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David Adkins, 12-05: "Still working at the University of Maine School of Performing Arts. Adele and I had our tenth wedding anniversary on November 11. We adopted a newborn baby boy on October 7, 2004 and celebrated his first birthday last month. I received my M.A. in theater in 2003 and now in my free time I am taking classes towards an M.B.A. degree. Would love to hear from Gillian, Andy, Syd, Michelle, or anyone who remembers me from '87. " david.adkins@umit.maine.edu

Tracy Bonenberger Bertram, 2-09: "I was on the big blue bus and loved our tour. I left Indiana & spent 10 years in California, a couple years in Denver & came home to Indiana to raise a family. I'm in nonprofit communications & married 6 years with a 5 year old son named Jack. " tracybertram@gmail.com


Pam Bowdin Hawley, 12/14: "Hello from Minnesota everyone! Living in an eastern suburb of the Twin Cities, married for almost 15 years to my husband Tom, and have two kids - Dave (13) and Leah (11) who keep us entertained. Working part time at our church, singing on the worship team there and active in our community. Just working on a digital scrapbook of my old SOA photo album, and remembering what a blast our trip was! I've traveled quite a bit, but that trip was one of the best. If you're ever in the Twin Cities, look me up. Hope you're all doing well!" p3hawley@comcast.net


Brent C. Carey: Living in Rochester, MN and is currently a Computer Consultant By day and Drama director at church all other times Since '87: Spent 1 year in Russia doing computer support for Campus Crusade for Christ. Purchased a nice 5 br home and spends his vacations in warm places (like Hawaii). "Volunteering as drama director at our church (we do drama sketches every Sunday illustrating what the service is about) ... still love to sing.. but don't get to do it enough!!" bcarey@ratedg.com

Chris Chalmers:
His company - Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (DLJ) - was just bought by another big investment bank - Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) - so I'll be moving to a new office and working with a bunch of new people. Still living in NYC. chris.chalmers@csfb.com.


Don Chappelear, 7/06: Getting Married to Carrol Latham in Las Vegas on January 31, 2002. Angie Miller (SOA) will be a witness. This is my second and FINAL marriage.I run my own mortgage comapany and can make loans Nationwide. If you need me just call. (205) 276-6153


Gillian Deresh Warmkessel, 10/05: "Hello to all my SOA '87 friends! I currently live in Worthington, OH with husband Jeffrey (just celebrated our 10th anniversary) and our two beautiful daughters, Grace and Lily. I would love to hear from my '87 friends!"


Alma Dockery Kersh, 2-10: "I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming with my husband, Andy and our two children, Aaron, 11 and Kayla, 9. I am a reading teacher in a public elementary school, where I work with Kindergarten and first grade students. I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Education, Integrated Teaching Through the Arts. My children are active with piano, dance, baseball, 4-H, and golf. I enjoy gardening and golfing in my free time." a.kersh@bresnan.net.


Andrew Feyerick, 6-12: Hey everyone...Living in Jacksonville, FL.  Married with three wonderful girls (aged 16-8).  Worked for Bank of America (starting with Barnett Bank for those who remember) for 15 years and now enjoying life a little.  I really hope everyone is doing well.  Great to see this board! prrthead@bellsouth.net


Susan Freeland. 3-11: Graduated from James Madison University, VA and currently living in Charlottesville, VA. Taught in Loudoun County for several years and also near Charlottesville, but now playing mom to two daughters.She married June 2004 to another music teacher!


Jeff Galon: Married the former Mendy Lynn Ruiz on 27 October 2001. In attendance were Chris Chalmers, Kandi (Lynn) Stelling, Krista (Ritchie) Lesiecki, and Joe Henseler. It was a great mini-reunion, and everyone had a BLAST! Mendy and I are expecting our first on 24 August 2002. We live in Tracy, CA...so if anyone is ever in the San Francisco, San Jose, or passing through to Stockton or Sacramento - please give us a yell! Wishing you all the best that life has to offer! - Jeff Married to Mendy 10-27-01. Primary e-mail address: Keydet92@yahoo.com


Shirlyce Graumann Weisser, 5/09: "WOW! Can hardly believe it has been so long!!! My husband and I just celebrated our 19th anniversary! We have 2 girls, Katie (92), Chelsie (98). So we spend most of our time running with our girls activities! " lyce@hotmail.com


Sarah Harnish Hinkle: "I have two children -Ben who's 6 and Madelyn who turned 3 on March 15. They keep me busy!!! I've taught fifth grade, been a youth director and now I'm a stay-at-home mom that leads the cherub choir (3-6yr olds) and sings for church and weddings. I would love to hear from any 1987 SOAers." She & her husband live in Lancaster, PA area. Recent vacation included Block Island, RI jfh3rph@comcast.net


