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updated 6-12-12

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Micah Allen, 3/09: "Hello friends! Just a quick update - I am living in Jonesboro, Arkansas and working as a financial services representative for MetLife. I love what I do and I bought a house here last year! I am also one recital away from my Masters of Music degree which I don't plan on using but it's nice to have. I hope everyone from SOA is well and prospering. God bless! Previous: I just did my first musical, playing the lead female role of Adriana in the Boys from Syracuse. It challenged my comfort zones to the extreme, but it was an extremely rewarding experience. Also, I was cast in a workshop performance (Act One) from Urinetown. John Carrafa (the original broadway choreographer) came and worked with us at Arkansas State University. If anyone is facebooking now (I can - since I'm a grad student) then add me and maybe we can catch up...it feels like it's been forever! Alisa, Eli, Norrie, Rose, Eric...all the people from the white bus...take care of yourselves! Previous: I am now fully devoted to Lyric Coloratura music and plan on making that my graduate specialty. I graduate from Missouri State University (Springfield, Missouri) in August. Then I'm off to Arkansas State Univ. to pursue my masters of music in vocal performance. My current plans are to reside in Italy for the next two summers and become fluent (or close to it) in Italian so I can effectively pursue my doctoral degree. Spent year as a Presser Music Scholar, lots of recitals/performances. Spent last summer in Europe yet again with the renowned SMSU Concert Chorale. We sang in New York, Paris, Germany, and the Netherlands. Great big hellos to Alisa, Eli, Norrie, Rose, Eric from TN, Stan, and everyone I didn't mention especially all of the wonderful white bus people. Stay well and be happy. AIM: meansing" silvertrill@yahoo.com


Nadia Allen, 8-03: "Hi everyone! I thought this would be the best way to let y'all know whats go'in on. I went to college for a year and did well however I have chosen another path and been accepted. I have joined the NAVY as a musician and look forward to it a lot. I flipped through my scrapbook last week and laughed at all the pix I had, brought back some memories. Please feel free to e-mail me any time! I don't check it a lot, but if I see its from an SOA member I will promptly answer! I miss you guys. I have lost a lot of e-mail addresses, for some reason or another, and still want to Keep in touch. HOPE TO HEAR FROM SOME OF YOU SOON!" liv4clarmusic@hotmail.com


Katie Anders, 4/06: "Hey guys! Wow, it seems like it's been forever, huh? Well, I'm in my third year and still doing Elementary Education at University of the Pacific, in Stockton, CA. However, I've decided to study abroad for the year-in LONDON!! It has been a fabulous experience! So far I've been able to visit northern England, Spain, and Ireland. Other than that I'm still spending my summers and winter break with my family in Colorado-hiking, skiing, and relaxing. Last winter I was able to meet up with Nick and Rose to ski in Breckenridge, but haven't been able to see anyone else. If you're ever around though, I'd love to hang out. I hope that everyone is doing well...Take care!" Katie932@aol.com


Dustin Bailey: bailey52_03@hotmail.com


Ben Blessing, 6/08: "Well, I'm here in beautiful (and hot!) Boise, ID. I am running very hard and getting ready for my 1st 100 mile race, the Cascade Classic 100 mile Endurance Run in August. If you want to follow my blog, its http://benblessing.blogspot.com. Best wishes to all of you, hope life is grand!

Previous: Hey all it's the crazy bone fool from Idaho.  I now live in Beaufort, SC and am stationed at Parris Island Recruit Depot. I play in the Marine Band here.  I love my job it's really awesome.  Write me on my email if you come in the area, or if you want recordings of our band from this last year's concert tour.  It's all great stuff.  Hope to hear from y'all soon.  Oh I'm also on MySpace at www.myspace.com/cplblessing.  It's a great day to be a Marine! Previous: I just completed the incredible undertaking of United States Marine Corps Boot Camp.  Now I am a United States Marine, and am enjoying my 10 days of boot leave. After this I go to Marine Combat Training at Camp Pendleton, Calilfornia, and after that I got to Band School in Norfolk Virginia. I am going to play the Euphonium in the United States Marine Corps Band for my 4 years, and look forward to it very much.  Those of you that remember me from the tour make sure to write me and if you live by where I will be stationed to look me up and be sure to hang out.  Semper FIdelis and God Bless all of you! " benblessing@hotmail.com


Paul Bowley, 9/03: "Hey everyone! i'm paul, the taller of the brothers...i am at Shorter College in Rome, GA studying musical theatre. i hope everyone is doing well. i miss yall like crazy. if anyone is ever comin thru Atlanta....email me...i'll see what we can do. (paul bowley, red bus, bass)" strombowley2003@yahoo.com


Cody Breeze, 9/06: "Hey everybody long time. How yall been?  i cant belive we just past five years this year.  sometimes it feels like just lastnight we were all singing together.  Well im still in southern oregon about 50 miles from the california border. Im working on finishing my fire science degreebut its a slow process, I do have my EMT-Basic now so im out there testing for all those full time jobs lol.  Life is going 100 times better for me now then it was in FEB. To those who know what im talking about thanks.  But other then that i still miss yall.  Im sure i probably lost most of your contacts so if you want to keep in touch at all plz e-mail me i would love to hear from yall.  Keep safe. Always -Firefighter Breeze" codybreeze@hotmail.com


Eric Brown, 4/07: " I can't believe this is 6 years coming up for us. WOW. I'm proud to announce that I am coming up to my last semester at Kean Univesity. It seems like forever ago since I started, but in all reality it hasn't been. I'm glad through facebook and myspace i've been re-connected with many of you. Not really much to say, just hope everyone is doing great.
I myself am doing wonderful.. SOOOOO much has happend in my life I don't know where to begin to tell you. But anyway get the email and hit me a note, and i'll be glad to respond. Hi to Katie, Maluhia, Mary, Chad, Kristen, Joel and anyone I've forgotten, I miss you guys a lot. God Bless.


Ryan Brown: "Hey, everyone! Just a little update to let you all know how I'm doin'....I'm doing great!....I've been accepted to Walnut Hill School for next year, and will be attending as a theatre major...I'm so excited about that....I'll be right outside of Boston...Liz, you and me have gotta hook up some time....I love you all!!!!!!!!!!! You know what.....what!When I got the CD I just broke out in tears the first time I played it. I really made me realize how much all of you meant to me!!! I'm still in Elizabethtown (with Grandma...she's wonderful), but at the end of the summer I'm either moving to NYC or Rochester to finish high school and extend my career in theatre. I love you all very much, and thank you for making The Sound of America Tour such a treadured memory for me." Ryan122485@hotmail.com


Nicole Bullard: "Hey you guys!! I miss you so much! Everything is going great in Wisconsin. I just got back from State Honors Choir in Green Bay and am finally getting more opportunities to sing. I got to sing in my fist wedding this June! It was great! Well everything else is pretty much the same..but I thought I would update you and let ya know what's going on! Hey Mel...I miss ya..e-mail me roomie! Miss ya Cale, Chad, Koko, Richard, Cody, Cortney...all of you!! Drop me a line!" pooh_bear9900@yahoo.com

Jeremy Campbell, 3/04:
"Hey all.  Its been forever.  Well, I was on the red bus and played the clarinet (second part). I am currently attend Berea College (its in kentucky, but hey I got a full ride here).  As for my major, well its been Pre-Med, Chemistry, psychology, but now its Child Developmental Psychology.  I hope to work with children that have not had a good start in life and show them that the world is not always harsh.  I did an intership with a place and it was horrible cause I could not believe what parents did to their kids (one example was that a father set his child on fire), and that why I want to help them, I want to be their voice. I have done a lot since the tour, but the most I am proud of is a project I did working with AAABC. Where we went to a town in TN, and gather all the information about the African Americans in the area from slavery to persent and made their lifes and history come to life (its all about the community service).  Hope you guys are enjoying life.  Peace" jermsbc@aol.com


