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Dag Thuland, 3-11: I was tour guide during two fantastic summer tours during 1981 and 1982 and had the pleasure to follow the fantastic groups led by Mr Daniel Shaw and Mr Clyde Barr from Frankfurt to London. Both of the tours has given me fantastic memories for the rest of my life.

My best memories are the fantastic evening concert from the "vaporetto" boat on the channels of Venice Italy and the concert in the Olympia Stadium in Cortina d`Ampezzo.

Best regards to all fantastic leaders, chaperones, musicians and singers. - Dag Thuland (Stockholm Sweden) dag.thuland@gmail.com

Natalie Alspach Woodrow:
Performed with the Chattanooga Area Flute Society at the '99 National Flute Association Convention, Atlanta, GA. Still teaching flute privately and teaching preschool. mwoodrow@CDC.net


Elaine Atkinson: Living in N Versailles, PA


Jennifer Beauregard: Living in Colorado Spgs, CO. derbydame@hotmail.com




Kimberly (Brown) Reetz, 2-09: "YIKES! Found out I'm going to be a grandmother. My 19 yr old daughter Courtney is pregnant. Isn't there a law against being a grandma at 50. I still feel like I'm 29! Her due date is sometime Feb-March 2015. A good way to look at it is that now I will get that revenge on watching her daughter treat mom as Courtney treated me. Whahahahaha. " Previous submission : "1987-2008: I got married, divorced, married, divorced, had a kid (not necessarily in that order). My 13-yr old daughter did not inherit my desire or passion for singing; however, she is a brilliantly gifted shopper and can spend money faster than a hemi-demi-semiquaver on steroids! She does have the fingers of a concert pianist. I believe that gift was developed and nurtured by her devotion to typing at least 5000 text messages a week and spending a gazillion hours a day on Myspace! We moved from Las Vegas to San Francisco in 2002, largely because I felt it would be a better environment to raise a daughter. After banging my head against the wall of my outrageously over-priced house for 6 years, it dawned on me that working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week; 363 days a year was seriously restricting the amount of time I had to do anything important in raising a child. Therefore, we moved a little bit north of Santa Barbara last summer, and I said goodbye to a 17-year career in Human Resources, and to the stability, comfort, structure, sense of purpose and great medical plan that corporate life offers. I'm getting a strong feeling that this was the smartest move I've ever made. My career is now a hodge-podge of things. When people ask what I do, my answer is I work from home. I haven't had to create a pivot table or sit through a boring conference call (without stabbing myself) in over 8 months! And I'm still alive! My personal life is low-key. I'm still single, but more dedicated to a wonderful man than I ever was to either of my ex-husbands. Neither of us wants to walk down the aisle again (but never say never). Everything I learned from 1987-2008 can be summarized in one sentance: "If you want to make God laugh, tell him what you're going to do tomorrow". kdreetz@yahoo.com


Doug Chalmers, 5-05: "Charlotte and I are living in Duluth, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. We've got three kids now - Heather, William and Meagan. I'm practicing law at McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP in Atlanta. Charlotte is a cardiac nurse by training, but she's now a (very busy) full-time Mom. We saw Danny Palmintier in Atlanta a couple of years ago - lots of fun to reminisce. I'm very glad SOA is still alive and well. We are planning on sending all of our kids on the trip, so make sure you stay up and running! All the best - Doug"


Michael H. Cofield, 4/04:
"Band - Trombone - Currently living/working in New York City on Wall St.  Intitated undergrad studies (Music Ed.) at the Univ. of Alabama.  Alum of the Million Dollar Band, Phi Mu Alpha  (briefly saw Tracy Pears [Chorus '82]at a Bama vs. LSU game). Completed undergrad at Rhode Island College in Music and Theatre (1987).  Graduated MA in voice/theater at the University of Kansas (1992). (Yes I sold the trombone)  Saw SOA alum Michelle Carleton (French Horn '82/Clay Center KS) while in KS for grad school audition.  Ran into Sean McClean in NYC many years back at a Disney audition.

Moved to NYC in '93 to initiate a music carrer and through various twists/turns ended up on Wall St. as director of technology training for Citigroup while still doing the music gig now vocally as an operatic Bass. Personally bore witness to the events of 9/11 and chose to stay.
After 22 years on April 23 '04, was reunited in Seattle, WA with my best SOA bud Kevin Sowa (Chorus '82/Bass).  We picked up right where we left off . . . only about 40 lbs heavier!  It would be great to hear from any other '82 alum floating around out there.  If SOA ever opens an alumni photo gallery I've got a few pics to share (Doug Chalmers!)" mhcofield@aol.com


Danny Dubuque, 6/07: "Well its been 25 years and i miss all of you greatly. its time that we started to get back in touch with each other and maybe plan on getting togather. please feel free to contact me and we can chat." waltdubuque@aol.com


Rose Connett Dunphey: Married to Scott Dunphey 6-24-00. They're living in Monument, CO. She taught choir at Lewis Palmer HS, Monument, CO. She just had her first child, Leah, in September 2001.


