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Supporting the Sound of America couldn't be any easier! Now SOA can accept donations through Paypal, which means you can either enjoy the ease of using your PayPal account, or use a credit or debit card - it's quick and easy!

It can be rewarding to make a donation to an organization that helps young musicians and brings people together from different cultures, to experience exciting music together! You know what a positive impact this program provides. SOA Needs your support to help provide its operational costs and cover necessary expenses, as well as help in providing a quality, well organized, musical program.

Donations also accepted by sending a check or calling/faxing Visa/MC info to SOA Headquarters:

SOA, 50 Brookwood Ave, Carlisle PA 17015; 717 245 2826 (tel); 717 245 9822 (fax).


You can make an ad in our concert program with a donation of $50 or more.




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    A Patriotic Tribute Compact Disc - only a few remain!

    To honor the heroes and victims of Sept. 11

    This CD features patriotic selections from recordings of SOA concerts taken over the past 16 years.

    In remembrance and to honor those who gave their lives and those who were directly affected. All proceeds of these CDs will go to New York Engine 6 Fire Department of New York City and the families of its lost firefighters. (This link might be temporarily down.)

    The CD's are available for a donation of $10, including shipping & handling. These CD's are now available. To order your copy, please send a check or money order to our office.

    SOA - Patriotic CD PO Box 603 Carlisle, PA 17015

    We invite you to visit the website of Fire Engine Station #6. (This link might be temporarily down.)

    We are considering making some previous SOA recordings into CD-format (SOA recordings prior to 1995). Let us know if you'd be interested!

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    TRUMPETERS: As WWII veterans are hitting their 80's 90's and older, there is great demand for buglers to play taps at funerals. Because the demand is so high, some ceremonies are performed with a fake bugler with a pre-recorded "Taps" inside the horn. Can you help? Volunteer at this site: Bugles across America.


    Nominate talented students

    Do you know some students who could benefit from joining Sound of America? You know the quality individual and talented musician we are looking for - if you would like to recommend someone, please e-mail us the person's name and address/or/email address. Please be sure to identify yourself and SOA year when you e-mail us.

    Do you want to come back? Request a brochure!

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    Make a Tax-deductible Donation to SOA by check or on-line* through PayPal

    SOA can be found on as a non-profit organization recognized by the US Federal Government as 501 (c)(3).
    GuideStar: the leading source of information on U.S. nonprofits.

    Please help the Sound of America! The SOA Organization depends on donations to keep the program running and to help cover the many costs. As pricing for travel and performances increases, and the US dollar value diminishes, the tour becomes less attainable for students in financial need. Our operational costs are greater every year. Your donations would be so greatly appreciated!

    Tax-deductible donations are gratefully welcomed from individuals, organizations, businesses and foundations. The benefits to each of the program's participants are numerous and cover multiple aspects. We know that SOA is a program dear to many. We know that the goodwill it brings from America to the Europeans is very important. Help us keep it alive!

    If you think our musical enrichment program is worthwhile and you would like to help financially, please make your check out to The Sound of America and mail it to: Sound of America, 50 Brookwood Ave, Carlisle, PA 17015 OR you can donate online through PayPal or credit/debit card.

    Each donation is very much appreciated, whether it's $5, $50, $500, $5000 or more. NOTE: Individuals may want to check with their employers to matching gift opportunities.


    * Just Give allows you to donate on-line, but they do take a very small percentage to cover their admin. costs. See their site for more details.

    Your assistance and generosity is greatly needed and appreciated!

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