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Roy Baumgardt, 6-03: "Graduated BS - Sound Recording Technology and Percussion Performance, SUNY Fredonia 1999. Currently an IT manager in midtown Manhattan. Needing a creative outlet. Hoping to work music back into my life soon. Looking for what comes next!!" roy_baumgardt@yahoo.com


Janelle Beckenhauer-Newton, 6-12: "I'm still living in Honolulu, HI with my husband of 12 years. We have 3 kids now-- 2 boys and 1 girl. I've taken some time off of working as a pediatric nurse to stay home with the kids. It's amazing how time has flown by. I think back on my time with all of you and smile. What great memories! Take care and God bless! Previous: I met my husband Kai in 1995 and in June 2000 we moved to his hometown of Honolulu where we were married on the 26th. For those who remember my mom, Diane (she was a chaperon), she is doing well. She and my dad recently retired and moved to the Big Island of Hawaii. Anyway, in May 2000 I graduated from the University of Portland with a bachelors degree in nursing and am working as a pediatric nurse here in Hawaii. No kids yet, but we do have a dog. Overall, life has been good to us as I hope it has been to all of you. I'd love to hear how eveyone's doing. I'd also like to send a special hello to Angela, Samara, and Brooke--I think of you guys often. Take care and God Bless!" jnewt77@hotmail.com


Matt Binczek, 8-10: "Well...since my last update on this page in 2005 the world has changed quite a bit. We now have things like Facebook and Twitter, so alumni pages like this one seem to have been deserted. I'm pretty sure all of my SOA friends are on my facebook page now, but I figured I would update my info anyway just in case. Unfortunately I am now old...yes, almost 36 now:-( But that's ok I still look good haha I am still in property management and manage a 240 unit apartment community in Sacramento, CA. Also, I've been single for over three years now and loving it. As far as music life gets busy, but I still try to sind time to sing. I just joined a local chorus and I'm excited for the Christmas season. So anyway, if you remember me and would like to say hello just send me an email or send me a friend request on facebook. Talk to you soon I hope! " mattbin1974@gmail.com


Brandee Braddock DuPont, 5/04: "Can you believe it has been 10 years?  I got married to my fabulous husband in 1995.  Since then we have created 4 beautiful children, Taylor (7), Kaylee (5), Makenna (2) and Karstin (5mo).  I'm still (slowly) working torward my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Ed and Music Ed. If I'm not chasing around my kids, I'm teaching piano and singing with my husband.  We are involved in music ministry at our church and teach Sunday School for very active preschoolers.  We lived in Wisconsin for 5 years but since have found ourselves back in Wyoming and loving it. I would love to hear from any of you.  Please e-mail me!!" brandee307@yahoo.com


Lee Buckalew, 10-08: "SOA was one of the truly life changing times of my life. It helped me grow as a musician and to really begin on a track of live and recorded sound production that I continue to this day.

In June of 2005 I started my own company, Pro Sound Advice. I provide professional sound system design, consultation and training services. I also provide free lance recording engineering services for The Pan Galactic Company, the company which has the recording contract for St. Louis Symphony and others. We were very fortunate this year (2008) to be able to assist with the recording of the U.S. premier, in St. Louis, of John Adams "Dr. Atomic Symphony" and then follow that up this fall with the John Adams "Guide to Strange Places". These will be released together next year (2009) on the Nonesuch record label.

I continue to teach as an adjunct faculty member at Webster University in St. Louis. I teach in the School of Electronic Media and in the Conservatory of Theatre Arts.

I was married in July of 1993 (one week after getting back from SOA) to my beautiful wife Mary. We have four children, LeighAnna (11), Marissa (9), Jesse (7) and Larkyn (almost 2). We live about 35 miles outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

I'd love to hear from folks from any of the years I was fortunate enough to tour with SOA"