Megan Casey, 8-03: "Hey everybody! It's been awhile. I graduated from Park City High School in Utah last June and I am now attending the University of Utah. I live in the dorms twenty minutes from my house. I'm doing well, enjoying myself maybe a little too much. I love you and miss you all. I hope everything is alright. Katie: I keep trying to email you but something happens and it won't send the message. Email me or call me 435-714-1301. I miss you! " megancasey4@yahoo.com


Terrence Chan: " Hey everyone! i miss you all. i'm that asian guy in choir whom was constantly mixed up with derek in band (LOL!!) Good that i still keep in contact with some of you! Thanks to AIM! heh my screen name is tuxedo0428. So far i found that the best way to keep in contact :) Have been busy, but at least my first quarter is college was over! I'm currently @ UCLA (Go Bruins! heh) and unlike most of you guys, i'm not majoring in music-related field. But at least i was able to join the school choir there. Instead of giving a holiday concert, we gave a memorial concert for the sept 11 event. How meaningful huh? We sang Mozart's "Requiem" and Beethoven's 9th symphony (last movement) they sounded WONDERFUL! i was singing with so many great musicians! anywayz, you guys can tell i'm having a good time at college :) Anywayz, i got the CD's too! gosh i listened to them so much. i missed all the songs that we performed! i wish we could go back for one concert. aww well i'm waiting for the video! Anywayz, i hope the rest of you have been well too, and don't forget to keep in touch!! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! :)" Terence8181@aol.com


Beth Chegezy, 11-05: "Hey fellow SOAers! This is Beth, Green Bus, and an alto. Just listened to our cd...DAMN we were good!! So, I thought I'd post a quick update. I graduated from Dickinson in May 2005 (that's right, I lived in good old Carlisle for 4 whole years!). While I was there I was a member of the Choir, Collegium, the vocalist for the Jazz band (directed by Fred Quiqley!), took voice lessons, etc etc. During my senior year I participated in an opera workshop and gave a Senior Recital. Funny story for choir members--remember the room where we rehearsed while we were in Carlisle? Well, it happens to be the same place the Dickinson Choir rehearses, so I go there for the first rehearsal in Sept. '01 and see our last rehearsal order that Mr. Shaw had written, still on the chalkboard! It brought back so many memories...

Well, currently I am living in Monterey, CA, where I am getting my Master's in Spanish Translation and Interpretation. I attend the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and if any of you are ever in the area be sure to get in touch!! Aim name: Sings24hrs God Bless " sings24hrs@verizon.net


Derek Chen: "Hey everyone! i miss you all. i'm that asian guy in choir whom was constantly mixed up with terence in band (LOL!!) Good that i still keep in contact with some of you! Thanks to AIM! heh my screen name is kiwider5. So far i found that the best way to keep in contact :) Now, I'm at Northwestern University studying some engineering degree. Best of luck to everyone!


Chad Clark, 6/08: "After finishing up my time in Eastern Europe, I am now going off to graduate school at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. I will pursuing a M.M.Ed. in Choral Studies. So, if any of you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area...let's connect. :) Previous: Graduated from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, with my BA in Music. After graduating I decided to move to Klaipeda, Lithuania (Eastern Europe) and work at Lithuania Christian College as a Resident Director in their Residence Life program. I am on facebook and myspace, both SOA groups. Take care." chadclark06@gmail.com


Steven Clark:, 6/05 "So I haven't updated this thing for two years and what do you know it, things have changed since then. I just finished up my 4th year at Kansas State University. I am currently living in Los Angeles so if you are here give me a buzz. I will be headed back to Kansas to finish up with one more semester and then who knows. Any suggestions?" sec6868@ksu.edu


Debrah Clements, 8/06: "Hey everyone. For those of you who don't know...I am back in Juneau Alaska after a rough year in New Orleans. The end product is I am single and back on the market and working to get an idea where I want to go and what I want to do. Hopefully I will be back in the 'lower 48' again very soon. Hope everyone is doing well!

Previous: Just wanted to post a little something to let you know that Leo and I are both just fine. We evacuated the New Orleans area on Saturday afternoon to Shreveport, LA. We are just waiting to see what's next. In the meantime, we are stressed to know what the state of our house is and what we are gonna do for money. Anyhow, what matters is...we are safe and sound. And we have internet now so email us if you want! Stay safe! debrahjean@aol.com


Lance Commins, 8/05: "Hello everyone, I havent looked at this thing for a long time. Well I just got out of the Army on a medical discharge and now I am a real estate agent in Las Vegas. I am almost finished with my B.A in manag,ent(thanks to online college). Its funny how time passes by, it seems like this trip was so long ago. I hope everyone is doing well and if you want to talk please go ahead and email me." Commins83@hotmail.com


Sean Conlon 6/11: "I work as a software developer at Slippery Rock University, which I graduated from in 2007 with degrees in Computer Science and Political Science. I own a house in Slippery Rock where I live with my 2 rottweilers (Max and Bismarck) and my west highland terrier (Snowball). Previous: Student at Slippery Rock University of PA Majoring in computer science and political science. (For those of you who dont know me, I'm the red headed trumpet player who sat at the edge of the stage.) I really miss everyone from the trip last summer. It was probably the greatest experience of my life. " seanmconlon@gmail.com


Jenna Cramer: "Hey everyone!! I hope all of you are doing well. Everything is great here in Wisconsin. I miss all you SOA people and I'll love you always!!" (Red Bus, Flute) jmc828@hotmiail.com


Nicholas Croghan: "Hey all just wanted to say HI, now I'll say bye" ncroghan@hscis.net


Susan Cumbie, oboe "Well, I suppose the time has just flown by. I graduated top of my class from high school and am currently at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, OH, majoring in oboe performance and music education. I miss Europe so much, especially my SCHMUCKS!!! Richard, I hope everything works out with your muscles, Wayne, good luck in bio, Jared, I hope ya have fun at Space Camp, and I have no idea where Justin is, but I hope you're doing well if you read this. E-mail me if you wish, but that's all for now." MusicSueNL55@aol.com


Colleen Darnall, 9/03: "Hi everyone! I just stumbled upon this page and saw people's entries. In from SOA 2001, and I am now a freshman at Columbia University in New York, studying music, dance and english. It is so great to hear from you guys, keep in touch! " crd2104@columbia.edu


Rebecca Davidson, 3-07: "Hey 2001 Alumni! Well, I graduated from Oberlin in 2005, and I'm one class away from earning my Masters from CCM in Cincinnati, OH (in Flute Performance). I recently won an audition with the Army's Fife and Drum Corps as a Fife Instrumentalist in Washington, DC. It's great so far. If any of you are ever in DC, check out one of our performances! I'm on Facebook, or just email me. :)" Becky.Davidson@gmail.com


Malu Debus, 10/05: "Hey everyone! It's been a loooong time. I am a junior at the University of Colorado at Boulder and am majoring in Communications while also preparing myself for teaching secondary education back in Hawaii after I graduate. I have always wanted to teach at a college level and this is the beginning of the path. I see many of you are excelling in a musical direction. I love it! I want to hear from you all... I miss you guys so much. E-mail me :) Love you!" missmalu@gmail.com


Leo DeJesus, 10/04 : "ey all. Its Leo DeJesus. Gotta keep it brief. So...where to start..okay I'm now a music composition major at Loyola University in New Orleans. Possibily filming a short film I wrote with Debrah (the love of my life and my FIANCE' for those of you who don't know) and RJ Hayes this winter. Should be intresting, also playing with my new and improved band Survey Says. Rockin' out in local bars and whatnot. And that's the main highlights. Hope everyone is doing well and making music whenever possible...and hope to see some of you in June of 2006! For Debrah and I's wedding! Crazy. More details to follow. Feel free to email us! Take care." NuttyMunky@aol.com


Jesse DeRosa (noshiponmysea@gmail.com), 3/05: "Wow... i just was talking about SOA, and realized i haven't talked to anyone in forever and a day... quick updates: i'm still playing my trumpet, pursuing a double major in trumpet performance and music production and technology at the Hartt School in CT. I'm playing guitar and turntables in an experimental noise band, running a small indie record label and will soon be starting work at a small studio. Feel free to drop me a line, i'd be real interested in hearing from ya'll, especially my white bus peeps. noshiponmysea@gmail.com AIM: NoFoodWithFaces. ps: any 2001 SOA alum sinfonians?"