Susan Helsing Meade, 4/10 ": () on Sunday, April 25, 2010 at 21:47:54 " Hello everyone! I live in Woodland Park, CO now with my husband, James. I'm working with the military healthcare system and enjoy supporting our troops everyday. James was active duty for 20 years so we traveled quite a bit. I enjoyed revisiting some of the places where we performed. I hope you all are well! GO ARMY" sam102568@aol.com


Joe Hensler: He's a part-time member of Super Sonic Samba School in San Diego; currently works in the studio of Artist James Hubbell, Julian, CA; he's doing is won art (painting and sculpture) too. Henseler@hotmail.com


Jamie Jinks: "Hi to all!! I'm a Jinks again, though engaged with no date set! Recently moved from Indianapolis to Suwanee (Atlanta) GA, to be closer to my folks in south GA. Their health is not great. Still tending my menagerie of 2 small dogs, 2 kitties, and 2 birds, but no kids! (Can I list Zookeeper as my job title??) Trying to get healthy so I can attend esthetician school for skin care. Hope to work with a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist when I'm done. When I get the REST of my life in order (this moving thing REALLY stinks) I hope to get back involved in music, and do more volunteering with the Humane Society. I have a great house on a lake and recently acquired a boat for the HUGE Lake Lanier that is close by, so all my friends can come visit and we can play!! Would LOVE to hear from former SOA friends!! Hi to Allen Vanes, Derrick Mittelstaedt, "Suzy Q", FINALLY Brian West, Terri and any others who have contacted me. I stink at correspondence, but I think of ALL my old SOA buddies often!! I love you guys!! " JLJHarmony@aol.com


Kirk Johnson: Such a blast to read all the things that go along with growing older - - I'm still having a great family life in Des Moines, IA. Two kids (Ashton - 3 Pryce -2), wife of 7 years (Shana) and a goldfish. Speech and Drama teaching still pays the bills. Just started picking up college teaching gigs when I have the time. I operate a small summer business called "Mower Power To Ya" - it makes me feel like I'm still on the farm. I'll check in with you here when I can." Previous info: Completed a master of arts program from Northern IA , Aug 2000. Kirk.johnson@dmps.k12.ia.us


Kristi Kerr Rada, 6-03: "Residing in Kent Island, MD. Married with 2 boys Caleb- 8 and Elijah 20 mths. God is Good!" kmrada@dmv.com


Kirk Lange, 3-04: "Hello to all!  I currently live in Kirkland, WA, with my girlfriend of 4 1/2 years.  Graduated from Washington State University, GO COUGS!, in 1993 and worked in the hospitality industry for about 6 years before getting into technology. I now work for Microsoft as an Account Manager.  I am still into music but not the clarinet!  I play electric bass and play in a local band here in the Seattle area.  I miss you all!  The times we had in SOA were some of my best memories.  Please write to keep in touch!  I look forward to hear from you!" cougfan70@yahoo.com


Kandi Linn Stelling, 4/06: "Living in Kearney, Ne., teaching elementary music. Clinician for Sing Around Nebraska Choirs and for other conference sites. Two children- Mariah (98) and Cassidy (00). I would love to hear from anyone from the tour! White bus RULES! :)" kandi.stelling@kearneypublic.org


Missy Locke Knouse, 1-06: "Graduated from Bloomsburg University in 1992 with a BS in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. Lives with her husband, Chris, and our two children, Lauren 10, and Aaron, 5, in a small town about 15 miles north of Indianapolis. She's currently employed as an early childhood special education teacher. " mknouse@indy.rr.com


Todd Marshall, 3-11: "I'm so happy to find this site, and see so many familiar names from SOA 1987! My daughter's chorus is going to sing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and I immediately thought about our time together. I live in Skaneateles, NY with my wife of 15 years and three daughters; Adrianna (10), Julia (8) and Elsa (5). I received my doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Syracuse University 2 years ago, and am part of a great private practice. Although most of my singing is limited to bedtime lullabies, I do try to sing with our church choir on occasion. I have great memories of our tour in Europe and would love to hear from anyone." www.toddmarshall.com marshalltodd@verizon.net


Mark Mendicino:
Has a new position as an Investment Executive with Parker/Hunter Inv. Firm. Had a baby boy, Joshua Adam, 6/99. That makes 2 kids, including Amanda, his first. mendicinom@parkerhunter.com


J.F. Miller: Married Nov 11, 2000. Still works at SOA Headquarters. jfmiller@soundofamerica.org


Yaira Ojeda: "Came back to Venezuela that summer ('87) and I am still here. I am a Systems Engineer, married with a beautiful 2 year old girl."