Previous: I designed the very first Martin Audio Miniature Line Array sound system in the United States.   I have also continued to dabble in lighting design.  A team of three other gentlemen and myself produced an event for the world premiere of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Baileys "WIZARD OF OZ ON ICE".  It was called "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and as a part of this event we lit the Gateway Arch in St. Louis as a rainbow.  It was the first time that it had succesfully been lit.  We won the highest award that the international Illuminating Engineering Society gives for outdoor architectural illumination.  The Paul Waterbury Award.  This was the only time that it has been awarded for a temporary installation. It was awarded to us "with distinction".  This was a very special honor as this award is not given every year but only when work sufficiently worthy of merit is presented and then it is not always given "with distinction". I designed the sound systems and staging layouts for each year of the St. Louis Blues Heritage Festival, a jazz and blues festival second only to the New Orleans festival in size in the U.S." lee.buckalew@prosoundadvice.us

Bev & Dave Boose, 1/07: Beverly recently passed away after a fight with leukemia. Our thoughts are prayers are with Dave as he grapples with this loss. Beverly had retired from her school teaching job was doing volunteer work. Dave still works for the state of PA and is still acting as organist at a local Lutheran church. They took 5 European tours with Clyde & Lyn Barr.


Niabi Caldwell: Graduated from VA Commonwealth Univ with a BFA. Now living in NYC, acting with the Looking Glass Theatre off Broadway and loving life!

"I am currently enrolled in a two year intensive acting program at the William Esper Studio and the Actor's Movement Studio, NYC. The classes are amazing and I am learning so much. New York has been good to me and I really can't complain. I have been here for a year now. I am still singing, but applying it more to my theatrical career." niniops@aol.com


Robin Chapman Popejoy, 8-03: " Still live in OKC w/my husband Jason, our son Tyler(Dec 2000, and our newest addittion Aislinn Mailaura (April 2003). We are working on starting our own business. My husband still works in the computer field while attending OSU-OKC and I'm a stay-at-home mom. In m spare time I'm learning to paint. I plan on picking up the clarinet again sometime soon, and hopefully teach privately again. I would love to hear from any SOA 94 allumni. Just drop me an email. jandrpopejoy@cox.net


Graham Clarke, 3/07: "I moved to the SF Bay Area. I purchased a house and I am working for a web development company. I still listen to my SOA tapes and think
of it fondly. " graham_clarke@hotmail.com


Rose Connett Dunphey: Was married to Scott Dunphey 6-24-00. They're living in Monument, CO. She teaches choir at Lewis Palmer HS, Monument, CO.


Ryan Coutlee: Wow...talk about a step back in time! For those who don't recall, I was the chubby kid with an abnormal amount of CURL on top of his head. I am happy to report that things have changed alot!! Short hair and 80 pounds less has a way of changing your life.

Well, I graduated from Maryville College(TN) in '99 with a B.A. in Sign Language Interpreting and then continued on to law school at Syracuse University(NY) and recently graduated in May. I passed the NYS Bar and am awaiting admission to practice law but am currently working at a private firm.

On the personal side, I am "single" in the legal sense but have been with the love of my life for quite awhile. Although no kids yet....I can't wait to be a stay at home dad. RCmentMxr@aol.com


Steve Dahl: "I'm a flight instructor now and just started a flight school and aerospace company. I've graduated four (almost six) private pilots. I'm finishing up my degree in professional aeronautics with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Dual minors: business administration and logistics. (still located in Las Vegas however -- extended campus via Nellis AFB) I just started this summer conducting one of the ensembles at church (same church as Rick (SOA '94) and Alicia Rhoades Gilbert (SOA '93 & '94) - in fact, their in the ensemble)."


Alyssa Daudt: "I am now in a 2-yr MMT program (masters of music therapy) at MCP Hahnemann University in Philadelphia. i LOVE it so far!" NEW: Recently engaged! fish_decor@hotmail.com


Leah DeFurio Raja, 11-03: "Graduated from Penn State University in December of 2001. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management and a minor in Vocal Performance. Oh Goodness so much has changed. I am currently living in Savannah Georgia and working for Marriott Hotels and Resorts as a manager. I recently got married(9/16/03) to the love of my life Faisal Raja. I am still singing, but mostly in church. My husband and I are planning on heading back to school here to get our Master's degree. Business world here I come. Anyway, I miss everyone like crazy. Drop me an email if you get a chance. God Bless you!!" lraya78@hotmail.com

