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David Adams, 3/13: Hi everyone- what great memories!  Hello to Marie Barlow (85 SOA alum and college buddy) who coincidentally I ended up singing with in college for 4 years.  After our trip I graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu, Ca.  I spent some time singing with a group called the Elevators from 94-96 (acappella quartet) and we landed 1 song on the radio before the band broke up.  Since then I only dabble in music but am having a great time working in corporate training.  I live in Seattle, have been married since 1997 and have 3 beautiful and musical daughters.  One of them has already told me she wants to attend an SOA tour.  I'm saving money now!  Hello to all- and John Torrens from NY! David.Adams@adeccona.com


Marie Barlow Martin 6/12: After SOA, I went to Pepperdine University (where I just happened to bump into SOA Alum Dave Adams - we did plenty of singing together in college!) and graduated with a degree in theatre performance, music minor.  I spent the next 18 some-odd years in professional theatre of some sort or another including summer stock, regional, regional tours, national tours, civic light opera, cruise ships, off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway...In 2004 I moved from NYC to Elizabethtown, PA where, with my husband, I began a concert ministry, recorded 4 CD's, had 3 singles on national Christian radio, became a speaker for women's groups and toured the country doing up to 40 concerts in a year.  Now (2012) I've reconnected with some SOA alum (thanks, Jamie!) and am having fun seeing what everyone is doing.  You can keep track of me at www.mariebarlow.com riebar@aol.com 


David Boggs: Hi guys! I graduated in'89 with a BME degree and a minor in voice. I went on to get a MM in choral conducting from the Univ. of Cinncinati College-Conservatory of Music. Four long years later, I got a job teacheing elementary school and have loved it ever since. I write songs and poems for "my kids" and we have performed a pantomoime to the '85 SOA recording of "Harriett Tubman" for the past 6 years. I've also completed a series of songs and poems that teach the elements of music to kids of all ages. If anyone's interested in it, just let me know. I cannot tell you how many times SOA has influenced what and how I teach over the past 9 years. I am married with 6 children (yours, mine, and ours). What can I say? I like to travel in groups! My wife and I are involved in the music ministry at Mt. Paran North in Marietta, Ga. It's great to hear that so many of my friends are doing well and SOA is still going strong. userdav7887@cs.com


Chase Bryant, 12-12: Getting too old to count the years. I'm still living in West Virginia and playing the tuba and trombone every chance I get. I think back often on the experiences and fun that I had. Married 22 years....to a singer who puts up with my practicing. I'm not one to post stuff about myself- guess I got in the spirt after seeing all the posts from my friends of the 85 tour. Please keep in touch. I promise to do better myself. Chaseb323@gmail.com.


Pamela Brinkerhoff, 4/07: "I am currently living in Vacaville, California and am a program specialist for the Vacaville Unified School District in the Special Education Department. I am returning to school to get my administrative credential. I travelled back to Europe this past summer and re-lived some of the places that I went to during SOA 85. It brought back some incredible memories! I would love to hear from anyone I travelled with! " pamelab@vacavilleusd.org


Kimberly Cox: WOW, I cant believe I didn't think of this before! OK, so I am a little slow but I have been trying to find ANYONE that might have a copy of the video that was shot during the 1985 tour. (I will pay good money for a copy!!!!) Have you every known (for now 18 years)the biggest regret of your life was not capturing any possible memories of that amazing summer to be able to show your kids and say "hey look at your old mom back then?" I was an alto in the choir and I remember all those night we gathered around a piano and sang "Imagine" do you remember that? Well, after my summer with you I ran a karaoke bar for a few years and call my career as "Kim Crystal" officially over. That is until this summer when we decided to put together a reunion show to raise money for breast cancer. Anyway, I know I am going on and on, so I AM YOU, IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ON GETTING A COPY OF THAT TAPE PLEASE CONTACT ME. Terri tried looking for a copy at headquarters about 10 years ago!
, but no luck :( Hope this message finds everyone doing well and thanks for helping me show my 4 kids that mommy really did go to all those great places with a lot of great people." CrystaIvision@aol.com


Douglas Silas Emmett: "Served from 1989-1995 in the 67th Army Band. From 1992-1995 served as concert band director of the band including a tour to Guatemala. Married Elsa Rosimar Barrios Ramirez De Emmett Sep 1989. Proud Parents now of 4 young Boys. Now serving in the U.S. Army in Germany." douglas_emmett@yahoo.com


Leslie Frey Miller: She's a fulltime mom and loving it! Has a 17 month old, Caleb and is due with a second child 10/22. Hello to Celeste, Dave and Teresa. Living in Malvern, PA. jayandleslie@bee.net


Greg Hawkins, 2/07: "Wow! Almost..could it be...22 years! What a summer!. I just finished listening to a John Rutter piece: "Praise Ye The Lord"...good solo work Paul (?) so and so! We were good for a bunch of kids! I have been w/ several opera companies (3) in LAST 22 YEARS! Gives me some perspective as to just how good (and young and stupid) we were.