Kristina DiNova: "Hey, I was talking to one of the guys from the year i went, online and he showed me this website. I was so excited to see all of the pictures from the year that I went. I had the most wonderful time that year and I have to say that it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. This past weekend I saw Marsha Hancock at North Carolina Honors Chorus and immediately we hugged and started talking about everything thing that we missed about the tour and what has been going on in our lives since then. We talked as if we had known eachother all of our lives. I just want to say thank you for the opportunity that you all gave to me to make amazing new friends and to make the most beautiful music. "kris37@nc.rr.com


Abby Downing, 4/06: "(Alto 1, Red Bus, Ohio) I can't believe it's been almost 5 years since we traveled together! I still miss Europe and all of you so much! My life has changed so much over the past few years, it's crazy. I'll be transferring to Mount Vernon in the fall majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Drama and hope to finish as soon as possible! I'm still dating Jason, the same guy I was during our tour and can't wait to finish school and finally get hitched! Ha. Anyway, shout out to my Red Bus: Katie Muha, Eva, Julie, Steven, Leo, Katie A, Angela, Katie S.,Jenni, Paul & Matt, Lindsey, and everyone else. PANTS! MOO! I love you!:) Blessings to everyone!"

Previous: '03 I graduated in with Honors from Interlochen Arts Academy (Theatre Arts major) where I landed the role of "Nellie" in SOUTH PACIFIC. I'm now into my Sophomore year at Otterbein College, BFA Musical Theatre major! I was a woman in the Chorus in MEDEA last year and am cast as the "Hotel Singer/Mabel" in VIOLET this fall! " abbyd03@yahoo.com


Crissy Faretta, 9-06 "Hey everyone!  I can't believe five years have come and gone already...it seems like just yesterday we were all meeting for the first time in Carlisle.  I ran across my travel journal a couple months ago and it gave me a good laugh.  I still can't believe all the incredible things we did.  Anyway, I graduated from Penn State in May (I was in the marching band while I was there) and now I'm living in Harrisburg, PA and working as an outside sales rep for OfficeMax.  Things are great here and I couldn't be happier.  Hope all is well with everyone! " CLF183@psu.edu


Amber Flaherty, 5/03: "Hey guys! I was just listening to the SOA Cd, to hear a song for an English assignment, and I went to the website and figured it was time for an update on here. Well, I was a clarinet player on the blue bus for those who don't remember me.. I am currently a junior music educaiton major at George Mason Univeristy in Fairfax VA. I'm on the most wonderful 5-year plan, with an added minor in Classical Studies. However, I am now battling a bad case of tendonitus/nerve damage in my right arm, and had to give up a lot of playing this year, and I may have to switch over to bass clarinet for awhile. I still love music and will hopefully be able to continue with it. I really wish I had kept in touch with you all better, so if you're bored, write me an e-mail! Or if you're ever in the DC area - let me know! I'd love to hear from you. I work at the music office at Mason, and I work with a grad student who went on the SOA tour in 2000. We have some fun exchanging stories. " aflahert@gmu.edu


Angela Gatchell, 10/03: "Hey everybody! I'm currently at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. I'm studying music education. It's going great and college is treating me very well! Stay awesome everyone! Love, Angela soprano 2, red bus" agatchel@bradley.edu


Lance Green, 11/04: "Hey everyone! Well I'm in my third year at Jamestown College and still persuing a degree in nursing along with my coaching credentials. This year I made it into the college's Concert Choir. After three years of not singing, it feels great. We will be touring Canada over Spring Break this coming spring. We are also planning a two week tour of Italy in May of 2006. Im really excited to be going back. Ive lost contact with many of you, so please email me. I can also be found on MSN messenger (email address) and Yahoo messenger as lancemg02. Hope to hear from ya'll soon." lancemg_2002@hotmail.com


Maluhia Greenlaw, 10/04: Hey all. I am attending Willamette University now, as a freshman vocal performance major. I hope everyone is doing wonderfully. I miss SOA still." juliebluelaw@hotmail.com


Derrick Grimes, 3/04: "Hey all, Wow, it's a been a while hasn't it? I just dug my SOA cd outta my cd rack and reminisced... Good times all around... Anyways, I'm in my 2nd year at my home town college, cooling my heels til next year, when I get outta this town and hit SWEDEN!!! Yeah!!! and since I won't be required to stay in country or anything, I'm definitely gonna try to get around to all those wonderfully memorable places.. I'll be thinking of you all while I'm there!!!! Peace out!!!" grimesd@hotmail.com


Andrea Gronemeyer, 9-06: "I recently graduated from college with a degree in Professional Photography. I currently work for Lifetouch Preschool Portraits and get paid to play with cute kids on a daily basis. FUN! I also shoot freelance work, specializing in wedding journalism. I moved to Des Moines in June. I'm looking forward to travelling back to Europe sometime in the next 2-3 years...I really want to re-visit some places from our trip so I can enjoy them  a second time around with  with my soon-to-be husband!

Previous: You can read my journal at www.livejournal.com/users/gronemeyer. You can also AIM me: FatcoreAndrea


Matt Gurney, 3-05: "To Tiffany Mashore: Tiffani, you were my best friend on the tour and best friend after the tour, even though we could barely keep in touch. It made me very happy to be able to see you get married, I had a great time with you and your friends, and I am glad I got to see you for once after all that time apart. I love you very much, Tiff and I only wish I could have seen you one last time before you had to leave us. You will forever be in my heart and my memories. May you rest in peace, Tiffani Fleehart.

Previous: Hey everyone! I was feeling a little bored while studying for finals so I thought I would see what's up here. I miss you people so much, and if any of you are ever in the twin cities area of MN drop me a line if you want! AIM: IIILibras83 msn: funkymonkWSU@hotmail.com See ya!

Previous: Majoring in Marketing with a minor in music before I go on to get my Music Production/Studio Recording degree at Musictech. I've decided on pursuing a career in the music biz and i will not accept anything else. music is my life. you guys helped me realize that! kudos to you all you people rock my world! give me a call or im me or whatever... Cheers!" funkymonkWSU@hotmail.com


Matt Halstead, 8/05: "Hey All!! Not sure if anyone remembers, but I was that big dude in the choir that was actually from Carlisle (yah, i travelled far for those initial rehearsals, haha). I can't believe its been over four years now since that awesome four weeks in '01. Anyways, I'm going to be a senior at Penn State in the fall. I'm a double major in Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering with a minor in military studies. I'm also a Cadet in the Air Force ROTC program. So, if you haven't guessed already, I have very little time for music in my life now. This just makes me yearn for the old days in Europe that much more!! Well, I miss you all alot and I would love if anyone would get in touch with me. My screen name on AIM is MattJamOO (those are the letter "o", by the way) so feel free to im me any time!! Much love, all!" mrh250@psu.edu

Marsha Hancock, 5/04: Oh my gosh!! Well, I'm Marsha from North Carolina.  I live in Nashville, TN now, and I am attending Belmont University.  My Major is Commercial Music with a double emphasis in Music Business and Composition and Arranging. Since I have an internship this fall with Mercury Records, I am considering doing a double major in Music Business and Commercial Music. I am still singing and trying to make my dreams of being a professional singer come true.  If ya'll ever come to Nashville, ya'll can stay with me because I just bought my first house.  (I can't believe it I'm becoming an adult!! haha)  It is great when I get to hear from all of you or run in to ya'll accidentally (Paul...wow that was crazy!!) I miss you guys and hope everybody is doing well!!! I love ya bunches!! Circe02@hotmail.com

RJ Hays: He's one of only 616 students in the US to achieve a top score of 1600 on the SATS!