Rachele Draughn Kennedy, 7-08: "I am still teaching and finding out that I love teaching choir. My boys are 8 and 5 now and keep me busier than ever. I just celebrated my 11th anniversary with my husband and we still live in my hometown in Louisiana. Time flies, doesn't it?" Southernrkennedy@yahoo.com


Traci Dybvig, 4/04; "I am currently teaching elementary music in urban Kansas City, Kansas. I have been teaching now for 3 years! I am finishing up my Master Degree through Kansas State (GO WILDCATS!) in Elementary Education and English as a Second Language." trdybvig@hotmail.com

John Folger, 3-04: "Hi, guys!!  After getting off active duty in the Army, I was deployed with the Texas National Guard to Pueblo, CO to guard a chemical munitions depot.  I started attending First Baptist Church and I am still here.  They asked me to put in my resime and I was hired as the full time Associate Pastor.  My ministry is focused toward Younger Adults and families.  I love my work for God.  Our third daughter was born 9/6/03.  So we now have Alexandra, Alyssa, and baby Aimee.  My wife is the Physics teacher at one of the local high schools.  I am loving it here as the weather is more like New York than Texas was.  Hope all is well with each of you." He and wife Suzanne are expecting their 2nd little angel, Alyssa Nocona. Alexandra is 1 1/2 and doing great. He has answered God's call to go into the Ministry when he gets out of the military so he can become a pastor. jsf424@msn.com


Dan Forness, 6-03: Just finished a Master's in Music Education. (whew!) Toured all over the US as a paid singer through college, landed in Western New York with wife Summer, dog Fiona, house, friends, and now, job as Junior-Senior High Choral Teacher at Oakfield-Alabama Central Schools. Happy and loving music still. Maybe chaperoning sometime in the next five years? danforness@juno.com


Troy Foxwell, 8/04: "Well, it has been a long time. I graduated from Harding University with a BBA in marketing and am currently working as an account executive/paramedic with American Medical Response in Austin, Texas. Just waiting for the next adventure to lead me farther away from Delaware. Email me; I would love to hear from you..." tfoxwell@amr-ems.com


Robin Garner, 11-03: I finished a second BS, this one in Biology, in the summer of 2003. Currently I'm working in an OKC metero hospital as a Blood Banker as well as taking care of my elderly grandmother. I play my Sax with the worship team at my chruch. It seems incredible that it has been almost 10 years since our trip!! Previous update: Graduated 7/99 with a BA in Medical Technology from SWOSU. Working in a rural hospital lab in Pauls Valley, OK. e210@mail2.gbronline.com


PJ Gates, 8-10: "Well I left the HR Industry in the Bank and moved on to bigger and better things.... I now work for the US Dept of Education with the William D Ford Federal Direct Loan Program...I have managed to grow up the ladder in just a short time since I have been with the Govt. I now am Supervising the program. I have a house in North Tonawanda NY but hopefully moving to Florida in the Orlando area. I am the Director of Music for a Lutheran Chruch in Grand Island NY. I have since retired from the Female Illusionist stage but am itching to make a come back Please keep in tought I look at the VHS LOL who watches them anymore from the trip in 1994 it was such a great time and I hope to make another one someday soon.
" PJG876@aol.com

Rick Gilbert, 3/07: Married SOA Alumnus Alicia Rhoads, (SOA 92-'94)! Alicia and I welcomed our fourth (and final) child, Drew Jaydon, the day after Christmas, '06. So needless to say, no sleep for us. Hope you've all found joy in your lives. Drop me a line." giachesdw@yahoo.com


Aaron Gravit, 5-03: "I graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design in 1999 with a BFA degree in Computer Art, specializing in 2D animation and special effects. After graduation I stayed in Savannah Georgia for a few more months before moving back to New York. Since then I have worked with many graphic design and production companies doing everything from package design & web design toanimation & mulitmedia. In 2000 I was hired by MTV to work on an animated TV series called "SPY GROOVE". It aired Thursday nights at 10pm. I was the guy who animated the voices to the animated characters. It was alot of fun while it lasted. After the show was cancelled I partnered up with my cousin who is also a graphic artist. Together We started a company called Bluestargraphics. That was three years ago. Today We are currently expanding our company intergrating new ideas into the graphic and marketing industry. Even though we are a small company with 5 employees we work with clients from all over the world. In the summer of 2002 myself and two other partners started a another company called BioZen Laboratories. BioZen markets and distributes health related products like Coral Calcium. For more information about that company please visit our web site at www.whycalcium.com. Well to make a long story short...I've been very busy as you can see. I would love to get in touch with you guys. aaron@bluestargraphics.com"