Kept in regular contact w/ Kathy (Kopec) Burton until about 5 years ago (Kathy, still love you and pray for you and your family.) and no one else, really. I was SO uptight back then. Now, I am a happy-go-lucky priest. I have graduate degrees (from "the GTU"...Jesuit School) in social work and philosophy. I run two agencies in Berkeley, Ca. and Modesto, Ca. I work w/ street people in/with advocacy, food, shelter (I opened large shelter in Modesto.), medical care, home and job finding, etc.

Kathy, add Kitchell to your list. Anyone? Speaking of perception, the perception of time is somewhat cruel knowing I have, nor probably ever see any of you again. If I could say one thing to each of you now, it would be: ..."even though I did not take opportunity to get to know most of you, if I had to do all over again...I would tell each of you 'that I love you and God Bless You...'" I was engaged once...long time ago...Kathy Kopec can/could testify how "crazy" she was. Of all the girls...sheesh! Ha Ha. Should anyone care to contact me, please to do so. - Peace.

P.S. Kathy Kopec: please send me your tel. no. We (I want, anyway) need a "good sit down."


Jamie Jinks: "Hi to all!! I'm a Jinks again, though engaged with no date set! Recently moved from Indianapolis to Suwanee (Atlanta) GA, to be closer to my folks in south GA. Their health is not great. Still tending my menagerie of 2 small dogs, 2 kitties, and 2 birds, but no kids! (Can I list Zookeeper as my job title??) Trying to get healthy so I can attend esthetician school for skin care. Hope to work with a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist when I'm done. When I get the REST of my life in order (this moving thing REALLY stinks) I hope to get back involved in music, and do more volunteering with the Humane Society. I have a great house on a lake and recently acquired a boat for the HUGE Lake Lanier that is close by, so all my friends can come visit and we can play!! Would LOVE to hear from former SOA friends!! Hi to Allen Vanes, Derrick Mittelstaedt, "Suzy Q", FINALLY Brian West, Terri and any others who have contacted me. I stink at correspondence, but I think of ALL my old SOA buddies often!! I love you guys!! "


Crystal [Johnson] Gamradt: "I got married to Ken Gamradt in 1992 and have worked as an Archives Assistant in the Special Collections Dept. at South Dakota State University for the last 10 years. I have two children: Jason [14] and Marissa [8]. I would love to hear from anyone. Especially... Michael Rovno, my old roomie Beth, Linda O'Connor, and anyone else who remembers me. I am thrilled that SOA is still going strong." crystal@gamradt.net


John Johnston: "I was a part of the '85 tour as a trumpet player. I am currently a PE/Health teacher in a private school outside of Charlotte, NC, and still active in music at church with Handbells, Adult Choir, and occasionally play trumpet. I also sing with a Christian Choir called "Magnify". I have been out of touch for several years. I'm glad SOA is still going strong. Married & have 4.5 year old daughter."


Katherine Kopec Burton: Hi all, married 10 years now to Jim and Mom of a fantastic one year old named Jonathan. We're living in Hampstead North Carolina now but are planning to move out to the North Carolina Mountains in the next few years. Would love to find information or locations for Scott Fairchild and Tim Yorges. Sorry to hear about the Post Office Brian, my husband works there too! katbur2@yahoo.com


Paul Douglas Leaptrotte, 2-09: "OMG.. it has been way too long.. i think of the days we travelled in Europe often, some of the best memories. After SOA i graduated HS, went to college then went into the real world. I've lived in several areas around the world, and currently live in Atlanta GA at the moment. I'm on facebook, so hit me up if you want (my name's easy to find). Still sing and loving it. Please hit me up.. would love to touch base with those i hung out with. " pede7333@aol.com


Bryan Lindberg: "Hey...I'm still teaching 8th grade math and computers out here in Hawaii. Recently got back into the music scene after a 15 year break. I'm involved in a group called Pacific Island Praise - an inter-denominational choral and dance group. You're all invited to our big production of "The Witness" every Easter (I played the Apostle James this past year). Aloha!" bry@aloha.net


Lynn Luli Hood: "
Married Tom in 1995. I am now a stay the home mom of Katherine (9-5-97) and Matthew (11-13-99). " Living in Pataskala, OH. talhood@aol.com


