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Matt Averi: "Wow, I can't believe it's been 13 since my first tour and I'm 29 now! A big hello to Scott Barr, Candy Linn, and Jane Doorly." matt@averi.net


Lee Buckalew, 10-08: "SOA was one of the truly life changing times of my life. It helped me grow as a musician and to really begin on a track of live and recorded sound production that I continue to this day.

In June of 2005 I started my own company, Pro Sound Advice. I provide professional sound system design, consultation and training services. I also provide free lance recording engineering services for The Pan Galactic Company, the company which has the recording contract for St. Louis Symphony and others. We were very fortunate this year (2008) to be able to assist with the recording of the U.S. premier, in St. Louis, of John Adams "Dr. Atomic Symphony" and then follow that up this fall with the John Adams "Guide to Strange Places". These will be released together next year (2009) on the Nonesuch record label.

I continue to teach as an adjunct faculty member at Webster University in St. Louis. I teach in the School of Electronic Media and in the Conservatory of Theatre Arts.

I was married in July of 1993 (one week after getting back from SOA) to my beautiful wife Mary. We have four children, LeighAnna (11), Marissa (9), Jesse (7) and Larkyn (almost 2). We live about 35 miles outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

I'd love to hear from folks from any of the years I was fortunate enough to tour with SOA"

Previous: I designed the very first Martin Audio Miniature Line Array sound system in the United States.   I have also continued to dabble in lighting design.  A team of three other gentlemen and myself produced an event for the world premiere of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Baileys "WIZARD OF OZ ON ICE".  It was called "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and as a part of this event we lit the Gateway Arch in St. Louis as a rainbow.  It was the first time that it had succesfully been lit.  We won the highest award that the international Illuminating Engineering Society gives for outdoor architectural illumination.  The Paul Waterbury Award.  This was the only time that it has been awarded for a temporary installation. It was awarded to us "with distinction".  This was a very special honor as this award is not given every year but only when work sufficiently worthy of merit is presented and then it is not always given "with distinction". I designed the sound systems and staging layouts for each year of the St. Louis Blues Heritage Festival, a jazz and blues festival second only to the New Orleans festival in size in the U.S." lee.buckalew@prosoundadvice.us

 Sean Collis: We are saddened to say that Sean died on April 1, 2004 at the age of 35. After attending Millikin University, his talent brought him to perform on several cruise lines (Celebrity, Disney and Cunard) around the world. He even performed at prestigous venues such as Opryland, Chicago's Navy Pier, Six Flags and alongside Mickey Rooney in "Sugar Babies" at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He was working as a corporate training coordinator in Davenport, IA, at the time of his death. Sean was one of our tenors in the SOA choir. He is famously remembered as the Blue blus kid who left his passport up on the mountain and had to take the First chairlift up the next morning and to retrieve it. Sean will be missed. He was full of talent, enthusiasm and fun. He'll live on in our hearts.

Rose Connett Dunphey. 12-04: Married to Scott Dunphey 6-24-00. They're living in Monument, CO. She taught choir at Lewis Palmer HS, Monument, CO. She has two children and is teaching privately.


Erica Forssen Wines, 8/08: "Living in MA, working in RI -- still remember the Moon song and thing of Tom, Cindy, Eric & dear, dear Sean often. Previous: Graduated from Brown University '94. " ejwines2@yahoo.com


James Franco, 12/03: "This didn't work too well the first time. Anyway, I'm still living in Massachusetts and am working for the police department where I grew up. I sing for the department at different sporting events and police functions around the state. Even now, I still ride the BLUE bus!!! Special hello to Tamra, Corey, my cousin Brian, and Jeff (I still owe you one)." franco@nortonpolice.com


Heather Gould, 1-04: "Hi all!  Wow, I can't believe what time has passed!  Almost 16years???  That just doesn't seem possible!  It seems like just a couple years ago.Well, after earning one degree, I took about 10 years off, and am now back in school - a 33-year-old undergrad at Cornell (pre-vet).  I think of so many of you often, and was greatful to find this site tonight  :)" IthacaArcher@aol.com


Rachel (Harris) Christensen, 3-07: "I decided to go back to school. My kids are in school now so Im home a lot by myself. I am going for sociology degree. I took care of my grandmother and 2 aunts before they died and got a handful handed to me and handled it very well so I think this is my calling. Does anyone know what happened to Sean? It broke my heart. Anyone is welcome at my house or call or email me. Be safe to all." Mickeymom1980@aol.com