Carrie Gress Rauhe: Married 8-1-99. Graduated 5/00 with a BA in Psychology. Living in IA. rauhec@hotmail.com


David Gunn, 7-04: "I am working at Leapfrog Toys, (NYSE "LF" ! ) in the Bay Area. I live in Berkeley and more or less trying to relax after receiving my Masters in Electronic Music from Mills College. I am starting a poker club, and I've just finished running a small chess club. "NEW: Still at LF, though I am making a transition soon back to school for medicine." dgunn@sbcglobal.net


Barett Hedeen: "Hey everyone! I recently got engaged to a wonderful friend of mine, Jenny Walsh. We are going to get married in October 2003. I am currently in massage therapy school, and will graduate in December 2002. Keep singing!" b_hedeen@hotmail.com


Samara Howe, 8/08; Samara has now completed her masters in Music Education from Michigan State University. She married, has two gorgeous little girls and is teaching in Michigan. howesama@msu.edu


Angela Horn Leu, 8/10:I am currently living in Duncan, OK, where we breed and raise Southdown sheep. David, my husband, and I have 3 beautiful boys. I am teaching 8th grade English, and my husband is a Minister of Music. My diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis was in 2004. With all of my boys running around, I can't let MS slow me down! Wishing you all the very best in life!
Previous: Grad'd and teaching kindergarten and 1st-5th grade music; teaching private voice, living in Tulsa, OK with wonderful hubby, David angleu21@yahoo.com.


Christopher House, 9/08: "Lets see, the last thing I managed to get out was that I had gotten married and based on that old email was probably still in training when I posted so that would have been '99 or '00. It is now 26AUG08 and I have managed to survive 32 years of life, 9 years of marriage, Army service and several large moves. The most recent of which plants me in Upstate NY in St. Lawrence County. My wife and I have bought a home and have three dogs. We are planning on children but they haven't gotten here yet. I have lost my tapes and am desperately seeking them in the myriad of boxes still left unpacked. I am investigating going back to school for a nursing degree. Lee is getting prepared to return to school to finish here early childhood/education degree. This time I will try not to get lost in the hinterlands of the north and check in a little more often.


Samara Howe: Graduated from MI State Univ. with a Vocal Music Ed degree. She's teaching in NY and spending summers in ME.


Melissa Hoyle Plott, 2/07 "My company recently got purchased, but I still have a job as an environmental chemist. I've moved to the Roanoke, VA office, which is a much shorter drive for me. I've started playing with Buglers Across America to help with the shortage of Taps players for military honors funerals. I can't believe it's been 10 years since I was in SOA...I want to come back so bad! I need to find the money!! :)" melissa.plott@atk.com


Jessica Hull: Attending Carnegie Mellon Univ, Pittsburgh, PA pursuing a Masters in Flute Performance. She's spending summer 2000 studying in Germany at the Schleswig-Holstein Orchestral Festival.


Karen Ivey Hatley, 7/06: "I graduated from UNC Greensboro in 1998 with a BA in Music. NEW: My husband and I have been married now for almost 6 years (7/22/00) and have been living here in NYC now for about 4 1/2 years and love being in Manhattan. We moved here to help start a new church and things have been awesome(www.nyjourney.com)! We always knew our first child would be born while we were here in the city and she came along this past December 18-Abigail Rose. What a beauty! As for music, up until our daughter was born I was working with all of the vocalists at our church on a weekly basis, running rehearsals and doing some coaching. For now, I am taking time out to be a mom. Come visit us anytime you are in the area!" karen@nyjourney.com