Dennis Hawkins, Jr. : "I was really mad that I couldn't make it back to the reunion this summer, but band and soccer is keeping me busy. I'm sure you all had a great time! I'll be entering my senior year of high school, with plans to go to college and major in Music Education. Hope to hear from you soon, and best of luck." DHawkins2003@msn.com



Wayne Hill: "Hey all. I left music school and started majoring in Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University in Philadelphia. To all the schmucks.....A toast..to us and those like us* few left. Best of luck to everyone especially you guys. Anyone wants to reach me My AIM and MSN names are thanos563 and my ICQ# is 162691195" thanos563@juno.com


Jenn Horchem, 5-10 "Hey all! Just went through some pictures this last weekend and wondered about everyone. I just graduated from Washburn Law School with honors this past weekend. I am spending the summer studying for the Kansas Bar and starting a Fellowship with the Kansas Legislative Research Dep't. Can't believe it's been like 9 years since our trip? Anyone planning a 10-yr reunion?

Previous info: I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Emporia State University in December 2006 with a BA in Music and accepted a graduate research position in order to complete some prerequisites for an MBA program. In the meantime, I was accepted to Washburn University School of Law (Kansas) and was named a J.L. Weigand Notre Dame Legal Education Trust scholar. School starts in less than two weeks, and I'm really excited! I hope wherever life finds you that you're doing well!" jennyjennifer35@hotmail.com


Nicole D. Howard, 12-03: "Hey everyone! I'm avoiding studying, so I thought I'd do a little update. I'm attending the University of Kansas School of Nursing. I have about a year and a half left before I have to actually start living the life of an adult. Hope everyone is well. Miss you all! dalyns_ah@hotmail.com


Karrie Hunt, 12-03: It's Karrie RICHERT now! That's right, in June of 2003, I got married!!!! My husband, Aaron, is in an aviation unit in the army, so I'm an Army wife now. It's a lot different than I thought it would be, but I love it. I live on an Army base and everything, and Aaron takes me for rides in helipcopters in his cute Army clothes. Hee hee...So life up here is perfect. Absolutely wonderful. I'm still in AK, but when we get out of the Army in 2005, we'll probably be moving to Lancaster, CA to go to Bible College and be close to the in-laws (Aaron is from Big Bear, CA). I love and miss everyone, and hope that I'll hear back from you.

P.S. None of my pictures of St. Mark's Basillica came back, and my scrapbook is just incomplete without it. Does anyone have a picture of it that I could possibly get a copy of?? It would be greatly appreciated! karrielauren01@hotmail.com


Jessica Johnson, 4-07: "I have been a student here at VA Tech for the past 5 years. I completed my undergraduate degree in Marketing Management last year (2006) and also have a minor in Music. I decided that four years of college just wasn't enough and chose to pursue a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). I will graduate with my Masters Spring of 2008 with a concentration in Organizational Leadership.

I am still very involved in music these days. In addition to playing snare for the Highty Tighties my Freshman year, I have had four amazing years as a percussionist in the Marching Virginians. I was drum captain for the MVs my senior year of college (for the 2005 football season) and had the pleasure of marching tenors for my first year of grad school...quite a change after 4 years on snare. While in college, I have also participated in a number of concert ensembles. I played drum set for the Corps of Cadets jazz band, the Southern Colonels, as well as played set for the Virginia Tech Pep Band. I was previously section leader of the University Symphonic Wind Ensemble and I currently play in the University Campus Band." jejohnso@vt.edu


Stanley Johnson, 2-06: "Hello SOA!! Wow, it's been SO long, but I still think about the GREAT time we all had in Europe. I just got finished serving a two year mission for my Church. I was in the Kentucky/souther Indiana area. I am now working as a framer (framing garages and things like that) and I'm saving money for college. It's my hope to soon go to BYU and study musical theater. I don't know what excatly I'm going to do with it, but if music can't be part of my life then well... what's the point. I would really like to hear from ANYONE, even if we didn't hang out on tour. By the way, if people send daily forwards through e-mail, I block them. Love you all. nevada_stan@sdjohnson.net


Andrew (AJ) Jones. 9/04: "Well, it's been a crazy couple of years since my experience with The Sound of America. I've been doing a lot of working and auditioning. My experience with the choir really changed the way I felt about being a professional musician. I've just recently finished my first demo, and moved from my hometown of Bennington, Vermont, to Florida. This has turned out to be a really good move for me. It's purpose is to hopefully start my music career and so far things are looking good. Right now I have an audition at Disney in October. I can't wait. I really would like to hear from Anna Poppov. I miss you and I havn't heared from you since the tour. I hope that you read this." drewnomics@yahoo.com


Chris Junkerman: "Hey yall! It's Chris Junkerman for Arkansas! I first want to shout out to all Blue Bus members!!! Yall were the greatest ever! I love everyone on that bus who excluded them self from everyone else. You know who you are: Becky, Liz, Ryan, Ryan, Michael, Noah, and glad to say myself! You guys were the best! Anywaz....I'm going to the University of Arkansas in the fall and majoring in Business. Don't worry i'm still going keep playing my sax. Some of you know but for those of you who don't i'll tell ya. Jenna Cramer is really thinking about comming to college with me. If any of you talk to her tell her to come. I love you so much Jenna! I visted her over Christmas break for a week so now she has to come to college here! As far as life goes i'm doing pretty good. Have straight A's and doing real good in my music. " pappa_smurf02@hotmail.com


Linda Kaehne, 7-04: "Hey everybody, incase you have trouble remembering me, I played the flute and Piccolo and am very tall. I hope you are all doing well. I am attending Bemidji State University and am an Instrumental Performance Major. I'm playing the flute, piccolo, and alto flute, have started taking piano again and will be learning the harp this coming year. If any of you wish to add me to messenger I have msn (same as my email) Yahoo - spiffylindster and AIM - spiffylinda I keep pretty busy working a number of Jobs. I was hired at the Headwaters School of Music and the Arts to teach flute lessoons there which has been an absolute blast!!!! I've also been hired in Park Rapids MN to play for their community band and I was also hired to play flute for the opera house down there. I'm pretty excited. They're not professional or anything, but it looks great on a resume, is fantatstic experience, and I get paid for it, so no complaints here. The Park Rapids Community band has me ! play Stars and Stripes at the end of every concert. LOL anyways, keep in touch, I'd love to hear from you. " spiffylindster@hotmail.com


Shannon Kelley: "HEY IT"S SHAN THE MAN:-) actually no, but I was the ONLY girl trumpet player if that rings a bell..GO GIRL POWER!!! I'm here still tootin' my horn for a million hours a day at SHenandoah Conservatory as a trumpet major..all I have to say is that THE SOA TRIP WAS COMPLETELY HEINOUS!?!?! haha..jk!! just had to get Megan's favorite word in there!!! Thanks to all you SOAers who made my summer a blast! Kristen..I mean Beth..I mean Kristin (wink wink) roommate switches were great as we continually got caught running throughout the hotels hee hee..thanks to my THREE BESTEST FRIENDS!!!!! Dan...what can I say I WANT YOU..haha jk..but no really..thanks for such an awesome time. Running through paris in the rain was unforgettable..and the SWIMMING POOL?!?!!? OH LA LA...haha but overall I've continued keep in touch..lets see, for our daily two hour conversation..haha...keep attacking:-)Jess and Megan...I LOVE YOU TWO!...never forget the fist, Beaver, all the heinous memories...Can't wait to see you ALL this summer! ps. good luck Steve and Brittney..you two are ADORABLE:-)" shannon700@hotmail.com


Jennifer Klettke: With the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Coca Cola created banners to celebrate youth in Summit County. Students were nominated by others in town as being leaders that have made significant contributions to the environment or worked positively with people of different cultures. Here is a picture of her banner and a picture of her in her Olympic garb, her Je Parle Francais pin, and hairstyle for the day! Click here to see Jennifer's banner & photo with hairstyle for the day!. jaklettke@juno.com


Jessica Kloor, 10/05: "I am currently finishing my last year at Pepperdine University studying Public Relations with an outside emphasis in music." jmkloor@pepperdine.edu


Richard Lamb, 8/05: "Hey everyone, sorry I haven't kept up. I wanted to let all of you know that I am now married. That is right. I got married July 16th. Married life is not much diffrent from dating life. Besides taht I am doing well. I am an Assistant Store Director for Hollywood Video. Yeah I know it's a rental place, but hey I am actually going to get my own store here very soon, so that will be very nice. I did want to let you all know that on myspace.com I created a Sound of America group just for the 2001 tour. So you all should come and join so that we can keep better contact with each other. well you all can email me if you would like. Hope to hear from you soon.


