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Jillian Acock, 3/04:
Hey ya'll, I just wanted to write and let you know what is going on in my corner of the world. Last May (2003) I graduated from Florida State University, with a degree in Child Development.  While at Florida State I played for four years in the marching band, The Florida State University Marching Chiefs. I really miss playing my horn right now. Every year at this time I start thinking about the experience that we all had, and how much we saw and learned.  It still boggles my mind! Right now I am teaching elementary school back in my hometown, Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  If any of you are ever in the area feel free to email me.  I hope all are well! jillk410@hotmail.com


Patrick Baker, 7/04: "Hello everyone. The Blue Bus still rocks!! I am currently at Elizabethtown College in PA working on my B.A. in music with an emphasis on performance. And yes, I still play tuba!! I will be graduating next year (2005) and then who knows what I'll be doing. I miss you guys and I hope everyone is doing well. Best of luck to everyone and if you have a minute drop me a line. 1999 Tour was the BEST!!! " etowntuba2005@earthlink.net NOTE from SOA: Patrick was a big help to SOA when we were on campus 2005! Thanks, Patrick!


Teresa Betts, 8-03: "I graduated with my BA in experimental psychology in 2002 and I'm currently getting my PhD in cognitive psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I would totally love to hear from anyone from my tour...please feel free to email me!! P.S. Don't forget all of the important CREWS!!" superpsyc@hotmail.com


Genelle Black: "Hey everyone! I have just finished my freshman year of college at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. I am double majoring in music and psychology. I am thinking about going into composition and one of my pieces was performed here at the school earlier last month. This year I did really well in school. I was inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society for freshmen and I recived honors from Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society. I am a member of the Spelman College Glee Club and for the 2002-2003 school year I will be serving on the Glee Club exec. board as librarian. I have been asked to join Sigma Alpha Iota National Music Fraternity for Women. I am still thinking about it. Well, I would love to hear from you guys. Love, Genelle P.S. Brown bus rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" mellmell6@aol.com


John Anker Bow, 1/07: "Well hello - Sound of America was one of the greatest experiences of my young life. I had a great time. I graduated from Rider University in New Jersey in '03 and since then have been working as the Director of Education at Surflight Theatre in Beach Haven. Recently left this position and eager to see what might happen next. I've written some children's shows of which I'm very proud of recently and am in the process of moving to Philadelphia. Was on the brown bus on tour and was best friends with Aleah Van Woert from Oregon while on tour. Okay, enough about me. Hope everybody is doing well... Best wishes. Happy new year!" ankerman@aol.com


Jonathan Burnett, 6/05: "I returned from serving a mission for my church a year ago and got married six months ago. My wife is a wonderful woman who waited for me while I was gone for the two years. We were watching the videos from the trip last night and missing everybody. You guys are great! " oneeyedgully@hotmail.com


Todd Burrichter, 12/06: "Since the last update that I see on the site I have graduated college, earning two degrees in Accounting and Business Administration. I accepted a job at Flexsteel Industries Inc in Dubuque, IA. If you're not familiar with this company, we are a publicly held manufacturer and importer of high quality furniture. Corporate headquarters are in Dubuque. I am a Corporate Accountant. I, along with the three other Corporate Accountants, am in charge of consolidating the records for all of our 14 different divisions as well as preparing financial statements, completing governmental surveys, complying with governmental laws and regulations, and auditing the work of all divisions. I travel a lot, I'm actually in Southern Georgia right now. It's a great company overall and I like what I'm doing and where I'm at. I was married July 1 of this year to a wonderful young woman I met incollege choir. Her name is Katie. We actually went to rival High Schools. tburrich@dbq.edu


Steven Campanella, 3/06: "Hey everyone. I was dude from Alaska. There are so many people that I don't speak to that I would love to. Kim Herndon for sure...umm, well actually everyone from that trip. So damn fun! Since We're all living in the myspace world I guess you can get to me that way. www.myspace.com/stevencampanella. Hope you all are leading very spectacular lives. I'm here in NYC so that would be great to hear if anyone else is." stevencampanella@gmail.com