Ann Dewling Bray: Reportedly married and living in Concord, MA. She met her future husband while visiting Scott Sanderson (SOA '82) on the east coast.


Charles Eckhart III, 2-04: Charles Henry Eckhart III (I am alive. I have been busy. Here are a few salient features in my life: Honorable Discharge Military 1989, Owned and operated Fine Arts Facility in Allentown, PA (Music Studios andArt Gallery) 10 years

AA/ Lehigh Carbon Community College 1996, BA/BA Mansfield University 1998 (one in Music), MS/Organizational Management, College Misericordia 2000

Currently: Music Department Administrator-Marywood University, Scranton PA

Educated, Experienced, Never married, No Children AND Employed! Woo Hoo!
....a ripe apple ready for picking! LOL!

SOA '82 Tour was a defining experience in my life- Professionalism, Excellence and Discipline in the arts designed to be remembered AND to influence a person's outlook for the rest of his or her life. Good Luck to all.

Potential Music Students Checkout Marywood University, PA! (Recruitment and Retention are also part of my job!)

UPDATE: "I am now working as the Executive Marketing Director for the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce in Sayre, PA. I keep busy by putting together special events that incorporate the fine arts with business partnerships. "Creatively Moving Forward" -That's our motto. "charleseckhart@yahoo.com


Jane Fox (chaperone): Despite some health problems this year, has had a good year, living not too far from her sons, who both went on SOA.


Jim Fox: Graduated with a BS from Frostburg St. Univ, MD. He's a contracting officer with the US Navy Band in Washington, DC. He married Kelly Lyles 5-13-00. Living in Laurel, MD.


Lisa Green: See Scott Sanderson below


David Jules, 7/06: "The month I spent with the Sound of America changed my life. What an experience! Even years later I have such vivid memories of the wonderful places I saw, people I met and songs I sang. I currently am Director of Sacred Music for a Roman Catholic Church in NJ. My choir will be going on tour next year to Germany and Austria, just in time for the 25th anniv. of my visit with SOA!" dcjules2@aol.com


Rich Haddad: "I can't believe it's been 18 years since I went on the SOA tour!"


Karen Kedrowski, 6/05: I currently live in Rock Hill, South Carolina with my husband, two children and dog. I play my flute regularly as part of my church music group. I do not make a living with music. Improbably, I am professor and chair of Political Science at Winthrop University.

Previous: I was a flutist in the 1982 SOA band, a naive farm girl from Minnesota. Over the years, I've lost touch with my friends from the tour. I hope we can catch up this way. Unlike many of you, I am not a professional musician, although music is a very important pasttime. I received my Ph.D. in Political Science in 1992 and am now Chair of the Political Science Department at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I am married to a great guy named Tim, and we have two lovely children, ages 6 and 4.


Jeff Kelly: I have sung with the world renown Cathedral Choir of St. James. Currently, I am active with SPEBSQSA, and will attend International in Portland. I am a nurse, finishing my degree, and have published over 20 poems. My given nickname on the tour of "Burnsides" by BJ the accompianst is still true today, as I still have my long sideburns. jkelbari@blarg.net


Rodney Killinsworth: "I'm working in Phoenix now as a Database Administrator for a company called SpeedFAM-IPEC." rodneyk1@home.com


Peter Laucks, 4/04: Project Manager with David Kleckner Architect.  Son "AJ" born Jan. 13, 2003. Previous: Married and recently bought a house in Fleetwood, PA. PJLaucks@aol.com


David Lee: Director of Music Ministries at Lakewood Methodist Church


Kimberly Myers-Shetler, 4/03: "Hello there all of you!! How old are we now??? I think that it is great that this is out here for all of us to take advantage of.  So much has changed with time.   I am married and have two beautiful daughters Amy 11 and Ann 7.  I thought of you all today when Amy was playing her flute for elementary band and was playing "Eziekel Saw da Wheel"  I was a choral member and still sing, but for recreation now.  I did sing in the Women's Chorus and Chamber Chorus while at Penn State University which seems so many moons ago now. I played my album for my daughters this summer and still get chills when I hear us!  I think often of how proud my parents were... if only they knew what fun we had over the big pond.  Would love to hear from some of you...a reunion in Carlisle this summer would be fun to send off this years crew with a BANG..." kmscas@att.net or ksrvoc@verizon.net


David Morris, 2-04 : "I played clarinet during the S.O.A. 1982 tour.  Oh the memories that this website has brought back!  Has it really been over 20 years? Yikes!