Bill McGehee: "I spent some time in the Air Force after college, and now live in Colorado with my wife Laura and 4 kids, working as a software engineer. My current music outlet is bass guitar, which is incredibly fun. Everyone needs to go plug one in and feel the vibe!" blmcgehee@frii.net


MikeMcGuffie, 12-08, "Spent some time with Cheryl Smith a couple of months ago and she told me there was a website for alums. Never thought of it, but glad to know now. Graduated with a degree in voice in 89 and moved to Dallas for three years. Now in Seattle for the past 17 - so much to say, but for those of you who would like to know more, please contact me. " clarkity@comcast.net


Lorinda McKeever Johnson: married her husband, Rick 2 1/2 years ago; have 1 14-month old daughter , Hannah Grace and are expecting their second 11/00. They've moved to Anchorage, AK this year - it's beautiful!


Joanna Mintle Montgomery, 8/10: "I was a soprano from Nebraska in 1985. I am now living in Michigan, am married and have 4 children. I sing with the church whenever I can, but my work and children keep me busy. I work for the education division of Apple, Inc. and I love my job. " jmintle@mac.com!


Howard "Buster" Morgenstern, 6-12: Hello to my fellow '85 alumni.  Hope everyone is well.  I've enjoyed reading some of the updates on you guys.  Our trip that year was just amazing.  I am fortunate to have been a part of it and yes, I am still great friends with Rich Ryden.  He and I talk quite often.  One of the best people I know in this life.  I would love to talk to any other of you that would like to chat and catch up.  I got married in '98 but, we are not together anymore.  We do have a great, amiable parenting relationship.  I currently have a beautiful, loving relationship with a very lovely lady.  I have 4 children that make me so incredibly happy.  Being a father is the best part of my life.  I have son and 3 daughters.  They all have my heart.  I am still making my living performing music.  I also have 20+ years experience as audio engineer.  I specialize in live multitrack recording.  As much as I do enjoy that though, my true musical passion will always be performing.  Send me an email.  I'd love to talk.  God bless you all.  :) greenbuster@hotmail.com


Kathe Newman, 4/13: "I am currently at Professor at Rutgers University and study urban change. The music genes run deep and the flute playing continues through the next generation. "

Linda O'Connor: After moving back to NY after 4 years, working at a large convention hotel in Orlando, FL. She's working at Cornell Univ and also singing in our church choir which just performed "This is My America" for their town's 100th year celebration and community chorus's 4th of July of which she was a soloist. She'd love to hear from Michelle Clayton, Denise Hutto, Crystal Jo Johnson, Julie Matthews. She was thrilled to join SOA 2000 Bon Voyage Concert for her 15th year Anniversary. She had a great time and the Battle Hymn is still one of her favorites!


Beth Papazian: Living in Pittsburgh, PA. Idoc93@aol.com


Juliet Potter, 9/05; "Life is flying by! I have been with the Charles F. Kettering Foundation as an Economist and Research Associate for 6 years now. I now hold a BS in Economics, an MS in Applied Economics, and am almost at the dissertation stage of my PhD now. I will tackle the issue of community exhaustion of intellectual property right within the European Union in the parallel trade of pharmacueticals. I know, I know, enough to put everyone to sleep! My husband Jeff is doing great. He is a very busy exec for NCR. My son Jack just turned 4 and we await a baby in April! Life is busy but great. Write if you get a chance. :) Previous: Was married 3/12/2000; Living in Fairborn, OH. Julie recently had her first baby, Jack! japotter@ameritech.net" japotter@woh.rr.com


Lisa Richwine-Olson, 7-07; "WOW-What a great Website to visit!!! I was a bass clarinet player in '85. My most embarrassing moment of my life was on that trip! Falling on stage at Notre Dame!!! I miss everything about music but too busy with 2 daughters (Amanda 17, Kaytlin 14), step kids and life to do anything about it. My husband and I have our own business and spend our free time riding our Harleys, hunting, camping up north at the lake. We are planning a trip with friends in 4 years to Europe. I can hardly wait because none of my 11 rolls of film turned out from my trip. :>( Music can add so much to ones life. It is impossible to explain. With Fond Memories Shared, Lisa" halfdollqueen@aol.com


Matthew Robison, 11-03: "Hey there everyone!! I sang first tenor in the chorus. WOW I can't believe I waited this long to see if there was a website!! Well lets see where to begin? After I got back from the tour I finished high school and started college with the full intention of becoming a music teacher, when all of a sudden BANG! I got hit by the EMS Trauma bug. I am now a firefighter/paramedic in the state of Georgia Life is good here and I am still singing every chance I get. I sure miss you all!! I would love to hear from any of you when you get the chance. Also I would love to see the video tape of the tour. Take care everyone." firemedic4537@yahoo.com