Mark Chen: "Oh wow...where's the White Bus at?! Bad me, not coming back here often...anyway, first I just want to say that you guys are still a major force in my life...so much happened on that trip, it's totally unfogetable. Anyway, I'm not a second-year Undeclared major at UCLA (GO BRUINS!), leaning towards the Life Sciences. I'm in the Bruin Marching Band (Yah cymbal line!) and am still singing in the UCLA Chorale. I also recently started an a cappella group (Yeah ScatterTones!), so yeah, music is definitely big time my life now. Too bad I'm just not good enough to get into the music program here. Life out on the west is nice...good change from life on the east. Email me guys! I miss you all, I have a ton of print pictures that I'll scan in some day...and in general I just haven't talked to many of you lately...so keep in touch!" mac923@ucla.edu


James Clarkson: He finished a 2-yr mission for the Mormon church in The Ukraine this past July 26, and is now a student at the Univ of UT, SLC majoring in Medicine and Russian Language. He is also working at the Medal Plaza for this year's 2002 Winter Olympics.


Megan Daugherty, 7/04: "Wow, it's been a long time hasn't it? I still have so many fond memories of which I think about often. I graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont, TX this past December (2003) and am currently a personal assistant to a "big name" here in town. Kind of a different job, but fun. I am getting married in about 2 weeks (July 24, 2004) and am very excited. For some reason, the whole wedding thing got me thinking about SOA and wanting to see all of my friends again. I wish you could all be at my wedding. How awesome would that be? Anyway, I would love to hear from all of you, so drop me a line if you get a minute. God Bless and Take Care!!!" megand628@hotmail.com


Janet Donaldson: babygrand36@att.net


Rose Connett Dunphey: Married to Scott Dunphey 6-24-00. They're living in Monument, CO. She taught choir at Lewis Palmer HS, Monument, CO. She just had her first child, Leah, in September 2001.


Danielle Conrad: "Hey SOA!!! I hope that everyone from 99 tour is doing great. I miss you all very much especially the Blue Bus, Jason, James, Steve, Laura (my roomy), Liz, and Monica. I guess you could say that I have the Blue Bus Blues!!! Things are great here in Pennsylvania. Right now I am going to Butler County Community College but I am transferring to Messiah College next fall. I plan on majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish and music (but I may change my mind). I am not doing as much singing right now as I used to because BCCC does not have a music program but I will be singing next year. I would love to hear from you." Dmarie5@aol.com

Joe DeMerrit: "
I am currently working as a professional sound technician,and studio musician(electric Bass/Double Bass)I have done sound for Tool,Rusted Root, The Platters, Jay and the Americans,Bob Dylan just to name a few. I am also performing regularly with my own Psychedelic Metal Quartet (www.MP3.com/Dog_Heaven) Which I Front as well as writing all the Music for. There Has Been some Talk with Major Labels,But Nothing is yet set in stone. Next fallI will begin at Berklee studying Electric Bass Full time. Take Care and ReMember..Its Always A good Day for Sun c.DogHeavenMuzak" DogHeavenRocks@hotmail.com


Luke Finger, 12-06: "Wow! It's been a long time since I last visited this site and updated my information. First of all, I got married last year in September to a wonderful lady named Melissa. I currently work in Shawnee, KS (a suburb of Kansas City) in the dispatch office of a concrete company called Penny's Concrete (not very musical, but it pays pretty well). I also lead worship at my local church (mustardseedchurch.com if you care to listen to some of the music). I also just wanted to say that I'm very saddened by the news of Morgan Perkins. She was a good friend on the tour and a wonderful person. She and her family and friends are in my prayers. " lukefinger@hotmail.com


Suzanna Gammans Bell, 3/13: My maiden name was Suzanna Diane Gammans. My name is Suzanna D. Bell now. I was a soprano on the red bus. Red bus... Holla!! I am married to the man of my dreams, and we have 5 kids (so far). We live in Amarillo, TX. I am about as crunchy as they get. I run a Facebook page called Naturally Good Parents. I'd love to get back in contact with anybody/everybody. :) Facebook me= Suzanna Bell. Or email me= Suzannabell@gmail.com


Jayson Gilbert, 2-05: "After a few years of not checkin out this website I decided to see what was new with SOA. I still haven't forgotten the great time I had with SOA. I graduated back in '03 graduating with a B.S. in International Business and a minor in Spanish from the College of Charleston (Charleston, SC) . I'm now serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Camiri, Bolivia. I'll be here til 10-2006. It's not a bad "job" at all. I've still been in touch with a few of you and would love to hear from the ones I haven't heard from since the trip so feel free to give me a holla." jaygilb@hotmail.com


