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Jeff Stanislawczyk: Very sad news - our friend and family member, Jeff, from NJ (choir member), passed away at the age of 27 in 2009. We have just learned about this when his father received the mailing from SOA. Jeff, an amazing vocalist who studied at various top-class music schools, will be missed. Jeff, your smile, personality, and talent will not be forgotten. Here is an obituary.


Jessica Adler Rice, 10/07: I can't believe it's been nearly 10 years since our adventure through Europe. Over the time I earned my degree from the Wharton School of Business (UPENN)and was married and divorced. I'm now an IT Project Management consultant; although I call Philadelphia my home, I travel the country working for various clients. Congrats to Josh & Emily - all of us saw the connection 10 years ago! trlyevl1@gmail.com


Jeremy (Jeremiah) Allen, 4/04: "Hello everyone.  I am working in Mifflinburg PA as a social studies teacher.  It's a great time, but it will never amount to the fun we had in Europe.  Its great to see a lot of names I know, hopefully we can all get back together sometime.  If you are ever in PA let me know." jeremiahsallen@hotmail.com


Rachel Becker,12/02: "Hello to all, I really miss everyone who has touched apart of my life so greatly. Currently finishing up my Pediatric/Surgical Registered Nursing degrees from James A. Rhodes State College. I enjoy performing with the University Chorus and the Lima Symphony Chorus. Good luck to you all in whatever you decide to do, no feat is too great or too small. Keep reaching for the stars and let them be your guide." littlekitten825@yahoo.com


Ronjon Bhattacharya: "Wow. Memories... Am about to start a super-senior year at the University of Pennsylvania (super senior!), pursuing a single degree in economics -- nothing special. Scared as hell about life starting... :) But yeah, I live in Philadelphia, PA. Home of the amazing cheesteaks :)" ronjon@sas.upenn.edu

Andrea Birckhead, 11-03:
"Hello all you wonderful SOA people! I never get around to doing these updates, but here goes...let's see, I recently graduated from the University of Tennessee with a double major in Journalism and Public Relations. I'm not exactly sure why, but it sounded cool at the time. I worked at the Country Music Association for a while after graduation. Yeah, yeah Country Music...but hey, I love it. How can you live in Nashville and not love Country? Oh yes, that's where I live. Anywho, I recently took a job as an Editor for a news distribution company. It's a great job, however, being the newest hire, I have the luxury of working the graveyard shift, 11 pm to 7:30 am. It's really not too shabby though. So, if any of you are ever in Music City (That's Nashville by the way) and you need a place to crash or just a clean bathroom. Give me a holler!" andreabirckhead@yahoo.com


David Burch: Attending Pacific Lutheran College. burchdc@plu.edu

Eric P. Carampatan, 5-03:
"HEY GUYS!!! I can't believe that there is a page for us! Anyway, news with me (where to begin!)...well, I'm studying with an amazing teacher at Azusa Pacific University School of Music in southern CA (near LA) and I will be graduating next year. I have had many exciting experiences so far here. I made my recital debut in China last November as a guest recitalist at the Shanghai Conservatory, Shanghai Grand Theater, and at Beijing's Central Conservatory of Music. I did an all-American composer program of music which included mostly Barber and Copeland. I had a freakin' amazing time! I currently am a private vocal instructor at Crescendo Performing Arts Academy in San Dimas. I most recently performed my 7th opera role (Puccini's "Gianni Schicchi") this spring and was just contracted to sing a concert performance of Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte with an orchestra in Pasadena. This summer I am traveling to Berlin to perform in the world premiere of "Paradise Lost" Opera Electronica under the baton of composer Eric Whitacre. I am totally stoked!!! Anyway, I guess that is all for now. I am SO happy that I found this page. I will never forget any of you amazing people or that crazy few weeks we spent in Europe. I love you all and I hope that you are doing great things! Many Blessings!!!! " Gatsby_1920s@yahoo.com


Eddie Chang: hey guys!...i miss you all...i hope y'all are doing well. i'm currently a junior at NYU studying in finance and marketing. squinty7@yahoo.com


Michael Chavarin: "Hey, I am currently attending Portland State University where i will graduate in the spring with a BA in music performance. The PSU chamber choir recently toured europe in the summer of 2001 and won serveral international awards. We will be touring the Baltics in the summer of 2003. We have also been invited to sing at the ACDA National Convention in New York, February 12-15th. Hope to hear from anyone if they wish to e-mail me." chavarinm@hotmail.com