Shannon Pfeiffer Feliciano, 10/10: "Hi all! So good to reconnect with SOA 1987! I think about our tour so often. Currently, I live in Coatesville, PA (just outside of Philadelphia) with my husband of 7 years and two small children (Maya who is 6 years old and Armani who is 4). We are expecting our third child (Joshua) in January of 2011. I'm a college professor and will be completing my doctorate in sociology at Temple University this semester. I still love to sing and I perform twice a year with a local choral group. I have such fond memories of our tour in Europe and would love to hear from anyone." shannon.feliciano@gmail.com


Juliet Potter, 8/05; "Life is flying by! I have been with the Charles F. Kettering Foundation as an Economist and Research Associate for 6 years now. I now hold a BS in Economics, an MS in Applied Economics, and am almost at the dissertation stage of my PhD now. I will tackle the issue of community exhaustion of intellectual property right within the European Union in the parallel trade of pharmacueticals. I know, I know, enough to put everyone to sleep! My husband Jeff is doing great. He is a very busy exec for NCR. My son Jack just turned 4 and we await a baby in April! Life is busy but great. Write if you get a chance. :)"

Previous: married 3/12/2000; Living in Fairborn, OH. Julie recently had her first baby, Jack! japotter@ameritech.net


Heather Purdie Hulsey: "Just celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary and had my 3rd boy 3 weeks ago. I taught deaf children for 4 years before becoming a stay at home mom. I am now a Director for Mary Kay cosmetics while staying at home and to answer most people's question..... yes, I do drive a pink cadillac!!! I hope you are all doing well. I still have very fond memories of SOA 1987." hulsey1@bellsouth.net


Lisa (Reese) Feil, 7/06: "Hi! I married Matt Feil in '93. We have four children: Mikayla - 8 years old, Abby & Grace - 6 years old and Watson - 7 months old. Completed my doctorate in school psychology from Alfred University and work as the Director of Student Services in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Enjoy outdoor activities, camping, scrapbooking, good beer and fine wine. Would love to hear from everyone! " lfeil@wellsborosd.k12.pa.us


Bruce Rewerts,5-09: "I've been in Colorado since '03. Currently living in Castle Rock with my two kids, Laramie ('96) and Ben ('06), and my ex-wife (9 yrs married, 7 yrs divorced, 1 yr back together). I've made my career in construction management." brurew@msn.com


Krista Ritchie Lesiecki: klesiecki@mtsd.k12.wi.us


Dawn Roe-Beebe, 2-09: "Hi everyone.....I just talked with Don tonight and he told me about this site! Would love to talk with some of you! What great memories I have from that summer! I have been married to my H.S. sweetheart for 19 years, have 2 children, Natalie 13 and Drew 11......very blessed!" volleyfrogdb@aol.com


Kevin Rotty, 1/07: "Living in suburb of Minneapolis, MN with my wife Jennifer (married in 1993), and our daughters Arianna (1999) and Liza (2001). As of 2006, performing in a dueling pianos show by night and teaching voice by day. Since 1987, have been all over the place as a singer aboard cruise ships (even got back to Europe!) also toured as a singer/actor as well as musical director/conductor for theatrical tours across North America. I've also worked as Musical Director for many shows in the Minneapolis metro area. Presently I'm performing at a dueling pianos club in Minneapolis called the Shout House (www.theshouthouse.com). Yeah...white bus RULES! BORT BORT BORT! Peace." bigkmusic@frontiernet.net


Diane Schaff: Living in Dayton, OH.


Sheri A. Sierak Riesel, 6/05: "Hi All! Been doing so many things in the last, almost, oh, 20 years!!! In 1996, I graduated with My Master's Degree in Health Services Administration. In 1998, I married the love of my life Chad Riesel, and we have 3 Beautiful Children. We live in Herkimer, NY. I have my own Business, doing what I love! I am a professional mezzosoprano! I sing weddings, funerals, memorial masses, and church masses. I have been playing flute for the last 2 years and have added that to my business as well! Been trying to find Mickey Bailey from Milford NY, as well as Samantha Heath from Washington. Please help! Hope everyone is doing well, and hope to hear from other alumni! Keep on singing!" criesel@twcny.rr.com


Jon Sprout: "Left the cold of New York and went to college in the great state of Kentucky. Currently am a district manager with Cingular Wireless for over 7 years. Married for 7 years with a two year old (Parker). Actually found old pictures and thought I'd see if there was a site. It's nice to read that everyone is well." stuyniski@aol.com


Susan Wilmarth: Reportedly married and living in Iowa City, IA


John Whaley: "My daughter is now 8 and lives in Okinawa, Japan with her mother and stepfather (he is in the Marines). We have spent the past few weeks dealing with the tragedy of September 11th. Not only is Alexandra (my daughter) on a military base, but my wife and her family lost 15 friends in the World Trade Center. This has hit VERY close to home. I often think of the wonderful experience in Europe, email me!!!" NEW "Kerry and I just bought our first home. It is in my hometown of Bath, NY. We will be celebrating our first anniversary on July 14. My daughter Allie (9) will be coming to live with us for the next year. We are very excited about this!!!. I will be starting my 5th year of teaching 5th grade in September." jwhaley@mail.sctboces.org

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