Johnathan Gilbert, 9/04: "What's up all! It makes me sad to know that I can write this and some of you will see it, but I can not talk to you face to face. I made a lot of good friends with the SOA tour and I really wish that it could have been a little bit longer. You guys will always be in my thoughts. If you ever have a chance, drop me an email. I would love to hear from you all." Jgilbert827@hotmail.com


Timothy Hagen, 8/04: Hey everyone! I can't believe it's been five years since SOA '99. So much has happened since then; it feels like another lifetime. I graduated from the NC School of the Arts in 2003 with B. Music, and I had the amazing experience of working for a year with Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education in New York City. Now I've been accepted into the master's program at the Thornton School of Music at USC (go Trojans!), and I'll be moving to LA in mid-August. I'd love to see any of you who are out there. Feel free to e-mail!" divinewind@gmail.com


Brad Herald: "I started Virginia Tech in the Fall of 1998 and joined the Marching Virginians. It is very exciting to participate in this powerful ensemble. I decided to travel with SOA again in 2001. This tour is very exciting and the experience of traveling abroad beats any book." bherald@vt.edu


Kimberly Herndon 2/08: "I graduated from UW with a degree in International Studies, my focus on human rights. I then became a massage therapist, owning my own business and working part-time at a grant foundation. I'm plugging back into my roots and I would love to hear from anybody that feels like reminiscing!!" Kimdoe@hotmail.com


Marcus Hill, 5-03: "Wow, its been a while. Hello to all. I am currently finishing my 3rd year at SUNY at Buffalo. I am an electrical engineering major and drown myself in work. Besides being a HUGE nerd and doing school work all of the time i find myself working on cars to escape the tortures of school. I plan to attend the farewell concert this year (2003) so please if anyone plans to come, let me know. If you wish to chat for old times sake IM FireOnYourHeels. Hope everyone is doing well and has achieved their dreams." mhill3@buffalo.edu


Liana Houdershell. 7-07; "Hello everyone! Lately I haven't been able to stop thinking about SOA- what an amazing time we had. And yes, the blue bus still rules. Let's see, I graduated from George Mason with a Bachelors in English, then graduated from Marymount with a Masters in Literature and Langauge. I'm working on the PhD now, and planning my wedding on August 11, 2007. LOL- my wonderful fiance Luke is tone deaf! Absolutely no musical talent, that one. Funny how that works out sometimes.... I hope everyone is doing well- it truly was one of the best experiences of my life. " liana99@hotmail.com


Nicole E. Hurst McLaughlin, 8/08: "Hey everyone. I was on the Brown Bus which is still the best one! Anyways, I've just recently got married and work as a medical biller. I'm trying to find some of the people I hung out with on the tour. If we hung out please email me because I would love to get back in touch with you. I hope all is well with everyone. Previous: I just wanted to thank you for the experience you all gave me. It is something I will never forget. Hi Mr. and Mrs. Barr. I was on the tour in 1999 and I had the time of my life!" buddandsmokey@yahoo.com


Mark F. Indorf, 6/08: Mark often comes to see SOA when in Paris each year, where he serves as an organist. " I just realized that I have not updated my information for years. Here I am, living in a small room on the rooftops of Paris with a view of Sacre Coeur. I am currently organist/choirmaster of the only English speaking Catholic church in Paris located at the Place de l'Etoile. My studies in Musicology at the Sorbonne as well as organ and theory at the Conservatory are filling my time. If anyone happens to be coming through, feel free to say hi (only if you are blue bus...) Cheers to all et amitiés. Previous: attended Capital University in Columbus, OH. FANTA AND CHEESY WHALES!!!" mark_27@mac.com


Renae M. Lashomb, 8/10: "I currently live in central New York with my husband, our two children and foster children. In 2005 I graduated with my music degree from Southern Virginia University. Currently I'm a stay at home Mommy, which I love. Once my children are in school my plan is to return to school to obtain a Master's in Nutrition. My youngest son has over 40 severe food allergies. He's been my inspiration. I'm not sure why, I just happened to be listening to my SOA CD tonight and remembering the best summer of my life as a single woman!"