Jared Clock, 6/03: "Wow..I guess you do find wierd things when you search for your name on the internet. Anyway, Reed, good call on the fact that you are a crazy Alaskan. Dana, hows it goin? I'm still working on putting together my road trip to come down and visit :) I just graduated from R.I.T. in Rochester NY and working here over the summer. If anyone has a need for an imaging scientist, just let me know!!" jwc6137@rit.edu


Bryan Coe, 9/04: "Hey all. In case you don't remember me, I was one of the Oregon guys. Gary and I were roomies. The white bus was absolutely the BEST! Jered, what's up man? I haven't talked to you since we got back! Reed, long time no talk. Shoot me an e-mail and lets catch up brother. Jeff, where in the heck are you??? Haven't talked to you in a long time either. Anyway, if anyone wants to get in contact with me, e-mail me at snogolf@hotmail.com As far as what I've been up to, I am currently a loan officer for a mortgage company in good old Klamath Falls, OR. My barbershop quartet has officially, but sadly, stopped singing together. We are just too spread out with one of our members moving to Texas. We did, however, end up picking up some hardware before we ended our musical journey. We won the Oregon State High School quartet competition as well as the Evergreen District (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, B.C. Canada) quartet title. Fun stuff. I also sang with the Salem Senate-Aires, which is a barbershop chorus. One of the most awesome singing experiences in my life. Anyway, enough about me! I want to hear what's up with everyone else! E-mail me if you have time, and I look forward to hearing from you. snogolf@hotmail.com


Lesley Darrow, 7/05: " Hi everyone!! Greetings from the Beach! I just recieved a PE Assistant job here in Virginia Beach. I am still going to college, almost done though. I have two semesters left for my Bachelor's in Teaching elementary K-6. I am continuing afterwards to get my masters. I am employed at Best Buy, gotta love my discount! I also run the before and after school programs for the city and right now I am running a summer camp. I miss you guys a lot and would love to hear from you." ldarr002@odu.edu


Ryan Decker, 10/10: "Hi, Just a quick update. I havent been on the site in a long time. I am now happily married and have two wonderfull step children. My wife and I own Infusion Interiors, a interior design and decorating firm in Hollidaysburg, Pa. Check out our web-site at InfusionInteriors.net. Previous: Liberty University and also the Art Institute of Pittsburgh." rydeck80@yahoo.com


Becky DeRuyter, 12/06 "Wow! Imagine my surprise as I'm just messing around one day at work and find this webpage! Amazing. Still living in the suburbs of Rochester, NY. I'm doing really well... just bought my first house, working as a Financial Analyst for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of the Rochester Region, and, of course, still playing my clarinet!" bderuyter@fltg.net


Amy Duran Stewart, 7/11; "After all these years something made me come to the SOA website and check it out:) I currently live in Huntsville, Alabama. I received my bachelor's and master's in Nursing at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I work as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner at Huntsville Hopsital. I have been married to my husband, David, for 7 years. We have 2 dogs and 1 cat and life is great! I miss everyone and hope that someone might have heard from Dana Kurland recently. If so please let me know how to get in touch with her! Unfortunately I don't sing much anymore except for in the car but I will never forget the summer of '98!!" aduran269@hotmail.com


Noelle Ferguson, 12-06: "I'm living in Chicago working as an Early Intervention Service Coordinator and acting/singing (right now with Light Opera Works) I moved out here from Oregon about 2 1/2 years ago and I'm SO happy here! (although it is quite cold!) : ) Anyway, I would love to hear from any of you who remember me! Or don't remember me but live in Chicago and want to remember me!
Previous: Like many I was shocked and saddened by the news about Joel. He was such an amazing person, with a smile for everyone. More than anything this tragedy makes me realize how important all of you were and are to me. Although it had been almost 2 years since I had seen Joel I thought of him often and never realized that each time I talked to him could be the last. I hope that we can support each other through this painful time and keep the Joel and his family in our thoughts. I would love to hear from any and all of you that I came to know through SOA. I am in Eugene headed toward my 5th year and planning to finnish at the end of next year in early childhood education. I would love to hear from those of you on the west coast. I have really been wishing in the last few days since I found out that I could see you all again. Especially my friends from the golden bus. I love you all." theaussiejew@gmail.com