Jamie Jinks: "Hi to all!! I'm a Jinks again, though engaged with no date set! Recently moved from Indianapolis to Suwanee (Atlanta) GA, to be closer to my folks in south GA. Their health is not great. Still tending my menagerie of 2 small dogs, 2 kitties, and 2 birds, but no kids! (Can I list Zookeeper as my job title??) Trying to get healthy so I can attend esthetician school for skin care. Hope to work with a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist when I'm done. When I get the REST of my life in order (this moving thing REALLY stinks) I hope to get back involved in music, and do more volunteering with the Humane Society. I have a great house on a lake and recently acquired a boat for the HUGE Lake Lanier that is close by, so all my friends can come visit and we can play!! Would LOVE to hear from former SOA friends!! Hi to Allen Vanes, Derrick Mittelstaedt, "Suzy Q", FINALLY Brian West, Terri and any others who have contacted me. I stink at correspondence, but I think of ALL my old SOA buddies often!! I love you guys!! " JLJHarmony@aol.com


Andy Klemenko, 9-06: "I am so glad I found this site. As for me. I never finished college, because I started traveling doing National Touring Companies. While involved in this, I ran into an old high school girlfriend and got married 10/99...Currently, I run the Drama Department at my church and still perform occassionally in local dinner theatres while working for a financial institution. But I miss the touring. So I am now in process of applying for grants to start my own Theatrical Production company... Other than that I am still married and living in Chicago (okay I live in the suburbs). But that is the short short version..." ATKlemenko99@comcast.net


Chris Labriola: "I was just reading over this page that I came across while searching for a picture of the Rothenberg Clock Tower for work. I saw all these names and I think I remember each and every one of you....this is great... Anyways, after finishing High School (yes I turned 16 on the plane to Germany), I went on to Millikin University for 4 years for a BA in Commercial Music - Percussion. From there I moved back to Chicago and started managing at a Guitar Center. Meanwhile, I became a bass player in a band with some guys from school. About 8 months ago I took on a marketing/advertising position with Peterson Electro Musical - (They make tuners). I do web design and magazine ads there, and I play with my band, 24Elsinor, in the city on Fridays and Saturdays. If anyone is ever going to be in the Chicago area, drop me a line and let me know.. I'd love to hear from ya!" cjstix@hotmail.com


Jennifer LaFavre Bowler, 3-07: "My husband, Matt, and I had our first child, Timothy, in October of 2005. I love being a mom! He definitely keeps me on my toes. I'm still working as a middle school music teacher in Swampscott, MA. We live in Danvers, MA. I would love to hear from all of you if you want to drop me an e-mail!

Previous: Lots has happened since the tour! I got married in 1998. I graduated from Gordon College in 1999. Currently I'm teaching general music and chorus at a middle school here in Massachusetts. I would love to hear from anyone from the tour!" jenbowler@hotmail.com


Deborah Lee, 4/04: Deborah has been in Manhattan for 4 years working with an advertising company and raising a dog. Previous news: Grad'd in 2000 form Trinity Univ with a BA in Business and Communication. Moving to NYC summer 2000.


Jennifer Lee 4/04: How crazy to access this page and see what everyone is up to!! Will be starting my residency at Columbia NYP in a few months so will definitely have to look up some people. Deborah has been in Manhattan for 4 years working with an advertising company and raising a dog.  Hope everyone is well. Previous news:
Grad'd in '99 summa cum laude from Rice Univ with a BA in History. Spring 2000 entered MD/MBA program at TX Tech Univ, Lubbock. jenLEE128@aol.com


Chris Markin, 10-03: "Hello all!! We landed in NY in 1994 and my life was forever changed. So how is everyone? Blessed I hope! I'm hoping to find some old buddies! I graduated school, college, and moved to Cincinnati, OH for 3 years. Working for myself teaching piano among other things didnt work out, so I returned to Eastern, Kentucky! After dedicating my life to Jesus Christ, I attended RHEMA Bible College in Tulsa, OK and now enjoy leading Praise and Worship in my church!! GOD IS GOOD!! Isnt he? I had some of the most memorable moments i've, to this day ever known, with you SOA!! I thank you!! Please look me up!! CIAO!!!" markinNchrisT@aol.com orCHRISTNCHRIS@ILOVEJESUS.NET