Kelley Lepsik, 3/08: "Hi, everyone! I now reside in Houston, Texas and I'm making a wonderful life for myself. I was in NE Florida for a few years where Will Shaw and I found each other and had a chance to catch up. Hope you all are doing well, and I'd love to hear from any of you!" mehnaravenstar@gmail.com


JoNell Leon-Guerrero Franz, 5/07: "JoNell is now married and living in California, when she and her husband are in town. For most of the year, they travel the country and perform as Robin Hood and Maid Marion at Renaissance Faires (and sometimes Italians, Pirates, or Victorians) doing Children's shows. In the spring, she and her husband co-oridnate school programs with their non-profit Presenters of Living History. They are able to ring historical characters, activities, and crafts to schools to make history come alive for children of all ages." jonell@leon-guerrero.net


Ashlee Lewis, 3/06 "Hey everybody!  Can't believe how long it's been!  I'm now working on my Masters degree at the University of South Carolina and wishing I had time/money to travel again.  I miss all of you, especially my green bus people." ashwee301@hotmail.com


Ian Lewis: "Going into my third year at the University of Kansas. Working on B.S.'s in Mathematics and Physics. I've been in the Marching Jayhawks these past 2 years, and I've been in the jazz program for the last year and a half. Don't have much time for music anymore with all the time consuming math courses. I'm studying abroad in Exeter, England, this next year. I'll be studying Physics for the year." ilewis@ku.edu


Angela Lines Messinger, 8-08: Angie's sister toured with SOA 2008! "Wow! I can't believe how long ago 1999 was. Alot has happened since then. I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Choral Music Education in 2004. I got married to the love of my life in 2003, we have one little girl and another baby on the way. I love remembering SOA and all the fun times on the Blue Bus: Fanta and Cheesy Whales, Josie and his crazy driving. What a wonderful and memorable experience!" angemessinger@hotmail.com

Liz Magnuson, 4-06:
"Hi everyone! Gosh, it's been a long time since I visited this site. I will be graduating from law school in May 2006. After I pass the bar exam, I hope to work as a prosecutor in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I'm also getting married in September 2006. I hope you all are well - feel free to contact me any time! Previous: I just graduated from Hamline University in St. Paul with majors in English and Music. This fall I will be starting law school, to study entertainment law. So if any of y'all become famous, in about three years i can be your agent. Give me a holler. I've been thinking about SOA a lot lately and I want to go back to Europe again desperately, even though I've already been there since the trip. " straberryfreckle@yahoo.com


Joyce McCoy, 10/04: "Hi everyone!!! I just wanted to update. I'm getting married in August 2005! Calen (who was my boyfriend when I went on the tour) and I finally got in engaged. Very excited! I'm currently finishing up my master's degree at USC, singing lots of opera and teaching. E-mail me if you want or my IM is fiestatasticfun. Hope you all are doing great!" joyceemccoy@yahoo.com


Brian McDade: "Hey Everyone! I just wanted to give everyone an update on what's going on in my life. I'm am going to Pittsburgh Technical Institute and studying to be a Computer Networking and Systems Specialist. I am about half way done. I am also getting ready to get into a band with some people from Pittsburgh. If anything happens, I'll let everyone know. Fell free to contact me. L8R." Drumrmcdade00@yahoo.com


Moinca Morales, 4/03: "Hey there fellow SOA-ers! Well, I got bored writing computer programs for school and stumbled upon this website. It brings back so many great memories of SOA and times on the Blue Bus. I can't believe how long it's been. Currently, I'm in my third year at the University of Texas at Austin, working on my degree in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering, with hopes to attend law school (who knew?) in the near future. I hope you are all doing well and wish you the best! http://www.ae.utexas.edu/~mmorales" mbmorales@mail.utexas.edu


Angie Newcomer, 12-10: "Was an alto in the choir." angie.newcomer@gmail.com


Morgan Newcome, 8/03: "I am currently a Senior attending Shepherd College in Shepherdstown, WV. I anticipate graduating in May 2004 with a BS in Recreation and Leisure Studies with a Concentration in Sport and Event Management. I am President of Phi Epsilon Kappa, an Honors Recreation Fraternity focused on the support of campus and community athletics and recreation. I still find time to play my flute with the Shepherd College Flute Ensemble whenever possible and enjoy looking back on the fun times and good memories made possible by SOA!" luv_chipper@yahoo.com