Eric Fleck (Gimpie), 7-05 "Lets see, How many of you remeber the poor guy who went the entire trip on cruches or a cane. Well that was me. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who had pictures of the trip. I lost mine in a fire. If someone could possibly send me some via email. I just wanted to say i miss you all... and hope that you are all doing well." efleck@heidelberg.edu


Lisa Graff, 12-03: Studying in Italy and came to the SOA 2001 concert in Stresa! NEW: I just moved to New York to start a graduate program in Creative Writing. I'm so happy for this website and to be able see what everyone is up to! lcgraff@hotmail.com


Reed Harper, 8/04: "It's that time again! It's now been 6 years since that fateful trip. Most of us (at least I hope) have graduated college and are moving on. I miss so many of you and tried to keep up with letters, but it seems we have all faded in our different directions. PLEASE e-mail me if I haven't heard from you in a while. I live in Arizona now rather than Alaska so at least I'm closer and in the "normal" United States again. Hit me up anytime!" Reed_dogg99@hotmail.com


Brad Herald: "I started Virginia Tech in the Fall of 1998 and joined the Marching Virginians. It is very exciting to participate in this powerful ensemble. I decided to travel with SOA again in 1999 and in 2001. This tour is very exciting and the experience of traveling abroad beats any book!" bherald@vt.edu


Carl Hess, 4/07: "Just wanted to let you know that I have recently accepted a professorial position at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. I will be assistant director of the Wind Symphony, Symphony Band, Orchestra, and Contemporary Ensemble. I will also be responsible for teaching undergraduate conducting. Best of all, I will be joining the faculty at Duquesne with my friend and fellow SOA alumnus, Sean Jones (trumpet '98)." Previous: "Hey SOAers!! I am currently attending Alderson-Broaddus College where I am on a 50,000+ scholarship double majoring In Music/Theology. SOA shaped many aspects of my life. I highly recommend this tour to everyone. It has the possibility of being the highlite of your life! I hope to go again in 2002. Take care -"

Carl was named winner in the 2004 Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) Eastern Division Performance Competitions in the Yamaha Young Artist Brass category. carl.hess@gmail.com


Raymond B. Johnson, 7/05: "About to move to Boston come Sept, and still singing. I know that there are some people who I've lost touch with over the years, but it's about time I get back. I just recently won the International Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Contest, singing baritone. www.meninblackquartet.com Talk to you all soon." rayjbass@yahoo.com


Sean Jones, 8/06: Is in Wynton Marsalis's Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. His 3rd solo CD is due out in fall of 2006. Toured and was featured soloist again in SOA 2000. Received Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Performance from Youngstown State Univ, Dana School of Music, OH. He was awarded the Downbeat Magazine Downbeat Jazz on campus 2000 award and the Downbeat 2001 notable performance award. He's traveled the US and Europe with the International Jazz Quintet, "Sophisticated Ladies" musical, the Temptations and The Four Tops. He has also done performances with Joe Lavano, Frank Foster, Wess Anderson, Jimmy Owens, Conrad Herwig, Charles Schlutter, Bob Brookmeyer, Barbara Morrison, Cecil McBee, Stanley Cowell, Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, the Jazz Heritage Orchestra and Dickinson College's Jazz Ensemble. He currently holds the prestigious Ralph Bunch Fellowship at Rutgers Univ, NJ and also works in New York City. (He's performed at the Village Vanguard and the Apollo.) See Special Alumni for updates. See http://seanjonesjazz.com


Sarah Kelley, 8/03: "I am going to be a senior at Washington State University next year and I'm majoring in communications. I'm hoping to be a sports broadcaster someday. I was thinking about how much i miss music and the great summer I had with you all! =) I'd love to hear from you!" divertida01@hotmail.com


Andy Kim: 1) Will be Electrical Engineering Senior at Michigan State University this coming fall. 2) Completing summer internship with Microsoft in Washington. 3) Having a great time with Erica Bowen, David Burch, and Joel McLin out here in the Northwest. 4) Missing all of my SOA friends. kimandy@msu.edu