Stephanie Layne 9/04: "Hey ya'll! I can't believe how long its been since that incredible summer...Im so regretful that i didnt get to stay in touch with many of you, but being stuck in Iowa its sorta hard! Well I am now a meeeeer 20 years old and living in Iowa City, IA studying to be a Home Ec. teacher!!! Im havin an awesome time here so anytime someone wants to visit just gimme a call!!! Love you all so much!!!GO GREEN BUS!" cubsgirl@hotmail.com


Regina Laughlin, 8/03: NEW: "Regina Laughlin was recently crowned as Miss Show Me Credit Union 2003 and competed with 37 other title holders this past week at the Miss Missouri Scholarship Pageant (Miss America) 2003. She was selected to be in the Missouri Girls, a performing troupe of singers and dancers who perform at preliminaries and other state pageants. Regina also appeared on As the World Turns this past October as an extra when the daytime drama came to St. Louis to film several episodes. Regina is still working as a dancer-back up singer for the show, Legends in Concert, in Branson, MO. She is a junior dance major at Webster University-St. Louis where she performs with the University's company and is also involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Previous: SOA was the best ever! I will never be able nor want to forget the incredible experience that it was......or the people. You all still mean so much to me. I love you! I was on the very cool Gold Bus and was one of the featured dancers (some of you may remember me as Demi) :) Ali is awesome! I am currently a dance major at Webster University in St. Louis. I'm also very active in the Miss America system here in Missouri. Oh! I have WONDERFUL news! As some of you may know, at the beginning of this semester I was diagnosed with nodules on my vocal cords and put on voice rest. Well, they're not completely gone yet- but they have reduced in size and I'm allowed to begin singing again! I'm very happy. I'd love to hear from all of you-please don't ever hesitate to write, email or send fun pics! Karrie, my eskimo, was my awesome roomie who is still one of my very best friends.......as for the rest of my closest friends from the trip-you know who you are and how much I love you! (we talk all of the time it seems like) But- I still miss everyone! And I hope I get to see you all again someday!"


Beth Lestage, 6-03: "Well, my girlfriend and i broke up, and i went to community college for a semester. i still work in the nursing home, but i only work in the kitchen now. it sucks, but it gets the bills paid. i am probably not going to return to school in the fall due to lack of funding. i just have too many bills to pay. i hope all are doing well, i haven't heard form most of you in AGES!! what is going on yo? e mail me and let me know what is up. well, that's all for now.. peace to all......" musical_belle_02@yahoo.com


Maggie Loiselle (Blue bus, Bassoon) : Hey everyone, just thought I'd leave a little info on here...I'm now in the middle of my second year at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN (my family still lives in MI though). I'm majoring in telecommunications (tv, radio kinda stuff) with a focus in journalism, allowing me to be active in our school's paper as an editor. Although I'm not as involved in music as I thought I might be, SOA was my last time in a real ensemble and I'll never forget it :) Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 2003!


Jon Mack , 2-04: Just let me start off by sayin that the red bus rocks. PANTS!!(lol). To all the people who remember me and to those who don't I would like 2 say that I that i miss you all and that I hope that you have reached most of your dreams in the past four years. Me on the other hand I am a Music Producer and Chief Engineer For Vataltime corp. in Wahsington DC so if your ever in the city look me up.. Much Love To The Red Bus And Limp Daddy Jonedwardmack@yahoo.com


Liz Manandik, 9/08: "Hello everyone! I haven't posted anything since after the tour. I have been married to a wonderful man, Aaron since May 2005. We do not have any children yet, but plan to in the near future. Of course, we do have one dog named Sweetie who does count as a child! I ended up majoring in Management and am the Human Resources Manager for Sears in Grand Island, Ne. Music is still very much a part of my life and am grateful the experience that SOA gave me. If anyone would like to get in contact with me they can at my email address or on MySpace. angellove_3200@yahoo.com


Tiffani (Mashore)-Fleehart (aka OKLAHOMA), 11/04:

 February 24, 2005

Tragically, our friend, clarinetist, Tiffani Mashore-Fleehart, from Oklahoma, was involved in a fatal car accident. As we are so shocked by this sudden news, and so sad to have her life ended so prematurely, our hearts go out to her family and new husband. Here is her family's contact info.

Billy Bob & Sara Barnes 207 W North St. Ringling OK 73456

Scroll down to see her last entry she had sent us.

Previously submitted info from this past November: Hey guys! Just an update...I got married on October 2, which would be a month ago today (today is also my birthday!!!) I'm 20 now! But anyway, I graduate certified in my field this coming January and will be working in the OR. I will be transferring to Southern Nazarene University to get my Bachelor's degree in Science with an emphasis in Neonatal care R.N.(Registered nursing, working with babies) and a minor in musical performance, playing in the college orchestra. My husband's name is Nick and I am sure he is sick of hearing about SOA all the time, but too bad haha! HI MATT G. !!! and Jacqueline!!! Danielle!!! Malu!!! and Maluhia...it goes on forever! I want to say Hey! to everyone but I'm in class at the moment and can't really put in everything I want to, but at least I got in the basics! Hope everyone is still doing great! Email me anytime that is also my msn messenger address so add me! I talk to everyone even if I didn't know you on the tour, also feel free to call me at my home number (405)759-2868 after 6pm Monday and Wednesday, and after 9pm on Tuesday and Thursday...I'm never home...but you should be able to get ahold me at those times! Love you all and keep in touch! (OKLAHOMA)!! GO SOONERS!!!!! " nookstiff03@msn.com


Shana McCarty, 6/03 : "Hey all you Alumnae out there! It's the really short Alto from the Red Bus! I thought I would send in an update. I am now a fully initiated sister of Sigma Alpha Iota women's music fraternity, and planning on working in the Poconos this summer at the Girl Scout Camp Hidden Falls. I'm between colleges right now, and taking a semester break after a really hard two years at Ithaca; but hopefully the transition to a new school (possibly to West Chester U, or Temple U, or who knows, maybe even Dickinson!) will be a refreshing change. Of course music will still be a big part of my life, but I don't think that further Music Theory courses are in my immediate future! I loved getting to see so many familiar faces last summer at the Bon Voyage concert, and I wish I could be there again this year, but work calls me away! I hope everyone else is doing well, and I find myself frequently listening to our CD's and flipping through my photo albums to help myself remember the greatest summer I ever had! If you feel the need to Instant Message me, my screenname is StarblazingQueen on AIM! Take care everyone" smccart2@ic3.ithaca.edu


Courtney McClure, 9/03: "Hey everyone :)i'm at work with nothing to do so i thought i'd update my info and get paid for it, might as well. this is a great job :D been back to school for 2 weeks now and loving it. i'm a junior, still undeclared (riiggght i guess i should get on that) it will probably be history when i get around to it just because i love it so why not. i miss yall CRAZY style and you should write more (or AT ALL SETH,FLAJJY,BRIAN,DANIELLE. you know who you are.) i guess i can't talk, i dont write either. i'll get on that. have a great fall semester everyone! ciao" cacalawalk@hotmail.com