Phil Ocasio: " What up people??? Yeah i was thinking about SOA a lot lately and found this page on the internet. How is everyone? I miss touring with you guys a lot. One of the best performance experiences of my life and that is saying a lot!!! Hmmm...quick update, I am currently a Junior at NYU (Tisch School of the Arts) studying Drama. Finished my first two years of Drama training in the Meisner studio and am now heading into the Classical studio. I still sing and dance MUCHO every week, so who knows. Learning how to play guitar and am getting ready to start my career this year. Life has been weird since the tour. A lot has changed, but your faces, voices, and talent still ring threw me. I hope everyone is doing ok, in fact i hope you are all doing fantastic. It is nice to see that some of you are still pursuing a life in the arts - that is great; you are all very talented. Thanks for being my friend over the tour, and I hope to hear from you guys in the near future.!
Email me at will...please...and if you are ever in NYC, i am down here and willing to meet up. Later - With Love and best wishes"

Phil's dorm is located just blocks from the WTC. Although he walked several miles on a broken ankle to leave his dorm and the destruction, we are glad that he was not injured. philo6969@aol.com

VERY SAD NEWS: Morgan Perkins (who is pictured many times in our photogallery) passed away January'06 from Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She was married in July 2004 and they found the cancer a month later, which was already at stage four. Doctors gave her 6 months but she lived a year and a half more. We mourn this loss. Morgan was known for her viviacious smile and great personality. She will remain always in our hearts.

Antwan Pinkney: Hello Everyone! Lately I have been thinking about you guys and so I decided to let you all know that I was doing okay. I am a parachute rigger specialist in the United States Army (airborne). I am stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I am also enrolled in school at Campbell University and UNC. I am working on my first album and I pray that it hits next fall. I don't Know if you all remember my best friend Kimberly Herndon from Kansas but if you do she is currently In Ecuador on mission So Give her an e-mail to wish her well. (Kimdoe@hotmail.com) I hope to hear from you guys soon, and take care. rediscka13@hotmail.com


Monica Ann Powers: "Hey everybody!! I just got accepted to Old Dominion University with a music scholarship. I am so psyched about it. I miss everbody. Especially Max B. SOA brought me close to so many new people and I dont think I will ever forget you all." missbadgrl@yahoo.com


Blair Robertson: "Hello to everyone!!! Was just telling my roommate about my trip to Europe and thought I would check out the webpage and see what was happening. I am currently a sophmore at DePaul University in Chicago majoring in acting with their conservatory program. Still take voice lessons once a week though! LIfe is good here in the windy city--I lived here all summer an interned with a theatre company. The most exciting part of it all was that I got to work with David Schwimmer for a week--very nice guy! I hope that you are all doing well. SOA was a very special time for me and I recall on it fondly quite often. Take care and if you are ever in the windy city give me a call!" COBBER4304@aol.com


Andrea Russell Hines, 12-08: "I was a flute player in the band the summer of 1999. After the SOA experience I attended college, majored in music, and am now a middle school band director in Virginia. " purpleeflute04@yahoo.com


Jason Schwartz, 3/09: "Hi everyone! I was SOA's principal clarinetist in both 1999 and 2000; I believe I had long hair in '99, though I cut it by '00. I had some of the greatest experiences of my youth during those two summers and I'm so happy to see that SOA is still thriving. I only wish someone could set up a separate Facebook page for each class to facilitate communication among us alumni. I'm currently finishing up my last semester of law school in DC, after which my girlfriend Alicia and I will move back to Manhattan where we met each other as NYU undergraduates. I kept up with the clarinet and piano at NYU and also played the bass in a rock band, but I'm sad to report that I've had less time to practice of late. Hopefully some of us can get back in touch and reminisce about our performances together. E-mail me or add me on Facebook. All my best!" j.daniel.schwartz@gmail.com


Will Shaw: is still a student at Embry Riddle Aeronauical University in Daytona Beach and a private pilot and flight instructor. Although there is not much of a music program there, he has joined the chorus at Stetson University nearby.