Dana Kurland, 8/07: "Update: Hi guys! I am HAPPILY no longer married, and just finishing grad school in communicative disorders. I spent the summer working at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, providing speech therapy for active duty sailors and marines who are returning from the war. It's been an amazing experience. It is always so fun to look at this website. I miss you all! Send an email if you are in the San Diego area! Previous: I got my voice degree from University of Redlands in 2002. I was married this summer," danaelizabeth51@hotmail.com


Ian Lewis: "Going into my third year at the University of Kansas. Working on B.S.'s in Mathematics and Physics. I've been in the Marching Jayhawks these past 2 years, and I've been in the jazz program for the last year and a half. Don't have much time for music anymore with all the time consuming math courses. I'm studying abroad in Exeter, England, this next year. I'll be studying Physics for the year." ilewis@ku.edu


Elysa Lindsay: "Reluctantly returned to Ithaca College after spending a wonderful summer in Beautiful Barcelona, studying Spanish Contemporary Music. But I am enjoying my final year and a half at Ithaca College with plans to return to Barcelona to study piano performance at the Marshall Academy in January 2004. I will always remember the trip that started my unquenchable craving for travel and adventure! Thanks for being a part of my memories!" elysa07@yahoo.com


David Little, 4/04: Finished my MM in Music Composition at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  Currently living in Boston as a freelance composer.  Beginning my PhD in music composition at Princeton University in the fall of 2004.  ...thus, heading back to Jersey. Got Bachelor's from Susquehanna University, PA. david_t_little@yahoo.com


Nikhil Daniel Majumdar, 4-03: "Preparing to start my senior year at Oberlin College with a double major in Neuroscience and Religion, I'll be in Seattle all summer taking classes and catching up with friends. So if you're a friend stop by! Still missing you all, with shining images memorializing you wonderful people." majaguru@hotmail.com


Cailin M. Manson, 11/04 Hey guys!!! Did my Bachelor of Music Degree in Vocal Performance at Temple University, then did two Magisterdiploms at the Universitat Salzburg Mozarteum. Was the Music Director of the Chamber Symphony of Atlantic City. I'm currently singing professionally, teaching voice privately... if you wanna see my bio just go to my web site: "http://hometown.aol.com/cailin12/index.html" Love you all... it's almost time for a 10-year reunion!!! Cailin12@aol.com


Bonnie Marinaccio, 1-04: "Hey all, now a UCLA graduate, I am working in and enjoying Southern California. Send me an email and get in touch if you're going to be in the area!! I'd love to see any and all of my good ol' friends from SOA." bonniem@uclalumni.net

Joel McLin, 5/03:

This is the news as reported by good friend, David Burch on May 15, 2003:

I wish this was happy news, but unfortunately it is not. For those of you who have not yet heard, Joel McLin has recently fallen to his death in a hiking accident on Mt. Washington near his home in Shelton, WA. He had just returned home from school at Wheaton College, and no doubt couldn't wait to get back to the mountains of the Pacific Northwest that he loved so much. Joel was like a brother to Andy Kim and I, and I am still coping with the sudden grief, as I know Andy is. In this time of tragedy, all we can do is offer our prayers and words of encouragement for his family. I'm sure most of you have received the e-mail Andy sent out, but if you haven't and would like to contact the McLin's to offer your support they can be reached here:

Ralph and Kathryn McLin
E550 Strong Rd.
Shelton, WA 98584
Home 360-426-3770
Cell 360-490-0441

For those of you who knew Joel, you know that he was always happy, usually without a care in the world. He was a free spirit in the truest sense. Just having him around was enough to brighten anybody's day. He will be missed by not only his family and friends, but by everybody who has had the good fortune of meeting him. He will live on in our memories and our love, for those who knew him can never forget what an amazing person he was.

Goodbye, Joel. We will never forget you.

The SOA family grieves for this terrible and sudden loss of such an outstanding tour member and friend to many. Most of us will remember Joel for his big smile and positive attitude, not to mention his participation in the yodeling ensemble during the bus song presentations. Joel will stay alive in our hearts forever.