Michael Rovno, 9/04: "Horn player/Magician/singer alum from 1983 & 1985 married 9/19/1999 to Judy Haskins Now living south of Las Vegas in Laughlin, Nevada. I am working at the Edgewater Hotel/Casino in Laughlin, NV as a Casino Host, but I am still doing magic shows, singing in Barbershop groups (China 2001 and Panama Canal 2004) and playing the horn for fun when I can.UPDATE: Judy and I are now living in Fort Mohave, AZ but are still close to Laughlin and Las Vegas, NV. We went to the Panama Canal with a Barbershop Chorus in April 2004 and I toured with the American Barbershop Chorus to China in 2001. Judy is selling new homes (judysellshomes.net) and I am still doing magic shows when I can and working as a executive host at the Edgewater Hotel/Casino in Laughlin. magicalevents@ureach.com


Rich Ryden, 6/30/2013--Hi friends. Though this page may seem somewhat obsolete to many, I still visit it once in a while to see if anyone else has checked in. I'm always glad that I did. Since my last post, I have made some changes in my life. I began going to college with the intent on counseling children, however, I was invited onto a professor's research team and learned that I like working with older adults even more that I like working with kids. I graduated two weeks ago with my BS in Psychology (Gerontology minor), and have been accepted into Portland State University for the Masters in Social Work program. Sometimes I literally cannot believe this is my life. I truly am living the dream. Keep posting friends, I love knowing what everyone is up to. Previous message: WOW! It is so great to see so many of you have posted on this page. I looked through the page, and was able to recognize so many names, and vividly remember the faces and the fun we had together. (Howard) Buster Morgenstern and I are STILL great friends, and talk to one another regularly. I sang lead in a few bands since SOA, but nothing big. I guess my biggest was The No Budget Band. We played together for about 3 years. Buster, on the other hand, has been living the life all this time, and continues to play sold out gigs in an 80's tribute band. The last time we talked he was fully booked into the middle of next year! He's still the same loveable, energetic guy, but has made some great life changes, as have I. I am married and living the dream life in a little bitty town (Dallas, OR) with my amazing wife. I have 5 kids, 3 still at home. I am currently changing careers from electrician to Child and Family Counselor. I'm very excited about the life I've bee n blessed with. Miss you all, and would love to hear from you! I'm on Facebook, just so you know. ;-) " rich.ryden@q.com


Bryan Schroeder: "I graduated from University of Illinois in 1989 with a Biology degree, and prompted started to work for the...Post Office. Horrible place. I quit there on August 12, and am now taking my last semester of classes before student teaching this spring! I won't be a music educator, but I will be teaching all those high schoolers about "body stuff". I do have experience in community theatre now, so I may get into the high school arts scene via that route." bryshwn@net66.com


Cheryl Smith Quinn, 6-07: Hi everyone!!! Still think about you all! I am happily married with 2 awesome stepkids living in Westchester, New York. I am a business manager at Barney's in Manhattan. Singing??--Finally, when 40 started to approach, I started singing jazz at open jazz jams in the area! Life has been pretty darn good--and yet I still dream about our wonderful experiences in that short but sweet time of our lives! Happy 40th to all of you!!!!! crq67@optonline.net


John Torrens: "Hi everyone! I was an alto sax payer on the '95 tour. Its great to catch up on what everyone is doing. I have been married 7 years and have 2 wonderful kids. I still play every now and again, but haven't played in a group since grad school. I live in Jamesville, NY (a suburb of Syracuse, NY) and have a small company that provides speech, physical, and occupational therapy."jtorrens@cnyspeech.com


Teressa Vesely Winslow: Married 8 years, stay-at-home mom to 2 1/2 year old, Isaac. Living in Arvada, CO. Has a successful part-time home business, would love to get back in touch with Leslie Frey Miller - I miss you! Anyone interested in a 20-year reunion? Please contact her: twinsves@hotmail.com


Lisa Walhof Kielbasa, 11-03: Hello there fellow SOAers!!! What a great website! So glad that I was bored at work, and searched for SOA!! All the memories of 1985 came flooding back. I'm married and live in Illinois, as you can tell I married a good Polish man. We have 6 children between us, yours, mine and ours. I think a reunion would be a great idea. SOA was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I often talk with my children about my life, and it was unforgetable. Thanks again SOA!!! patsycline11867@yahoo.com


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