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center." linus22@charter.net


Portia Sharp McCreery: "I still live in Wyoming and I play upright Bass with a bluegrass band. My husband and I own our own business which keeps us very busy. Hi to Kim Dearborn." p_mccreery@yahoo.com


Scott Shepard, 12-03: Toured with the '84 group, a part of the dirty dozen, those from '84 know what I mean. Since I've released a single in europe "Shades of Grey", in '95. I continue to sing when ever I can, auditioning for Star search, Nashville Star and other shows. I went on tour from LaFargville,NY , but now live in Colorado Springs, Co. ramahbarssa@aol.com


Daphne Steedley Scott, 8/03: "My husband,Raymond (a yankee!!) and I now live in tiny Ashburn, GA where he is the Director of Family Ministries at First Baptist Church. We have two little angels, Julia Caroline (age "almost 5") and Sydney Elizabeth (age 3), who are loving preschool. I still teach voice and piano and enjoy being at home, eating bon-bons and watching soaps all day, which is, as you know, how all stay at home moms spend their days......" Received a BM in vocal performance from Shorter College in 1990 - lived in TX 1991-1999. revray@planttel.net


Christine Smith Santelli, 6-03: "After high school, went on to be a certified paralegal, specializing in intellectual property law. Moved to Charelston, South Carolina, Married in 1992, and have two gorgeous daughters - Alexis (born 1994) and Courtney (born 1996). I sing locally with a lowcountry spirtual group. Those who can remember that far back!!!@@!!! email. " csantelli@msn.com


Kurt Stickler: "We now live in West Chester, OH, with my wife Robin and three (yes, 3) kids: Luke, Gracie, and Hope. I haven't played my horn much lately, but I love to get it out of the closet and toot once-in-a-while. Hello to everyone!" kurtstickler@hotmail.com


Kelly Thomas Prescott, 12-03: I finally got around to looking up this website, and I'm glad I did! I graduated from Drake University in '90 and have been working as a graphic designer in Tidewater, Virginia ever since. As my day job, anyway. At night, I've spent the last eight singing with the professional core of the Virginia Symphony Chorus, and also with the Virginia Chorale. It's been great to have a musical outlet again, and to have the opportunity to work with some great vocal talent.

Personally, I married a good ol' southern boy in 2000, and have taken this season ('03) off from performing to tend to something a little bit more important, our daughter, Caroline. Now, I've managed to misplace addresses (not to mention screw up everyone's address books), but would love to get back in touch with old friends. Looking back these nearly twenty years, it's amazing what a difference those few weeks in a long-past summer made in my life. kemtee@mindspring.com


Mari Thomas: Hello! So glad to have found this website! Steph - email me! I graduated in 1991 from Brown University with a BA in Music and went on to write and record original music (never became a superstar though - bummer). I went on to teach piano privately and sing professionally in several Boston and Providence area bands. I just finished my Masters degree in Music Education and am starting a job teaching Middle School Chorus in March. I live in Rhode Island and own and show a wonderful Thoroughbred horse named Sunny who is my only child thus far. My SOA experience remains one of the highlights of my life. Sadly, in one of my many moves I lost all my memorabilia so if anyone has any pictures to spare - let me know. Remember I was the blond with the asymmetrical hair. Golden Bus rules!! Love to you ALL!! fireprospect@aol.com


Brenda Trautman: Still playing flute as a hobby performing with a community orchestra, attending master classes, etc.; living in Avon, OH Brendalt@stratos.net


Tyler Vorwaller, 5-11: From Utah... played clarinet in the band. Wow! what a blast from that past was-, tylervorwaller@yahoo.com.


Frank Weasner:, 8/10 "Still living in Clyde OH, working for Old Fort Banking Co. Was married in July 2009 to Melanie. Would like to hear from SOA friends, by e-mail,please put SOA84 in subject line, or look me up on Facebook. Many good memories of the summer of 84!!" frw422@gmail.com


Brian West, 3-11: "After 15 years working for CompuServe/AOL, Brian became a real estate investor and now owns an off-airport parking lot in his hometown of Dayton, OH.   He's an avid golfer and plays trumpet in several local jazz bands. He met the girl of his dreams, Barbara, in 2000 and they're happily married, enjoying time with each other and their 4 dogs."  Brian @DaytonParking.com


Stan Wilkerson: - see our special alumni pages - he has some new music out!

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