Joel's last message to SOA was as follows: "Currently a junior going after a degree in Kinesiology and Music at Wheaton College near Chicago. Still a regular yodeler up in the thin mountain air, but the knickerbockers had to go. My warmest go out to all the SOA'ers!" Joel.C.McLin@Wheaton.edu


Emily Meixell, 12/10: " Josh Sullins (trupmet player, also of SOA '98) and I have been happily married almost five years now, and are expecting our first child, a son, in January '11. We live in Washington State after having married in Florida and lived in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and most recently Yokosuka, Japan. I'm leaving my job in nonprofit fundraising to be a full-time mom for a while, and we are looking forward to Josh leaving the Navy and joining the corporate world. Find me on Facebook if you want to catch up!
PREVIOUS INFO: (Ashlee Lewis, of SOA '99 sang at the wedding.) Living in Boston working for a nonprofit, in stewardship and development. (I raise money.) Josh -I love him a bushel and a peck, I've grown accustomed to his face, and he's going to get me to the church on time. It's a great story - after not seeing one another for 7 years (since we said goodbye at JFK!) we got together this year and immediately fell back in love. Drop me a line if you want details. Previous: attended Columbia College, SC." emily.meixell@gmail.com

 Exciting News! SOA '98 Wedding: Emily Meixell & Josh Sullins
They married in Islamorada, Florida on February 11, 2006. Josh is in the Navy Band Northeast in Newport, RI, and Emily has become a professional fundraiser for nonprofit organizations. "We both have fond memories of SOA and will always be grateful to you all for bringing us together! "


Ryan Melcher, 10/04: "Hey what's up? Just wanted to let everyone know what I have been up to. Just graduated from Eastern Michigan UNiversity with a BS in Psychology and hopefully want to attend law school at the university of michigan. Came back to this site while trying explain what my aim screen name (Soamonk00) ment to one of my friends. Hope everything is going good. Brown bus rules!!! " untram0036@hotmail.com


Grant Morris, 10/03: "I hope this finds you well. I am currently living in Tampa, Florida and working as a senior ad exec with the duPont Registry. I was glad to see Sean Jones will be performing with SOA again, as he always brightens any group. I wish you the best as well as Mr. Barr, Dr. Austin and all the rest. I am to this day extremely grateful for the experiences provided. All the best."

Grant had studied at Wake Forest University, majoring in Business and Psychology. gmorris@dupontregistry.com


Jamie Neidigh Lofthouse 3/11; "Hello 98 SOA crew....special shout out to the Wite bus. It has been a long time since my mom (Maggie Neidigh) and I were with you guys. We miss you all. So excited to see this page for us. So proud of all of you continuing your dreams of music. Life has been full of ups and downs. I decided to stay in Fallon,NV got married and have three wonderful children. Kids are 10, 6, and 2 years old. I work on the local Ambulance Service here and am getting ready for my paramedic class. Do I still sing?? I sing to my kids, my husband, and to my partner at work...But they all love it..haha. the biggest down in life since SOA is the passing of my Dad in May of 2007. He was my biggest fan and because of him I am starting to sing again.... My cousin will be recording a hristian record and has asked me to sing on it with him....so excited and can't wait. Miss you all and would love to hear from you...email anytime. bjmsloft52@yahoo.com

Lam "LamaRama Lambo" Nguyen, 11-06: "Greetings fellow SOA'ers! Currently I am a 1st year med student at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine aka PCOM. So if anyone is still in Philadelphia, I'm around! Hope everyone is doing well! Take care!!!

Previous: attended UCI (www.uci.edu) for only 1.5 years..hahah...then i headed back to my home (Delaware) and am now finishing up my last year at the University of Delaware (National I-AA football champions..hm.)" lamakachop@gmail.com


Aaron Patterson: "Best wishes and congratulations to the 2002 SOA travelers - I was tremendously honored and humbled by Mr. Barr and his remarkable staff when they invited me back on tour as a guest soloist. I enjoyed the many opportunites to perform and to represent our great nation, but most importantly, I cherished the chance to become a better music educator - to connect with as many of the students as possible and to share my passion of music. The caliber of musicianship within this year's band and chorus members was truly outstanding and inspiring; I can only wish that, like my own musical role models, I, too, may have lit the creative spark of a young instrumentalist or vocalist on tour. Best of luck in the future to the 2002 SOA participants, chaperones, and staff! "Music is the vernacular of the human soul." "Geoffrey"

"I'm a junior music education major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, PA (about an hour east of Pittsburgh). It's been a terrific experience! This past winter, I was invited to perform in a masterclass at the annual U.S. Army-sponsored Saxophone Symposium. I finished my piano minor last fall and plan to begin a clarinet or flute minor in Spring 2002. Hope all is well with '98 SOAers!"