Jamie Jinks:
"Hi to all!! I'm a Jinks again, though engaged with no date set! Recently moved from Indianapolis to Suwanee (Atlanta) GA, to be closer to my folks in south GA. Their health is not great. Still tending my menagerie of 2 small dogs, 2 kitties, and 2 birds, but no kids! (Can I list Zookeeper as my job title??) Trying to get healthy so I can attend esthetician school for skin care. Hope to work with a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist when I'm done. When I get the REST of my life in order (this moving thing REALLY stinks) I hope to get back involved in music, and do more volunteering with the Humane Society. I have a great house on a lake and recently acquired a boat for the HUGE Lake Lanier that is close by, so all my friends can come visit and we can play!! Would LOVE to hear from former SOA friends!! Hi to Allen Vanes, Derrick Mittelstaedt, "Suzy Q", FINALLY Brian West, Terri and any others who have contacted me. I stink at correspondence, but I think of ALL my old SOA buddies often!! I love you guys!! "JLJHarmony@aol.com


Jeff Keifer, 3/06: "Hello everyone,I was recently going through some old VHS tapes and came across my dads taping of our farewell cocert in Carlisle. I sat and watched the show with four of my five children,they loved seeing a much younger dad on stage singing.They only hear me on Sunday's where I've learned to sing Gregerian chant and have sung a few paliphonic masses.The memories of that tour all those years ogo are still so fresh like they just happend yesterday. My summer with SOA will always be one of the most cherished memories of my life. I'm deeply saddend to hear of Sean's passing. I think of all the friend's we shared on the blue bus and hope they are all well. God bless everyone by for now.
Previous: Married for nine years four wonderful children Daniel 8,Rachel,6 Sarah,2 and Maria,born May 13th 2003. Living on a farm in the Scranton area of Pa. I can not believe it's been 15 years since I went with S.O.A.I think of all the freinds and wonderful times I had that summer often, it will always be a highlight of my life. My son thinks it's so cool that I song at Notre Dame cathedral. Hope everyone is doing fine. Hello to all the nutcases on the green bus, specially Kathy,Becky,Jen, Sean and Craig."


Patricia (PJ or Patti) Kleinhample, 12/07: "Hi everyone. I was one of the Blue Bus kids. I had such an incredible time! I'm so sad to hear of Sean's passing. I remember laughing with him and making fun of him while he rushed back up there not knowing if he'd find it. I remember the crazy group photo in front of the bus (does anyone have a copy???) and the hard roll fight we had the last night together. I'll always cherish those memories. I'd love to hear from fellow Blue Bus folks and anyone else!!! " Pjkleinhample@gmail.com


Stacey Krespan: "Moved to Charlotte,NC in 1994. Been working for a computer consulting firm since then. I knew after watching the memorial service for the victims of the attack that I HAD to find some way to communicate with all of the people that I KNOW were crying their eyes out while they performed the Battle Hymn in the Cathedral. I am so happy, still all these years later, that I was able to experience SOA! Thanks to EVERYONE for the memories! skrespan@matlensilver.com


James Lee, 12-08: "Currently on active duty (Commander) at the Naval Academy. Recently returned from a deployment in Iraq. It's good to see and hear from many SOA friends and I'm glad to see it still going strong! These memories will last a lifetime! leejames2@yahoo.com


Ann Lindley: Rec'd her specialized Paralegal in Dec '99; working for a local attorney as a paralegal and living in Oneonta, NY.


Kandi Linn Stelling: "Living in Kearney, Ne., teaching elementary music. Clinician for Sing Around Nebraska Choirs and for other conference sites. Two children- Mariah (98) and Cassidy (00). I would love to hear from anyone from the tour! White bus RULES! :)" kstellin@esu10.org


Eric Martin: Married 10/98 to Teri, and now has 2 step sons, Seth & Ethan, 11 & 9; moved to Perkaisie Philadelphia area, PA spring '99. They had their first baby together 5/26/99, Isabell Louis Victoria Martin. Eric has come to all the SOA Bon Voyage concert reunions since '86, except two.


J.F. Miller: Getting married Nov 11, 2000. Still works at SOA Headquarters. jfmiller@soundofamerica.org


Jerome Thompson, 1/05: "Hello All! I've missed you all very much!!! I now live between New Orleans & Detroit... I'm a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines... having a ball all over the world! I'm still singing.. I've made a few CDs & have done many stage plays... My most enjoyable role was as Sis. Mary Hubert in "NUNSENSE" the musical.... 5 guys playing nuns, singing like & acting like women... I still have my house in New Oreans... I just bought a 2nd home there a week ago! I have an apartment in downtown Detroit. I haven't seen any of you since we were together last, but I would love to see & hear from all of you soon! I can travel where ever you are... My phone # is 313-671-6715 CALL ME! PEACE & MUCH LOVEflyeguy212@yahoo.com


Tracy (Unger) Bradshaw, 12-08: "Hey all SOA alumni and blue bus friends! After a 10 year hiatus from ANY kind of music, I am once again back playing flute/piccolo - kind of like riding a bike, just have to dive right back into it! My husband and I have 5 (yes, five) kids, and every waking moment is spent being a taxi driver, chaperone, scout leader, so on and so forth, so obviously in all my spare time I thought it was necessary to start performing and attempting to finish my music degree. Hope everyone out there is happy and healthy (and sadly miss Sean) - and I would LOVE to hear from other alumni! " tbrads@vzw.blackberry.net

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