Laci Sievers, 8-04: "Wow! I just stumbled across this alumni page. So much has happened since SOA. I have graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University with a Vocal Performance degree and a business minor. I had three solo recitals, along with the choir, and musicals and the opera I was in. I performed a bunch, I even did the New York Met Opera auditions. Didn't get far, but it was fun. I now live in Orlando, and am trying to figure out my next step. Performing or Professional, corporate or not corporate. I hope all of you are doing good and I hope that some of you will write me and let me know how everything is. " imaginlace@earthlink.net


Shannon Siemens, 12/06: "Hello everyone! It's been so long... I graduated from UNC Asheville with a degree in music performance in 2004, then went to George Mason University (near Washington DC) for a Masters in Flute Performance. After getting that in December '05, I stayed on at Mason for a second grad degree in Arts Management. I currently work at Mason in the music department and teach private flute lessons. I still figure skate in my free time and I love catching up with everyone!!" slcs_iceangel@hotmail.com


Erin Smith, 12/07: Hi Everyone! Where to begin? I'm currently teaching Elementary general music and Middle School choral music and am having a great time with both! I am getting married in August/2008 and can't wait! I plan on beginning grad school in the summer of 2009 to get my masters in Music Education with an emphasis in Choral Conducting. All the best to everyone! Previous: graduated from Northern Illinois University AIM: lilyellowbug24" isingsoprano1@gmail.com

Jeff Stanislawczyk: Very sad news - our friend and family member, Jeff, from NJ (choir member), passed away at the age of 27 in 2009. We have just learned about this when his father received the mailing from SOA. Jeff, an amazing vocalist who studied at various top-class music schools, will be missed. Jeff, your smile, personality, and talent will not be forgotten. Here is an obituary.


Virginia (Vinny) Underkoffler, 7/07 : "Last month I was married to Paul Thomas and have been living near Dallas, Texas for the past year. I am teaching middle school choir and find teenagers quite humorous. PREVIOUS: I am currently in my second year of teaching at East Pennsboro School District (PA) teaching K - 8 music. This year I will also be coaching HS basketball - hopefully I won't be kicked out of any games. My need to travel is taking me to Zambia, Africa this summer to teach english and to study their music. Oh and from what I hear, the blue bus just hasn't been the same since we left it!" ginnysue8@yahoo.com


Rachel Vought: "Hey there guys! Well I'm still here at Troy State University in Troy Alabama...currently rooming with a friend from the '99 tour actually :-) After changing my major 3 times I'm finally a graphic design and photography major with a minor in music....almost ready to graduate. Hello to all my fellow brown bus friends...I miss you all...get back to me! " Little_Debbie_@hotmail.com


Jesse B. Williams: "Hey Everyone!!! Here's another green bus entry! I suppose you'll wanna know what I've been up to the past 3 years... In a nutshell, I enrolled at the University of Idaho as a Clarinet Performance major. Currently, I'm taking a couple years break in Seattle. Feel free to e-mail, I sometimes just sit around the computer waiting for people to email me! Also, visit my website: http://www.geocities.com/jess-w/html/frames.html Best wishes to all! The one and only (thank god!),Jesse B. Williams. nosoup_4you@hotmail.com


Matthew Williams: "Hey you guys. I sure do miss all of my SOA friends from 1999! You all are so incredible. I still think often about my experiences that summer and the amazing friendships I formed while I was with you all. I am a third year at Furman University in Greenville, SC right now. I am still singing in a great choir and loving it. Life is good, and I hope it is for all of you as well. Meow!"


Jessica Wright, 8/06: "Hi fellow SOAers! I'm a junior at Toccoa Falls College majoring in general music. I graduate in December 2006, after which I hope to attend the University of Georgia to obtain an M.M. with concentration in conducting. I would like to teach music at the college level someday. I'm in a great relationship (have been for three years now) that looks like it might last. I certainly hope it does :0) I really love and miss you guys and hope life has treated you as kindly as it has me! Cheers! GREEN BUS RULES! Jesso4gsus@aol.com


Liz Yon: "Hey everyone! Just an update: I'm senior at Indiana Univ. of PA now. I'm a double major in Music Ed. and French Ed. I've been working hard... and it's catching up with me! I'm the president of a student improv theatre group called F.L.U.S.H.; we raise money for HIV/AIDS support organizations. I'm also a very active member of Delta Omicron, a professional music fraternity, where I actually met Aaron Patterson, a 1998 SOA alumnus. I miss my posse so much - I wish I could see you guys more often. Until I see you, know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Je vous aimerai toujours! (I will always love you!) Keep smiling!" LeapinLizards81@hotmail.com


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