Aaron has also recently been the guest soloist with the Butler County Symphony Orchestra and was declared winner of the 23rd Young Artist Competition, sponsored by the Butler Co. Symphony Association. His "A Few Good Reeds" quartet placed third in the senior wind division of the 2002 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition. DoubleA86@aol.com


Dana Peterson: "Well, I just graduated from high school and I am attending Missouri Southern on an academic and band scholarship, and I'm also playing volleyball. I'm going to have a busy first year but I'm looking forward to it. I really miss everyone!" AngelEyesDana99@aol.com


Kate Abbott Rothermel, 6/05: Hey all, Haven't checked this site for probably 5 years. Since '98 I've gone to and graduated from Baylor Univ, in Waco, TX. I got both a BA and an MS degree in Speech Pathology from Baylor and now I work in the Waco public school system as a speech pathologist. In 2002 I married Chris Abbott . . . he's finishing up his graphic design degree and then . . .who knows what we'll do or where we'll go. Life's been good! krabbott@gmail.com


Emily J. Rowney, 11-05: "Hey guys, it's great to see everyone is doing well... me.... After high school Kip Taisey (SOA '98) and I joined GENESIS, a jazz group in Gresham Oregon, I did that for three years and then transfered to Oregon State, where i will get my B.A. in physical anthropology in june. I will be attending grad school to study forensic anthropology.. and thats about it." rowneye@onid.orst.edu


Nichole Rupp, 4/04: "Hi everyone! I never thought to check the SOA website until today. It's been so many years...just as a reference I was Karli Taylor's roomate on this trip. Since SOA I started a Music Business
Degree in Nashville, TN but dropped after a semester to move to Orlando, FL. I spent about four years there just living life and meeting amazing people. Last year I relocated to Los Angeles, so here I am working and seeing where opportunities take me. Max, Melody, Emily, Jenny and my other quad mates I miss you much, please email me if you check this website. SOA made such a difference in how the rest of my life has turned out because of the people I met on that trip. I wish you all well!!" NicholeAnnette81@yahoo.com


Eric Salisbury: "Greetings everyone. It has been a long time for some of us. Since my wonderful experience with all of you I have joined the United States Marine Corps. Currently I am overseas in a location that I can not disclose. However I would like all of you to know that I still think of all of you and hope the best for everyone. I would love to hear from you all and see all of you at the Alumni Concert this coming July. " salisburyel@mfr.usmc.mil


Richard Snediker, 2-09: "Currently a Landscape Architect in New Jersey. Graduated from West Virginia University with a BA in Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Ag Sci Business Econ. I am still singing, I performed with WVU unversity Honors choir and perform on and off with various groups. Funny I was in Rome not too long ago and could not help myself but to think of that amazing trip that changed my life completely. Hope all are well. R.snediker@gmail.com


Devon Sparrow, 2/04: How have I gone this long without thinking to check the SOA website??? This brings back so many good memories, guys. Anyway, I guess I have about 6 years to catch you all up on. I spent one year at Gettysburg College in PA as a history major, then got the lyrical itch. I transferred to The Boston Conservatory and earned a degree in Opera Performance in 2002 (top of my class, baby!). Many nights of bartending were interspersed, I assure you. I'd originally planned to pursue conducting after that, but I fell in love with my day job at a law firm downtown. I'll be starting law school in the fall of 2004- probably with a concentration in Sports and Entertainment Law or Constitutional Law. I'm still waiting for acceptance responses, so I could end up anywhere from Emory to UPenn and Vanderbilt, so pull an air bed out, Ann Marie and Andrea! I was hanging on to one last contact from SOA, but even that fell by the wayside a little while back, so I'm dying to catch up on the good old days back before we all grew up. I'm up here in Beantown still reeling from the Superbowl if any of you want to get in
touch. devon_tbc@hotmail.com

Andrea Sparr-Jaswa, 8-03: "Well, I just spoke with Reed Harper today and he told me about this page. I'm glad I'll be able to keep in contact with at least a few of my friends from the trip. I am currently working on my undergraduate degree in interior space design at the Ohio State University. I took a lot of time off after high school and still have a ways to go before I graduate. No, not a music major, but I can tell you where to find karaoke any night of the week! Hey, does anybody know how I can reach Ashley Seekatz? Keep in touch." asj77@hotmail.com