I graduated from Youngstown State University in 1986 with a B.S. in Computer Science.  I have worked ever since on various aerospace projects including, payload software for the Space Shuttle, flight software for the Iridium satellites, and my current project - ground control software for the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites.

I got married in 1999 (September 11th, who knew...), and I currently live in Colorado Springs, CO with my wife Joni and our furry and feathered "kids." dwmorris@email.com


Janine McNamara, 8/06: "It's been five years since I last sent an update.  My husband and I are celebrating our 12th anniversary in September.  I'm still at Frontier Communications working as an Engineering Manager.  My husband and I also own The Shepherd's Staff Religious Books and Gifts in New Prague, MN.  I just auditioned for and was accepted into a choir, Hymnus, that is going to be performing at Carnegie Hall and St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York in June 2007.  shepherdsstaff@means.net


Steven Palinosky, Gunnery Sergeant, USMC 6-07: Well, a lot has happened since you all got my last information. Last year I finished a six year tour in Okinawa, Japan with the III Marine Expeditionary Force Band where I served as Bandmaster for the last 18 months. My family and I moved to Jacksonville, NC where I joined the 2d Marine Division Band at Camp Lejeune. In February we deployed to Iraq. I am now serving as the Protocol Chief for Multi National Force - West and II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) at Camp Fallujah. okibandguy@yahoo.com


Danny Palmintier, 6/08: "Danny has written the lyrics with long-time musical collaborator, Michael O'Brien (formerly of the Contemporary Christian band "Newsong") for the annual Easter Pageant at the Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, which is annually attended by close to 100,000 people from across the country. (See http://easter.southeastchristian.org for a bit about the production). The songs were arranged and performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra and recorded on a CD (available at http://www.livingword.org/osb/itemdetails.cfm?ID=4265). Danny also co-wrote the song "Low Fat Latte" which appeared on Michael O'Brien's solo album, "Something About Us", (which can be heard on iTunes), which has been optioned as the theme song for a movie that is going into pre-production in the near future called "Coffee Shop".

Musically, I've done dozens of musicals of late in regional productions (when time permits!), including Forever Plaid ["Smudge"], Big River ["Pap Finn"], Working, and Tony and Tina's Wedding [Donny Dulce -- the Wedding Singer, natch!]. I was recently featured in the nationally-televised PBS production of "Evangeline -- The Musical - In Concert", an original musical written by Jamie Wax and Paul Taranto, and am slated to re-create his role of "Basil Largenesse" in "Evangeline" in the Summer, 2003's full stage production that shall tour the state. I can also be seen portraying the despicable "Toussaint Charbonneau" in "Passages: The Story of Louis and Clark" -- an original musical commissioned by the State of Louisiana for the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase -- which shall tour the Gulf South and is scheduled to be filmed for PBS. I am also a published songwriter -- mainly in the Contemporary Christian music genre -- with Michael O'Brien, lead singer of the group "Newsong".

Danny wrote this previously: "I graduated from Louisiana State University in Broadcast Journalism in 1986 and LSU Law School in 1991. I am married to the former Nicole LeBlanc. We have three children -- Andrew Christian Sarah Elizabeth and Rebecca Leigh . I am currently practicing primarily medical malpractice defense law at a firm in my childhood hometown of Lafayette, LA.

Reminiscing: I still think of the Summer of 1982 (over half a lifetime ago) as one of the best of my life. My first outing in Germany -- to the Auto Mart across from the dorm for wine and cheese with Doug Chalmers and Steve Tassler, and having the deli clerk (the only one who spoke English in the place] enthusiastically introduce us to her teenage daughter. Mother and daughter showed up at the concert at Manheim Gardens the next day. Getting lost in Heidelberg at night in the rain looking for an ideal spot to watch the burning of the Castle. Shopping for just the right beer stein in Rottenberg with Cheri Harrison and Cindi Martin after our concert in the town square. Bratwurst in Heidleberg, searching for the Glockenspiel. The irredescence of the moonlight on the lake amidst the Alpine mountains in Zell Am See. Buying a bulky gold Swiss watch in Zurich. Getting homesick in Innsbruck. Shelling out 30 bucks for a romantic gondola ride and singing Italian love songs with the gondolier in Venice beneath the Bridge of Sighs. Pidgons on the head in St. Marks Square. Nearly nekkid dancers at the Follie Bergere in Paris [Was that on the itinerary?!? Hey, I was a hormonal 18 yr old, give me a break!] Meeting Michael Crawford and Tim Curry in the theater district in London. But most of all, singing the "Ave Maria" solo at Notre Dame Cathedral -- a capella, since a car accident took out the power over a 5 block area -- One of my top 5 memories of my life (marriage and birth of children notwithstanding). Keep up the memory making SOA! It will always be a part of me." daniel@gachassin.com


Tracey Pears Ardoin, 2-09 "Hey everyone!!!! Choir, Alto, Soloist, 1982. Married to Jeff - 1 Child, Austin who is now a Freshman in College. Live outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I'm an Account Rep in Advertising Sales. LOVE my job! Life is wonderful! God is Good!