Jessica McDonough: (the only alto clarinet) "Hey everyone! It's crazy to think that almost one full school year has passed since the trip this summer. I'm currently a senior at HHS in PA- can't wait to graduate. In the fall I'll be going to Grove City College, for music education. Guess what? For my senior project I'm conducting Ross Roy with my hs band. I had such a wonderful time this summer- and I just want to thank everyone who made it so special. Especially Shan, Meg, Beth, Lorelei, Beth, Lil Beth, Gavin, Andrea, Dan, Matt, Derrick, and all of you great green busers. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at the reunion!" jessicamcdonough@hotmail.com


Matt McMahan ("Cowboy"), 5-12: Hey everyone! It's been a loooooong time since I have heard from anyone from our tour! I still live in Indiana but plan on moving back to Colorado soon! Aside from that I have a new baby again and she'll be 1 year old in just a couple weeks. Anyone can contact me at facebook.com/jacob.t.dof.     please add me! I want to get in touch with my soa friends! I look forward to hearing from you! pyroman2b@aol.com


Kasey McRoberts, 4-04: "Well hello there everyone! I just wanted to drop a line to say hello. I'm doing well. I'm almost done with my first year of college. I'm attending Johnson & Wales University in Providence RI for Culinary Arts. (I know I kinda went the complete opposite of music on that one!) but I love it. I miss all you guys so please feel free to drop me an email anytime! Or if you see me online it's Krazykasey33. Hope everyone is healthy and happy. Please keep in touch SOA!" KrazyKasey33@aol.com


Matt (Cowboy) McMahan, 8/08: "Hey all!!! I haven't been on in so long! I have since been married and now have a two year old daughter. I now have a myspace page if you want to add me. Just search for my name. I have moved to Indiana about 3 months ago right by the Tri-state. Send an e-mail any time!! The Colorado Cowboy (Tuba/Elephant)" Pyroman2b@yahoo.com


Craig Meade: "Hey Guys! I hope and pray that all of your lives are going as smoothly as you'd like. I know that that's probably not the case with everyone, but we can't have it all can we? :) I've been mostly just writing and recording stuff for a few solo shows. The guys in my band had to go to college and abandon me, so I'm left destitute and alone! You can check out my stuff at www.mp3.com/Craig_Meade !!! Not to advertise my site or anything like that! So write me, call me, whatever, I love you all!! Peace!" frogphobia777@excite.com


Nicolas Medina: "Hey everyone, i was listening to the cd of all our concerts today and decided i should update this, ummmmmmm what to say I MISS YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! and i wanted to say that ok, well right now i am in my last year of high school, whoot whoot!!!! and i am trying to convince my parents to let me go on the tour again, i have doubts myself cause college isnt that cheap! but if i dont go on the tour i am going to the concert. so i can see some familiar faces, i havent seen anyone but lil beth and karline, and i wish i could go visit more of you, and fladger why did you stop calling? j/k and jamie, sorry i havent been able to write you back! but i have been really busy. but ok i better stop rambaling, but yeah i better see you guys at the concert and if i am going then a few of you better go too :) huggs and kisses love yah all, and miss you like crazy. nick" tubanicksoa@hotmail.com


Dan Mercer, 8-03: "Well hey guys...it's been awhile. I can't believe it has been 2 years since SOA. The memories are as strong as ever, and I am still waiting for a day to pass that I haven't thought of SOA or seen something that reminds me of it. I still listen to the CD's often, because, well....it's the best cd I've ever had. I'm going to be a Junior at Michigan State University, a Criminal Justice major. If anyone's in the area, let me know, we'll be sure to have a 'riot'. (Please humor me and get the joke). This year I will be in the marching band carrying a Big Ten Flag. So if you happen to catch the pregame on tv, or see the band in the stands, you might see me. Other than that, life is great....enjoying the last few days of summer. Anyways, thank you everyone for still making the best memories of my life. I wish SOA would've lasted forever. My best regards to you all and goodluck....Catch me on AIM at Leinad305. I am open to chat with any fellow SOAers.

Hey there all you fine SOA 2001 folk!!! I was a drummer(like I'd play anything else) and I was on the Green Bus! My time spent with all of you and the SOA staff was by far the most life-altering experience I have ever been involved in. I was so fortunate to be able to play in such an awesome ensemble and I thank you all very much for making my SOA experience the best! I still get goosebumps everytime I hear the choir sing 'When Rooks Fly Homeward' on the cd, or any piece for that matter. I miss all those concerts with all you wonderful musicians! The memories are unforgettable and will always be there to bring a smile to my face...Thanks so much for being part of the most awesome time of my life. My life is forever changed because of the SOA experience, and you're all responsible for that. I had such an awesome roomate, Steve...good times dude. Also, thanks to Shannon*, Jess, Megan(funny girl), Steve, Jeff, Phil, Chris(what are you doing this morning?), Jersey Steve(hiking bud) and the rest of the people that go un-mentioned...and the whole percussion section, you guys rocked...And also I'd like to say thank you to the SOA staff for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you all so much! I am looking forward to coming to Carlisle in July and seeing everyone again!!! I have AIM: Leinad305, and ICQ:52553950 I'd love to hear from you all!!!! "mercerd1@msu.edu


Shannon Milczewski: "Hey! Well, what can I say? SOA was definitly the best experience of my life. I miss everybody... seen a couple people since we got home... HeHe... imagine, I'm in a practice room at SUNY Fredonia, warming up for my audition, and in walks James! It was great... But anyway... I'm still hanging in there, working my butt off senior year at FDR High School in good old Hyde Park, New York. I'm in our 2 choirs there, plus myriad other smaller ensembles, and the First Ladies, a 10-voice select barbershop group. I'm also continuing my 2nd year of a local adult choir (we're doing the Verdi Requiem this weekend...), and I'm Nettie Fowler in my school's production of Carousel... Ah... and to add, one of my best friends jsut got accepted to the tour this weekend, and I'm still trying to convince my dad to let me go on tour again this summer... hope to see anyone else who goes to the bon voyage concert, anyway! So there's the skinny on me... just wanted to let you all know that I miss all of you, and feel free to email me to say Hi if you like. = ) powerofthevoice@aol.com


Austin Minnich, 3-03: trombone 1, gold bus. "Now in my first year at UC Berkeley, studying engineering. still play a lot in jazz band and take piano lessons. hope everyone is doing well, and should you find yourself in Berkeley let me know. Hi to Greg, Dan, Derek, Terence and other Gold bus members. AIM: austinminnich aminnich@uclink.berkeley.edu


Bethany Morton: Hey guys! (gold bus!) I still miss everyone...haven't talked to kristina, courtney, or misha in a long time...I'll say hi to Dan too but i talk to you pretty often...hmm i'll never forget SOA...OH! to that chaperone...Lance's mom...even if you never believe me, there were NO GUYS in our room ever...(kristina: "If there were guys in our room, i wish someone would have woken me up to see them!") don't know if i'm going to the reunion yet...bye for now.." chaise_@hotmail.com


Katie Muha, 1-11: "I'm not sure if anyone checks this anymore... but here goes! I'm in my 3rd year as a music teacher (K-8) at a charter school. I got engaged and am planning a wedding for 7-9-11! My fiance and I bought an amazing house 4 miles from where I grew up. Look me up on facebook! I miss everyone <3 K_muha@hotmail.com


Jen Muller, 7/04: Hey guys! I thought I'd update you on what's new in my life. I'm transferring schools next year from Iowa to the University of Northern Colorado at Greeley. I'll be majoring in theatre there, and I'm very excited! If anyone's ever in the Greeley area, drop me a line, or give my cell a call! I miss all of you bunches, and I hope you'll all still keep in touch! :) jenlmuller@hotmail.com


Ryan Murphy, 9/03: "What's happening everybody? It's been forever..... over 2 years now... anyways, I am going to school at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, CO. If anybody is in the area, call or write and we can hang out. I am majoring in music performance, and I am having the greatest time so far. I had the greatest time hanging out with Malu in Boulder, and hopefully I can hang out with more of you. SOA is still a big part of my life, and I hope I can get back there soon. I know that next summer a bunch of us are going to Hawaii for a vacation to see Maluhia, so I can't wait for that. Hope everybody is doing well, and please stay in touch. (Ryan Murphy, North Dakota, blue bus)" magisinger@hotmail.com