Joshua Sullins, 12-10: SEE EMILY MEIXELL'S write up for more current info! " Married Emily Meixell (SOA '98) in February 2006! - see Emily Meixell's write up - "Finished BA in jazz studies and BM in trumpet performance. Playing in Navy Band Northeast, out of Newport, RI! Beginning work on my education degree. Previous: I went to the University of Washington where I was working on my jazz performance degree. While at the University of Washington I played with many notable artists including Marcus Miller, Kenny Garrett, Bill Frissell, Bobby Shew, Allen Vizzutti, Marc Seales, Roy Hargrove, Arturo Sandoval, Tom Scott, Bud Shank. I have recorded on several movie soundtracks and have done studio work in the Seattle area for about three years. I also placed in the semi-finals for the lead trumpet position for the Navy Commodores jazz band. Besides performance, I have taken a serious interest in composition, particularly in small group jazz arranging." joshuasullins@earthlink.net


Lacey Sullivan, 8/05: UPDATE: Lacey has just toured with SOA 2005 as our featured soloist ("Carnival of Venice" on flute!). She is currently on staff teaching at the Military music school in Virginia Beach/Norfolk VA. I am currently living in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have been in the Marine Corps Band for 3yrs. now, and still thinkn about that last Summer of freedom in Europe with the SOA. Please email me if you knew me, and lets catch up! Marinegirl5@aol.com


Kip Taisey, 7-05: "Hello! Currently I'm teaching in Albany, Oregon. I graduated last year (2004) from Central Washington University with my Music Education Degree. Recently, I found out I was selected into the Master of Fine Arts Program at the University of Central Florida. The school appointed me a teaching assistantship and I'll be studying for my MFA in musical theatre. Great opportunity! I enjoy reading everybody's updates, and am thankful there is a way for us to keep in touch." kiptaisey@gmail.com


Beth Tear, 9-03: My big news is that I will be married on Sept. 13! My new las name will be Naro (pronounced narrow). I just started my sixth year of school, because I changed my major from Pharmacy (at Ohio State) to Education. Janess Sveet is really the only person I keep in touch with, but I think about everyone all the time! My experience with SOA changed my life forever, and I have told my fiance that he has SOA to thank for a lot of my outgoing qualities! I still can't believe it's been five years! I miss you all!! onthesideofangels@yahoo.com

Luke Thomas: "Hello SOAer's!!!!! It has been a very long time!I was on the green bus, which i still can not get that song out of my head! well here it is and I am graduating Southern Illinois University @ Edwardsville with my Music Business degree. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity of interning with Virgin records in Chicago doing promotions and radio. What an experience! I got to work with Beenie Man, Richard Marx, and Lenny Kravitz! I also got to be an extra in two movies. The first is Batman Begins where i am a homeless person and the second is Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell! It was truely an amazing summer and year but still not as great as the summer I spent with SOA! It truely will always be remebered! Feel free to email me at shaggypillow1@hotmail.com! Would love to hear from you!

Dan Tomassone:
Recently married. He and his wife work for North American Music Festivals (in the same office as SOA).


Ashley Lauren Turner, 10/04: "Hey Everyone!!! I've been living in New York for about 5 months now and I'm loving it! I hope everyone is well and if you ever make it to the big apple, please let me know! It'd be great to hang out! Preiously attended University of Miami majoring for Theatre Management!" ashleyturner81@hotmail.com


Dan White, 12-05: Holy minoli, has it been almost 8 years?!  Well, i've kept in contact way too infrequenly with everyone else from this amazing group.  I can't remember which bus I was on, only that Mrs. Barr was on ours, (remember the cows out the window in switzerland?!) lol.  Well I'm still doing my undergrad at Eastern Oregon University.  I was doing music performance, but changed my mind last year to pre-med!  So i'm trying to finish up my pre-req's for medical school.  I'm still gonna have my degree in vocal performance and minoring in spanish and chemistry now.  I'm doing well, and miss everyone from this amazing experience.  Hit me up!!!  if any of you use myspace.com my profile is myspace.com/ionlyplayadoctorontv  feel free to add me and chat!!!! danny_boy99@yahoo.com

Christopher Wright, 11-05: "I just want to see who is still out there." cwright2709@hotmail.com

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