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Dag Thuland, 3-11: I was tour guide during two fantastic summer tours during 1981 and 1982 and had the pleasure to follow the fantastic groups led by Mr Daniel Shaw and Mr Clyde Barr from Frankfurt to London. Both of the tours has given me fantastic memories for the rest of my life.

My best memories are the fantastic evening concert from the "vaporetto" boat on the channels of Venice Italy and the concert in the Olympia Stadium in Cortina d`Ampezzo.

Best regards to all fantastic leaders, chaperones, musicians and singers. - Dag Thuland (Stockholm Sweden) dag.thuland@gmail.com


Darle Jennifer Dawson, 9/06: "I was lucky enough to travel through Europe, the summer after high school in 1981.  It still lives with me today. After graduating Stephens College, Columbia, MO, I returned home to Long Island, New York to pound the pavement for acting jobs.  I was rewarded with a 15 year career in theater - and participated in many Off-Broadway show, new works, and worked for three in improvisation;  I also did - and still do - voiceover work, recently laying an opening narration for a test trailer animation due out sometime in 2008.

Now, I'm a single mom and working visual artist; living back on Long Island.  My daughter knows about my travels and the experience with SoA, but sadly the album was ruined in a flood about 10 years ago...however, my parents have a cassette of my solo reading in Notre Dame cathedral (Paris) from the album!  It's enough to bring back all the great times we had!

Thank you! So great you have a Web site - I hope alums from my group are here!" info@astudio4change.com


Paul Dorris: "The website really brought back a lot of wonderful memories. All the people I met, the music, the countries and sites we visited. It was truly the greatest time of my life and I will never forget it!" He's a senior Relationship Mgr at Iomega. Paul is looking for a copy of the '81 record album. If anyone can help him, please contact him! Paul_Dorris@SUTH.com


Valerie Eagen-Cook: Would love to hear from old friends! rednomore64@hotmail.com


Ann Klein, 10-10 "I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and now I'm a choir mom!" annklein1@gmail.com


Steve Kovach, 10/10, "What a great experience this was! After traveling with SOA in 1981, I returned in 1998 to live and work in England for three years. The time I spent with SOA gave me the confidence to travel extensively throughout Europe and now I have a job where I regularly travel all over the world testing computer designs for Vocollect, a Pittsburgh based voice recognition company. I've got a teen aged son and a daughter who also both have exceptional musical abilities and they hope to have the same chance to travel throughout Europe and spread good will. At the least it's a good incentive to practice! I also saw at least one request for the 1981 album. I had a copy, left it in the attic but managed to get most of the choral tracks and some of the band tracks off the album. Does anybody have a complete copy?
" steve.kovach@gmail.com


Sally Miller Petersen, 3-06: "That was an amazing summer.  I still have many souveniers from that wonderful trip. Somehow I lost my album, and would love to get a copy if it available! These days I am a stay-at-home mom for my son. I hope he will be able to have the same outstanding experience that I had touring and singing and meeting great people :) " captain_2@msn.com


Kevin Rhoades: "The SOA trip was a great experience! I hope my 14 year old daughter (Meghan, already an accomplished trombonist) can enjoy a tour with SOA some day. I enjoy playing duets with her so am able to keep playing the ole' Euphonium. My wife (Janette) and I also have a 4 year old son (Matthew). After the 1981 trip, I entered Saint Louis University, graduating with an Aero. Engineering degree, then served as a Navy officer. Have been in project and operations management for the last thirteen years, working for two large corporations and one smaller technology company. In March, 2002 I started my own project management consulting firm." kjrhoa@earthlink.net


Rick Robinson: "Finishing an MBA/MA program in May '03" richard.robinson.wg03@wharton.upenn.edu


Brian L. Weyeneth, 3/06: "Upon returning to the states, I graduated from Bradley University where I sang baritone with the Bradley Chorale under direction of Dr. John Davis. I toured extensively with the Chorale during my 4 years at Bradley.
I am a certified general real estate appraiser and consultant in North Carolina, with additional licenses in South Carolina and Georgia. I am an associate member of The Appraisal Institute and a member of the Board of Directors of the NC Professional Appraisers Coalition. I continue to have music a definative part of my life, singing bass in New Covenant 4, a southern gospel quartet in Mt. Holly, NC and play keyboards in a Christian rock group known as Praise150!" bweyeneth@fredbeck.com


Teri Wiblin: She has been working as a Veterinarian and is part owner of a veterinary clinic, in Phoenix, AZ area. She recently hiked the Grand Canyon. TeriWiblin@aol.com


Craig Woodring, 7/05: "What a tremendous experience this tour was for me! I still enjoy sharing my pictures and experiences with friends. After a tour in the Marine Corps Band, I'm still playing the trombone with a very active brass quintet and jazz combo. Sure would like to hear from some of my former touring musicians. Let me know what you're up to these days." slideguy@aol.com


Michael Young, 12/03: "While I'm still living in Northern NY, I've come a long way in the 22 years since my SOA tour. I rememer many of the people I met back then, and cherish the time I spent singing with some of the finest musicians I've ever been associated with. My son's chorus did a rendition of "How Can I Keep From Singing" which prompted me to look up SOA and see if there was anything on the net. I'd like to get a CD copy of the '81 album if it's available. I'd also like to hear from some of the SOA alums from '81. " myoung@premieragendas.com


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