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Daniel Anthony, 1-3-12: LLFLATLINE@YAHOO.COM


Mandie Curran, 12-08 email: stargazer1006@hotmail.com


Allison Edwards, 10/10: "Can't wait for you to start workin on the '06 video! : )" shaboojie@hotmail.com


Matt Greene, 7-11: Toured in 2006. "Graduated from the United States Military Academy Prep School and is now a 1st Class (Senior) Cadet and will graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Information Assurance. I have graduated from Air Assault School and Combative Level 1 and 2 training. I am the Cadet Band Sergeant Major and Drum Captain ,I also practice with the Hell Cats Drum and Bugle Corps under the command of SGM Eric Sheffler featuring SSG Jeff Prosperie, SSG William Calohan, SSG William Cuthbert and SSG Andrew Porter." Matthew.Greene@usma.edu

Ryan Karsner, 11/10: Ryan graduated from The George Washington University in 2009 with a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. He is in his second year of medical school at GWU. He leads an acapella group and works at a DC clinic. He just returned from Argentina where he worked in a clinic in Buenos Aires. karsner@gwmail.gwu.edu.


Jeremiah Lambright: "Married on October 6, 2007 to Natasha Koogler. Starting college in Fall 2008." jbmoes@live.com


Brian Lawcock, 11/11: "I am a biology teacher at a new career and technical high school in Georgetown KY" scubacritter@gmail.com


Brandon McInnis: I'm releasing an album in April as an independant classical-crossover artist (think Sarah Brightman). Actually SONY Japan is considering letting me sign with them (through this weird connection I found while interpreting for a magazine editor at a convention in Dallas), but they're going to make the final decision after the album release. I've got a new piece (in Japanese) on an iLike site (www.ilike.com/artist/brandon+mcinnis) if you want to hear an example. It's pretty exciting. For the release, I'm
taking some older classical music and modernizing it (Faure, Debussy, etc.). It may lead to some interesting things."


Mary Mixter, 9/14: "I was a member of the trombone section and a passenger on the gold bus during the 2006 tour. I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in music composition from the University of North Texas. "marymixtermusic@gmail.com

Jason Parks,
"Currently enrolled at "Berklee College of Music" majoring in film scoring." jparks1@berklee.net


Lindsay Pearce, 11-11 UPDATE: Lindsay was a finalist on the "GLEE PROJECT" and gained two appearances on "GLEE"! Watch her here perfomring on " GLEE": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcFc47-01QE

Lindsay was one of the twelve cast members on Oxygen TV's reality TV show,"THE GLEE PROJECT". The Glee Project” finds and trains a group of extraordinarily talented performers, who vie for a seven episode guest starring role on “Glee.” From thousands of entries, and an exhaustive nationwide talent search, the series uncovers a unique group of artists with both professional and amateur backgrounds, proving every underdog has a fighting chance at stardom. Episodes can be viewed onlinel. 


"The Glee Project was a huge opportunity, and SOA was a stepping stone for me to gain the confidence I needed to become a performer, so thank you! I am moving to Los Angeles at the end of the month to work and better myself as a performer even further, and I am thinking of joining another SOA tour next summer if I could :) I miss you all so much! SOA changed my life."

See a write up of the show and Lindsay: http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/04/29/the-glee-project-cast-exclusive/?fb_ref=ewcontent&fb_source=profile_oneline

Justin Sanbei " Serving a church mission in the Philippines".


Drewcilla Shumake, 8/11 "I was only fifteen when I went on tour as a clarinet player! I'm now a senior in high school and I plan to major in Religious Music/Theatre. I've traveled for two years with the International Champions Mississippi Lions All-State Band. Hope everything has been going well! " DMShumake@Liberty.edu


Corey Stowitzky , 5/09: "I am majoring in Communication: Emerging Technology and Mass Media at Slippery Rock University. I am currently a junior and I hope to get a job in the radio industry after I graduate. " stowitzky@gmail.com


Casey Sullins, 12/10: "I just finished at Hope College after 3 1/2 years where I majored in Communication and vocal music. In February I will be leaving to study at University of Sydney in Australia." casey.sullens@hope.edu


Kendra Trahan, 10/10: "I am currently not doing anything in music other than karaoke nights, but I do have plans in the near future. I am saving up as much money as possible and I will update ASAP! =] But for the record, I am an administrative assistant in Little Rock (no longer in Louisiana =[)and am going to school online for Special Education, I should graduate in a year and then I plan to continue going to school for music while I teach. Miss everyone!!" trahankendra@gmail.com


Breanna (Tande) Vanhooser, 8/10: "I'm living in eastern England! Hoping to go see SOA perform one summer because I'm so close. Sound of America was an amazing experience and I look forward to visiting the places we travelled. I never thought I would be able to go back to Europe and now I call it home. I'm definately living the life, I hope everyone else is too!" bambam_1989@hotmail.com

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