Everyone join Facebook!!! There is a Group formed for Sounds of America - Please find us all there - Share Pictures and Catch Up.

Well, I finished college with a BA in Liberal Arts at University of Louisiana - Lafayette. I am married to a wonderful man - Jeff - and I have one son, Austin Breaux - who is 19 and a Freshman in COLLEGE! LOL! We currently live in Denham Springs, Louisiana (just East of Baton Rouge). Life is great! I'm an Account Rep (oustide sales) for a local telephone directory company. I sell advertising." 4everblessed@cox.net


Locke Prestwich:" I am a teacher of 'at-risk' Native American boys here in Sunny St. George Utah. I miss the people that I ran with on the 82 tour and am hoping that some of you will read this and get in contact. It's been long enough so that we should all have some pretty interesting stories to tell." lockeprestwich@hotmail.com


Orson A. Ravenell: After SOA I attended Howard University on an academic scholarship, then went to Medical University of South Carolina to obtain a pharmacy degree. I worked for several years then went back and obtained a medical degree from the same university in 2000. Currently I'm a resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Wayne State University in Detroit.


Vicki Richardson-Coogler: Living in Las Cruces, NM


Kelly Rhoades, (Trumpet) 12-12, I enjoyed Interlaken and Cortina d' Ampezzo best.  After my tour in 1982, I graduated from Western Illinois University in 1985 with a Computer Science degree. I currently live in St. Louis MO working for Ameren Corp as Director - IT Operations. I am divorced and have two children, Scott - 15 and Taylor - 18. Neither had a passion for music but did have my passion for sports - focusing on select Soccer. Taylor is a freshman at Murray State University - pursuing a pre-dental degree. I have recently refocused on piano and am enjoying playing my favorite George Winston selections. Email is: krhoades777@yahoo.com.


Scott Sanderson & Lisa Green Sanderson: "Lisa and I just had our 13 year anniversary. We have two great kids, Eric who is 7 and Evan 4. Anne Dewling-Bray was in our wedding party." LSander504@aol.com


Mindy Scheierman: Mindy earned her BM and MM degrees in Music Education and Flute Performance at Ithaca College and studied conducting with Rodney Winther. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree and is a Yamaha Corporation of America Regional Artist/Clinician. She has conducted many honor bands and is an Adjunct Professor of Music at William Paterson University. She has also comissioned, premiered and conducted pieces for band by Bruce Yurko, Dana Wilson, Andrew Boysen, Jr. and Augusta Read Thomas. She recieved recognition for her teaching from Chamber Music America in 2000. She teaches instrumental music at Millburn HS, NJ, and has served as co-chair for the North Jersey Band division of NJMEA.


Mike Showers, 9-06: 1996 Married wife, Grettel anad had daughter Andrea. WOrks for the Commonwealth of PA Dept of Public Welfare. SOA was my trip of a lifetime!! I still recall very fond memories from 1982 and still play my LP 33 album, which is now an antique! micsse@juno.com


Steve Stancy: "When I toured with SOA in 1982, I played clarinet. Ever since I can remember, though, I always wanted to play trumpet. While I was in grad. school, I switched to trumpet. I am enjoying being a brass player and not having to worry about reeds. I am in the Navy and currently live in Hawaii with my wife, Kary, and two children, Diana and William."


Margueritte Tussey (chaperone): Still living in Carlisle and attending the SOA Bon Voyage concerts each year. Received the Medal of Honor from the French Gov't for her service in WWII. See "Special Alumni pages". Still attends SOA concerts


Jacqueline Weddle, 8/08: "After college (a B.A. in English and an M.L.I.S. in Library and Information Science) I am currently the Prison Librarian at the Maine State Prison in Warren, Maine; a high risk to minimum securty men's facility. What down time I have I gravitate to area art museums, theatres, book shops, and literary endeavors. Still sing on occasion..." jacqueline.weddle@maine.gov


Kenneth Wright, 12-10:
"Formerly from LaConner, Washington. Currently living in Chicago, Illinois. Would love to hear from other SOA 1982 Participants. Was looking for my album (LP) and cannot find it anywhere (digital copy available?) SOA...what a great experience...a lifetime of memories...a World Class Organization...I enjoy, still today, telling people of this wonderful experience. Traditioooooooooon...tradition! Zing Zing Zizzy Zizzy Zing Zing...Zing Boom A Sometimes I Wonder, Where I've Been...FAME (I want to live forever)" itzmrwright@gmail.com

" Lee Wyatt:
Practicing Law in downtown Portland, OR; spending her time with husband, Pete, and their 3 year old daughter, Gretel and 6 month old son, Gustav. These days, she only sings lullabies!


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