Tiffany Mattison, 8/07: "Hi everyone... can't believe it's been so long! My son, Brendan, turned 5 in May and starts kindergarten this year. I am no longer with the airlines, but am now a full time student at Portland State University (studying to be a pharmacist) and I also run a daycare. I don't get a chance to sing much anymore, but I still dance. I've competed in Two-Step, West Coast Swing, and Waltz competitions and have started giving dance lessons, as well as learning how to salsa. Would love to hear from everyone. Hope everyone is doing well....Keep in touch!" mattisontm@yahoo.com


LaTrina Renae Miller, 2/04: "Wow! Finding this site... what a blast from the past! So much has happened in the ten years since I did SOA. I went to UNC at Chapel Hill for my bachelor's in Pre-Med, but changed to music (much to my father's dismay). I sang in Salzburg one summer (1999) through a program with University of Miami and witnessed a complete solar eclipse! Amazing! I completed my masters in 2000 at Peabody Institute. I am currently a Resident Artist at Tri-Cities Opera in New York, where I have performed five leading roles in the three years I have been here, My favorites being Adina in L'Elisir d'Amore and Gilda in Rigoletto. I am currently performing Susanna in Le Nozze di Figaro and Mozart is making me WORK... :) I'm also passionate about sacred music and made my concert debut at Baltimore Symphony singing Bach's Magnificat with Bobby McFerrin (yes, don't worry be happy man, but he gets mad if you mention that to him) conducting in 2001. I've also had the odd yet pleasant experience of singing a duet with Chartlotte Church. I am hoping to sing at Sante Fe Opera this summer, but am currently on alternate status. I love singing for a living, but it is very hard at times. So far, no regrets. I have had three wonderful and loving boyfriends, but nothing has stuck and I am currently single. Some say it comes with the territory, but I believe in love! That sounds cheesy I know. Well, that about covers it. I wish you all the best and God Bless you now and always!!!" trinarenaemiller@yahoo.com


Dawn Moody: She's working at Canisteo Central, NY teaching 6-12th grade band and lessons. She also has a marching band and 9-12th grade Music Theory class. sunup121475@aol.com


Christopher J. Morgan, 7-06 " Wow! Has it really been 3 years since I updated on this website? Melissa and I have since had a third child, Kurtis (2 yrs) to keep Cosette (7) and Tyler (4) company. We still live in Logan, UT where I work with an excellent group of physicians at a local trauma center. I plan to venture out in a few years into the business world and go into private practice, but for now I'm content sticking around in the emergency department. It's great to see everybody's postings. I can't believe it has been 12 years. Love you all! Hi, Leah :-) " nursemanrn@comcast.net


Catherine Moser Reddington 7/07: "I just got married in March '07! I'm finishing up my MS in school counseling and should be starting a middle school counseling position in August. I left Baltimore and moved to Germantown, MD with
my husband--right outside Washington, DC. Hope everyone is doing well!
PREVIOUS: In 1999, I graduated from the University of Delaware with a BS in Family and Community Services. Right after graduation I moved to Baltimore, MD to spend a year working for an Americorps program as a caseworker for inner city kids on probation and I have yet to leave. I did change jobs, and for almost two years I've been working for a non-profit helping inner city kids through the college access process. Every few years, I still make it back to my hometown of Carlisle, PA to see the SOA farewell concert!" catherinereddington@gmail.com


Sarah Ostrowski, 8/05 " I am working as a systems analyst consultant for the United States government in North Chicago, IL. I bought a house in Round Lake in October '04 and finished up my MBA in June of '05. I hope you all are doing great. Previous: I graduated from Carthage College in 2000 with a degree in music. " dopey1119@hotmail.com


Wendy Pitt, 11/04: " I graduated from OU medical school in 2002. Currently I'm in my 3rd/senior year ofÝÝPediatrics Residency in SW Ohio. I am currently applying for Pediatric Endocrinology fellowships for July 2005. My flute is a little rusty--working 80 hours a week kind of limits my time to do anything. I hope maybe when I do my fellowship I'll have more time & can take flute lessons again. Still single, raising two crazy cats. Always think fondly of my SOA tour and hope to go again as an alumni sometime in the next ten years...I graduated from OCU in 1998 with a B.S. in Biochemistry. " pitt@ouhsc.edu