Chad Noble, 5-09: "I taught 6-12 grade this past year and found out teaching is not really me. I love kids and music but not in the school setting. Anyways I am going back to school in the fall to finish a BMT (Music Therapy) Music and healthcare would be awesome to be helping people. So hopefully in a few years I will be done with that and can move to a big city!! wow its been 8 years and things keep changing. hope to hear from others, even if you dont remember me. I was more shy than others on the trip but now, not at all!!" tennis85_chad@hotmail.com


Cale Olson: "Hey, y'all! I just saw our 2001 addition and I want to say hello to all the 25th anniversary SOAers! For those of you who don't know, I'm going to Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA, and I'm majoring in vocal performance (big surprise, eh?). The choir I'm in is wonderful, and tonight (the 29th of Nov.) we premiere our 6-concert Christmas festival! A few months ago I got a great music scholarship here, and all the recipients had to perform in a recital a few weeks ago. My first solo in college! The more time that goes by, the more I find I miss our tour. Everytime I look at all the pictures I get this flippin' YEARNING to go back and do it all over again! I wish I could afford it! Hey, guess what, while I was rehearsing yesterday for choir I was wearing my SOA t-shirt and a Junior from another choir in our school noticed it, and told me he was in SOA 1999 (his name is David Burch, I believe)! It was really cool! By the way, I won't be able to go to Penn. this summer. Sorry. What can I say, I'm a poor student! I think about you guys constantly though, and I'm sure there're a good number of you whom I will see again someday! :-) Love you all, Cale (a.k.a. The Canadian Mounty, Indy, Ken Doll, Green and Leafy Friend, and last but not least, The Sasquatch!)" cale1321@excite.com


Fladger Parson III: "Hi, this is Fladger Parson III White Bus Euphonium Player, I'm currently a Freshmen at Edward Waters College in Jacksonville Fl, Majoring in Music Education. I miss ya'll and the tour hopefully we all can meet up again on a good occasion. I really miss playing with the SOA Honor Band and Choir. I've already graduated from High School and will be attending College this fall. " fladgerp@yahoo.com

Katie Pizzino, 1-06: "I was in the 2nd soprano in choir. i'm from hawaii. going to school in hawaii right now, getting a degree in computer electronics and networking technology. sounds complicated, but i love it. almost done. can't wait to move out into the world. nothing really new has happened to me. just wanted to write something. i saw terence chan who came to visit me just this past xmas break. it was great to see him. sorry haven't kept in touch with everybody else. life has been hectic. i also work after school and teach piano during the weekends. my life is pretty busy, but i love it. i hope all is well with everybody. hope 2 c u all at the reunion if we have one. not sure. least that's what i heard. aloha." keokunthea@hotmail.com


Anna Popov: Anna recently was named as a National Foundation for Advancement of the Arts (NFAA) Finalists. She's one of 10 Vocalists chosen from over 6000 high school seniors in the Arts Recognition & Talent Search (ARTS). Last year she received the "Young Artist Award" awarded by McNeese State University (LA). She also was awarded "Young Artist Award" by the Lake Charles Symphony (LA).


Danielle Priest, 9/08: " Hey guys, can't believe it's been over 7 years since we had the time of our lives...just a quick update...I am finally engaged to Eric, after 6 six years...I know, it took a while...I graduated nursing school and am now an RN...I am planning my wedding for April of 2009, should be exciting...other than that, life is going well...a lot better than 2 years ago...I miss everyone so who ever wants to talk can email me or find me on myspace...Dani (white bus, clarinet)

Previous: I moved out of my house I lived in for 12 yrs and out into the country and on March 1, 2006, my twin sister, PFC Tina M Priest, was killed in Iraq while on tour with the US Army...it's been rough and I can't explain the unimaginable pain you feel after loosing a twin sister but I am very proud of her and will rejoice her life for the rest of mine...it's horrible that all these young adults have to keep dying and wish they would all come home...now that I have got my political stand point out of the way...daniellepriest@hotmail.com

07-24-05 To Tiffani Mashore Fleehart: Hey girl, you were such an awesome person to be around and sit next to in the band. All those crazy nights in the hotel room with Karline and Jen were probably the best of all the memories I have. Sorry you had to leave us so soon and I know we didn't keep in touch enough but I know you are in a much better place.

To her parents and husband, I am very sorry for your loss and I wish you the best. I can't tell you what an awesome person Tiffani was and I didn't even know her that long. It's weird knowing I just talked to her in early February. I guess it was a calling from above. It just shows you how God works in mysterious ways. Tiffani, you will be missed but never forgotten. daniellepriest@hotmail.com


Anita Protsch, 4/04: "I am currently in my second year of college, but I transfered to South Dakota State University. I was in Europe again for a concert choir trip over spring break. I am majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in advertising and Theatre. This past summer I participated in Prairie Repertory Theatre, and played a supporting role in "Footloose". It was a lot of fun. I have kept myself very busy, and just love my new school and new town. Miss you all, feel free to contact me anytime!"" anita5983@hotmail.com


Kyle Rector, 8/05: "I just spontaneously visited this page again, and realize it has been over 10 years now! I am now a graduate student at the University of Washington studying Computer Science. I hope all is well, and keep in touch! Previous: Hey this is Kyle (girl) from the blue bus, I also played the clarinet! " krrun@aol.com


Amy Rieger, 10-03: (Red Bus)"Hey just thought that I would update my info. I hope that everyone is doing well. I am on my third year at Colby Community College. I am majoring in Music And Social Work.(Odd combo huh!) Well everything is good. Hope to hear from all of you Soon. maefair2001@hotmail.com


Brittany Ritchey, 4/03: "Hope all is well with everyone... I miss you... Hi again! I'm the blonde, curly-haired Soprano II from Altoona, PA (go White Bus!) I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe summer. If you want to contact me (and please do!) I left my new e-mail address. Nothing much is new here, just enjoying the summer before I head to Pitt, taking voice lessons, working at my new job, and spending time with my lovely SOA girls and wonderful boyfriend. ;-) I hope to see everyone at the concert! I miss all of you!" BrittatPitt08@aol.com


Shawna Roberson, 11/06 : "HEY hey SOA! This is Shawna, the french horn player on the gold bus! Everyone is free to come check out myspace to see what I've been up to. Lets just say in the past 5 years I have a house, a car, and hubby and a big family! Email me you guys!" Bengalssr@aol.com


Will Schmarder, 3/09: "Hey all! 'Tis the mullet! And I still have the hair, believe it or not! In any case, I graduated Cum Laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2008, and am now in the Syracuse NY area. Friend me up on Facebook! Great memories of the green bus..... :) wschmrdr@gmail.com


Lindsey Sellers, 12-10: (red bus, clarinet; aka Betty Crocker, thanks to Nick Croghan) "Currently I am a board-certified music therapist working for a hospice in the Chicagoland area. I work full-time helping people feel more comfortable during end-of-life, and it is one of the most rewarding things I have experienced in my life. I also have an intern for the first time who is about to finish her internship in January 2011 and will go on to become board-certified herself! I have been with my current boyfriend Daniel for 4 years (we met at Loyola in New Orleans, post-Katrina) and he is working on becoming a podiatrist. I love life and hope this info finds all of you enjoying your lives as well...God bless! Previous info:, I graduated from LA Tech University (summa cum laude) in May 2005 with a BA degree in music. Then I got accepted to Loyola University in New Orleans for fall 2005. When Katrina hit I ended up moving back home until January, when I returned to Loyola to pursue my masters in music therapy. I am very happy in New Orleans, despite the destruction from the storm. And I just got back 2 days ago from a second trip to AUSTRIA! I couldn't help but think of y'all during that trip! lindseythelou@hotmail.com