Jason Prokowiew, 1-06: Hi tour of 1994. I graduated in 2001 from Oberlin College with degrees in Russian and English. I'll finish my master degree in nonfiction writing this May. I'm working on my first book, "One Little Bolshevik," about my Russian father's adoption by Nazis during WWII. This February I'll be in Belarus conducting research for the book. My companion on the trip will be Kristen Williams, now Kristen Benoit, who was our wonderful bassoonist during the 1994 tour. When I was thinking of who to ask to accompany me to Belarus, I thought of Kristen, who I met on SOA and who made a wonderful travel partner! jwpruss@yahoo.com

Crystal Raff:
Will graduate from York Cllg of PA 5/00 with a BS degree in Psychology. 6/24/00 will get married and plans to travel Ireland for several weeks in 2001. She'll begin her PhD work in Clinical Psychology. raffjensen@mciworld.com


Alicia Rhoads Gilbert, 11-07: "Nothing much has changed with me. I am still married to Rick (SOA 94)...for 10 and a half years now. We have 4 kids, 3 boys and one girl, ages 6,5,3 1/2, and 10 mos. We currently reside in Virginia Beach, VA. I haven't been doing much other than the SAHM thing...but am looking into getting back into some of the theater scene around here. We will see. We are currently living Virginia Beach, Va with our three kids, Ethan-4, Avery-3 and Jenna-1. I am a SAHM, and am studying to be a medical transcriptionist. I would love to hear from any of you. malixgilbert@yahoo.com


Melissa Rogers Brothers, 10/03: "Hey there guys! Not much has changed since the last update except that I did receive word that Rachel Smith Driggs had a third child and it was a girl named Hannah! As for me, my husband John and I are still pretty busy with work and church activities as well as our two "children" Rani, (dog) and Duchess our beloved retired showcat. I still think of you all so often and hope we all stay in touch

Previous: My husband and I are still very active in our church with different ministries going on all of the time. I have kept in touch with a few of you and would like to hear from some more of you as well. I must say that the two years I toured with SOA were the most incredible experiences of my life as a young adult. I remember so many of you and am so excited to read where our lives have taken us and to see what we have all accomplished since then. Happy New Year to all! I would love to hear from you! Married John Brothers 3/25/00. Rachel Smith Driggs (SOA) was her matron of honor." YOUandGODandI@aol.com


Dana Rogers Spear, 10/07: "Dana Rogers Spear: We have been living in Dupont, WA (1 hour south of Seattle) for three years now. My husband Sam is in his 4th year of residency as an ENT doctor. We have three wonderful children: Stuart (7), Brooke (4), and Roger (1). I homeschool my oldest, which has been a wonderful adventure. All three of my children show an interest in music. I don't sing very often anymore, mainly because of health problems that have affected my voice. Instead, I am learning how to play the fiddle. I still play guitar and mandolin, but am currently not in any bands. I spend my free time digital scrapbooking. We plan on living here until June 2009. My family website is: http://web.mac.com/danaspear." danaspear@mac.com


Heidi Rosenthal Parker, 10/12: Life has been wonderful since SOA.  I went on to major in interior design at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver and marry the love of my life.  We have been married for 14 years and together nearly 20.  We are so blessed with 3 great children.  Morgan is 14, Jaxon is 12 and Eastyn is 6.  Morgan is our singer and wants to major in the arts.  Jaxon has just started the drums in band and is LOVING it!!!  We moved back to our hometown of Sheridan, Wyoming, where I took over my family business, Babe's Flowers.  I love being a floral designer and a 3rd generation owner and carry on my family's legacy!!!  I stay active in music by doing musical theater at our local theater and singing with Morgan at our church.  I will always have a special place in my heart for SOA and hope that my children will get to experience the adventure someday too.  flowerbabe@hotmail.com


Katherine Ross Blake, 2-09: "Hi there! I've been married to my husband since August 4, 2007, although we have no children yet. I've worked in various capacities of childcare since 1997, and as a full-time nanny since 2001. I don't sing as much as I used to, although I was active for several years in the 300-voice Chancel Choir at my church. I've also been active in the deaf choir there which does choreographed sign language to Christian music. I have many happy memories of SOA, and wish everyone the best! " naturalnanny@bellsouth.net


Mindy Ruch Gordon: "I'm still working at a Broadway theatre advertising agency in NYC--the shows I currently work on are 42nd Street, Into the Woods and Urinetown. I'm also taking a class in copywriting, and I'm about to start a class in voiceover work. Please look me up if you're ever in NYC!" mindyrg74@yahoo.com


Julie Sampson: Graduated from OH Wesleyan Univ 5/99 with a degree in Accounting. Took a position as an auditor with Arthur Andersen, LLP. Lives in Columbus, OH. julie.m.sampson@arthurandersen.com


Steven Schadegg, 9/06: Working at the University of Central Oklahoma and storm chasing. www.spaces.msn.com/members/sjsphoto sschadegg44@hotmail.com


Rachel Smith Driggs, 10/03: Reportedly she and her husband had 3rd child . nancydriggs@gateway.net


Franz Steinherr: Graduated from The College of William & Mary in 1999 (BA - Government). Completed an MA & LL.M at Brunel University in London in the Laws & Politics of the European Union (1999-2001). Worked for the Honorable James Plaskitt MP. Currently, studying Law at Oxford University in England. Plans to return home to NY after graduating from Oxford. Continues to play the Trumpet in several Bands and Ensembles - still has trouble counting to four! franz.steinherr@brasenose.oxford.ac.uk


Jeramie Tesky, 8/08: "My memory is not so good since my "near death experience"! On December 8th, 2003 I was driving a KIA RIO, had a head-on collision, the air-bag & seat-belt didn't function. I was immediately in a 2&1/2 month comma, when I woke up I was told I have 2 FRACTURED FEAMERS, 2 SHATTERED KNEECAPS,A BROKEN ANKLE AND A TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). (Jeramie said that the KIA company was very hands-off when it came to any liability.) I am the father of 4 wonderful young-ones, the two boys are ages 4 & 10, the two girls are ages 7 & 7! Both my daughters are BEAUTIFUL singers!" Jeramie is still recovering from his trauma and is trying to remember his summer with SOA better. papatesky@gmail.com



Joe Wallace, 11-07; "Well, hello everybody!! Sorry that through the years I have fallen out of contact with all of you. Everyday I think back to the back of the Gold Bus, "Back Simba". Still to this day it brings back a smile. I have only had one chance to revisit Carlisle for the reunion/concert(think it was in 95). I think this year I will be travelling back to see who all is around. I hope to see alot of you there!! Well, I am still living in the DC area and managing a jewelry store now. I look forward to corresponding with you all again!!!" basslinejoe@yahoo.com


Brian Ward, 2-09:"Wow! Almost fifteen years have gone by....hard to believe! I still pull out my pictures occasionally to remember one of the best summers of my life! I'm currently living in Wheeling, WV, where for the last ten years I've been working as a service technician for a company that sells business machines. I got married in 2006 to one of the most wonderful people I've ever met....my beautiful wife Kelly. We recently found out that we are expecting our first child in September....very exciting! I've also been running a karaoke show on the side for the last seven years at a restaurant/lounge in Moundsville�.still love to sing! I⤙d love to hear from anyone that still remembers me!" xatrix@verizon.net


Teisha Wesner Madden, 9-06: "I graduated from Kutztown University in May of 1998, with a BS Degree in Art Education and a minor in Music. I was in most of the choral and instrumental groups there and I was a Brother of Kappa Kappa Psi. I started dating Jeremy Madden my second semester at KU, and 7 1/2 years after our first kiss, we got married on July 27, 2002. (cheesy, huh?) I am still an art teacher at Hamburg Middle School. We had our first daughter, Nikailyn Arissa on September 2, 2004. We just welcomed our second daughter and last child, Adrianna Danielle on June 28, 2006." ahsiet27@msn.com


Jami Witt Spencer, 12/04: "My husband and I have now taken two trips with the Barrs and we will be taking our third trip in August 2005 to Scotland. You guys should join us! =) I am in my 5th year of teaching elementary school (5th grade) and have been working on my application for teaching overseas with the Department of Defense. I still don't have any children, but my Siberian Husky will be 6 years old in January. Still living just north of Salt Lake City, Utah (very close to the airport) and I now have a guest room so if you make it out this way let me know. I would love to hear from you guys regardless, so please write. Take care and all the best for 2005!"

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