Maggie Shaw, 4/07: "Hi, hope you are all doing well. My son James, who was a bass in the chorus on the blue bus, graduated from Syracuse University last year (Summa cum Laude) with a degree in music composition. he is currently working as a philatelic document imaging specialist while composing. (This means he scans stamps for a rare stamp collector and dealer.) I was a chaperone on that blue bus." angelwords7@hotmail.com


Eric Smith, 5-03: "Hi again, it's been FOREVER since I updated this profile. I'm graduating from The Science Hill School this year and will be a big freshman at Vanderbilt next year. If you are ever in Nashville and want to see some country music... errrr...or not...just come see ME...country music never entered that equation...got it? Hehe. I'm double degreeing with a B.S. in Economics from the College and a B.Mus. in Vocal Performance from the Blair Conservatory. TOO MUCH TO DO! Anyway...college is soon and I'm really excited, but it's still hard to believe that it's been almost two years since we were all together. I spent spring break with Leo and Debrah in New Orleans and we had an awesome time. I'm spending the entire summer bumming around in Savannah, Georgia and in good old TN so if you get bored, come on down and see us...Moving on to bigger and better things in our lives is important and I know that we will do great things. It has ever been and ever should be fun to watch each other grow. I feel confident that we will still remain in contact with each other and become sentimental reminiscing about the best experience of our adolescences, for years to come. I love you all...thanks so much! Eric Allen Smith, 2001, Green Bus. "Maxx333333@AOL.com


Jamie Smith Larsen, 8/04: "Well, hello!! I've missed you all very much!!!! I'm starting school again in August at Mesa Communtiy College in Arizona. It should be fun. I got married Aug. 09, 2003, I know 19 is a young age, but I was ready and so was my husband Nye. Love is like that!! We moved to Arizona the day after and we like it here ok, heat and all. I would love to hear from ya'll so email me ok!!!!! That goes for Nick, Liz, Courtney, Fladger, Sean, and Seth!!!!!And everyone else too of course. Preiouvsly - I think this has been the best experience of my life, not because I got to go to Europe with an extrordinary group, but because it made me realize that I didn't have to be perfect, and that I could loosen up. It allowed me to overcome my fears of leaving my parents, and it helped me to go away for college and stand on my own two feet. Thank you so much for this experience. I also want to tell Mr. Shaw, you have been such an encouragement to me, and I praise God all the time for allowing such a wonderful, talented, and warm hearted man/director come into my life. I decided to go into directing, and you were part of my decision. I hope someday to be as great as you are. Thank you so much for your wonderful direction. " nyejamielarsen@yahoo.com


Rachel Solomon, 11/03 "Time for a quick update. Right now I'm taking the semester off, and recently I've made the decision not to return to Denison. It's likely I'll be going to Nazareth which is in Rochester (very close to home). Oh and last summer I went to Australia for a month! I absolutely loved it. That's about all that's new. I'd love to hear from some of you. Maybe we'll meet again at Dickinson... " OldBlueEyes444@hotmail.com


Jared (Spud) Sorensen "I am still playing RUGBY at Stetson University , singing in the concert choir , and still a Voice/MBA major, Just chillin here in Florida.. hahah yeah right. I was just thinking about all you guys .. so .. i thought i would update my stuff.... .. Karrie, I hoped you liked the video from Versailles ( Earthworms RULE ) TO THE SCHMUCKS...A toast..... from me to you .. you complete the rest...., poker/pillowfights in Grindelwald , Watch Check ...! (Alpine Cowtipping to The tune of Drive the River Down ) Egyptian Rat Screw......... Waking up at 5 am , thinking it was 5 pm . ......loading the gear truck at 1 am , after a 3 hour concert..( a 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour) ( BEST SHOULDERS..........ALWAYS.........) Italian Silk Ties and really bad water ... To everyone in the choir .... ( sorry Mr. Shaw ) .... are you with me ...? yes ? we will sing ....? yes ? To Mr Shaw , and Mr Barr , an AWESOME EXPIERENCE, and awesome music ....Thank You Hey you all ... Once again , It was my honor to go with you this summer .. and best wishes to all of you in your future endeavors and in 2002"

NEW: Hey ya'll ... I was just offered a position at the U.S. Space Camp as a counselor, and with other duties there.. so In February.. I will be moving to Huntsville Alabama... and taking some classes there .... Take Care.. IM : wiley66117 wiley66117@aol.com


Katie Steimann Weber, 4/09: "It's been two years since I've updated! Does anyone still check this? I was talking about how beautiful St. Roch was today and showing a friend pictures from our trip. I thought, "I have to check the site"! Well, as you can see from the name change, I got married on July 5, 2009 to my husband, Nick. We're still living in the Bloomington/Normal, Illinois area. I still work at the bank, but they've expanded my job, so I now do marketing in addition to customer service. I am still dreaming of owning a concert venue, so I've been taking classes the past two years to get a certification in Small Business Management. My husband and I stay active at our church, where he does sound and I sing with the worship band. I have also been singing at weddings for the
past four years. You can find me on facebook or use my e-mail address.
Previous: I had brain surgery in Sept. 2005 to remove and repair a brain hemmorhage I suffered in July. I am now fully recovered except for a bit of peripheral vision loss that probably won't return. Find me on facebook.com or on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/ksoulfulmelody. Miss you! I graduated from Millikin Magna Cum Laude with degrees in Voice and Creative Writing. I've had two of my haiku published. "


Jeff Sutich:, 9/06: "Hey all, I just randomly found this site and it brought back tons of old memories. I'm currently attenting University Nevada Reno studying International Business with a minor in Italian. I just returned from studying in Italy for 5 months and loved every minute of it. I still tell stories of our experiences and would like to get back into contact with everyone again." snowboarderdude7@hotmail.com


Daniel Tucker, 7/08: "A wave of nostalgia and mouse-clicks has brought me back to this website. I'm now living in Berkeley, California. I teach for Music Together, where I hold music classes for groups of new parents who want to musically enrich their babies' lives. After SOA, it took me a few years of engineering school and spiritual search through Buddhist Asia before returning to my musical roots and reclaiming that passion as the center of my life. Check out www.danielctucker.com to see some of what I'm up to." danielctucker@yahoo.com

Vivian Michelle Vidales, 8/06:(Alto 2, Red Bus) "Well its been about 3 years since I updated this and I have been thinking about everyone alot lately. Well I am moving to Waco, TX this Fall to attend Baylor University. I am still with the same guy that I was with when I went on the trip. I am majoring in Forensic Science and well I don't know what else to say. Oh! You can get a hold of me on myspace as well....just look up Vivian Michelle. I miss you all very much and I hope to hear from y'all. Take care! XoXo" ValleyViv956@yahoo.com

Dave Walrod, 3/05: "Hey everyone! I'm a vocal music performance and education major at Roberts Wesleyan College, in the class of 2007. I'm getting ready for my second opera production here at Roberts. I'm also training myself as a woodwind doubler, so I can make some extra cash in the Rochester area. I'm currently proficient at saxophone, and am working on improving my flute and clarinet skills. I was on the blue bus way back when, for those who might not remember me. I love college and music, and want to become a professional opera singer. For those of you who remember me (or even if you don't) I'd love to hear from some of you to catch up on old times. Those four weeks in Europe were awesome, and I'll never forget you guys. Feel free to drop me a line if you remember me, or even if you don't." walrod_david@roberts.edu


Mary Wells: "Jeezy Creezy. I just got the SOA video and was so excited! I was jumping around pointing friendly faces out to my mum. 'Look! That's Peter, and Eric, and Ryan, and Debrah, and Leo, and Tim, and Julie...!'I miss you all..I wish I could go back in time and not have taken the time for granted. Okay, this is cheesy. I just want to keep in contact with people, so write me please, my dears! And hey, does anyone know Tim Cady's information?? I'm afraid he disappeared from the face of the earth! PEACE" Liberatedmonkey@hotmail.com

UPDATED 6-12-12