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Please consider helping FDNY Fire Engine company #6 by purchasing the "Patriotic Tribute CD" by various SOA tours.

We still have about 3 cassette albums available for sale from the 1989 SOA Tour. They will be sold at a reduced price of $11 for a set.


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Matt Averi: "Wow, I can't believe it's been 13 since my first tour and I'm 29 now! A big hello to Scott Barr, Kandi Linn, and Jane Doorly." matt@averi.net


Stanley Blair 5/04: "Hail to you all.Since 1989 I still think of you all often.Life has thrown many joys and curves my way but all of you are still a "very special someone" to me. My hopes and prayers follow everyone(yes, even you Fred Quigley).I actually miss our Green Bus war.I still live in SC and doubt I will ever leave this place I love so much.I haven't been able to see as many of "yall"(my southern accent is as thick as ever)as I would like'but it's nice to see your letters and comments here.A special hello to Mike,Mike,Tracy,Wendy,Adam,Dan,and especialy Amber.My highest regards to Mr.Shaw and Mr.Barr. Also a most fond hello to the Grote family from Phili,I really miss you guys and there still isn't a southern family that couldn't take a leeson in hospitality from you all. Pictures and memories are looked at often.They never fail to make me smile. I hope life is good for all."


Lee Buckalew, 10-08: "SOA was one of the truly life changing times of my life. It helped me grow as a musician and to really begin on a track of live and recorded sound production that I continue to this day.

In June of 2005 I started my own company, Pro Sound Advice. I provide professional sound system design, consultation and training services. I also provide free lance recording engineering services for The Pan Galactic Company, the company which has the recording contract for St. Louis Symphony and others. We were very fortunate this year (2008) to be able to assist with the recording of the U.S. premier, in St. Louis, of John Adams "Dr. Atomic Symphony" and then follow that up this fall with the John Adams "Guide to Strange Places". These will be released together next year (2009) on the Nonesuch record label.

I continue to teach as an adjunct faculty member at Webster University in St. Louis. I teach in the School of Electronic Media and in the Conservatory of Theatre Arts.

I was married in July of 1993 (one week after getting back from SOA) to my beautiful wife Mary. We have four children, LeighAnna (11), Marissa (9), Jesse (7) and Larkyn (almost 2). We live about 35 miles outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

I'd love to hear from folks from any of the years I was fortunate enough to tour with SOA"

Previous: I designed the very first Martin Audio Miniature Line Array sound system in the United States.   I have also continued to dabble in lighting design.  A team of three other gentlemen and myself produced an event for the world premiere of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Baileys "WIZARD OF OZ ON ICE".  It was called "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and as a part of this event we lit the Gateway Arch in St. Louis as a rainbow.  It was the first time that it had succesfully been lit.  We won the highest award that the international Illuminating Engineering Society gives for outdoor architectural illumination.  The Paul Waterbury Award.  This was the only time that it has been awarded for a temporary installation. It was awarded to us "with distinction".  This was a very special honor as this award is not given every year but only when work sufficiently worthy of merit is presented and then it is not always given "with distinction". I designed the sound systems and staging layouts for each year of the St. Louis Blues Heritage Festival, a jazz and blues festival second only to the New Orleans festival in size in the U.S." lee.buckalew@prosoundadvice.us


Joseph A. Caltrider, 3/08: "I haven't heard from anybody. I have changed job's. I am now with the Washington County Sheriff Dept. Please Write to me. I would love to hear from anyone!!!!I DON'T HAVE E-MAIL SO YOU WILL HAVE TO USE THE OLD FASHIONED WAY. MY ADDRESS IS 219 FRANKLIN ST. MARIETTA, OHIO 45750.PLEASE WRITE, I MISS ALL OF YOU!!! Previously: United States Marine Corps 1990 - 1994 Rank of Corporal; Married 8 years to Monica Kinnett; Three children; one step-son age 14, one son 3 1/2 years; one son 4 months old (weighed in at 13 1/2 lbs- 13oz.) currently working for Harrison Construction (10 years)" Joseph.Caltrider@yahoo.com


Deanna DellaCioppa, 8/08: " I am living bicoastal between LA & NJ/NY and am still making a living as a songwriter and singer! I have found Wendi Lathan & Joe Caltrider and still keep in great touch with James Choi! I am now looking for Susan Costa and Christy Loriol (that is her married name)...I can also be found at myspace.com/deanna1873 Come by and say HI!" new e-mail address: deannasings18@aol.com


Rose Connett Dunphey: Married to Scott Dunphey 6-24-00. They're living in Monument, CO. She taught choir at Lewis Palmer HS, Monument, CO. She just had her first child, Leah, in September 2001.


Jessieca Diebold Niemiec: "I have 2 boys (oops! Doctor said the 2nd one would be a girl!) - Matthew & Daniel. I just completed my bachelor's degree in business administration and will be going for my Master's beginning in October 2000. Just celebrated a 5 year wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband, Brian. Haven't heard from anyone! I wish more people would write in!" Living in Tonawanda, NY. niemiecbmada@yahoo.com


Heather Evans: Married Chris Baldwin, graduated from the Univ of Rochester School of Medicine in May, and moved to Charlottesville, VA into their first house the same month. In June she started her surgical residency at the Univ. of VA hospital! This was where she graduated from in '93 and I was born in the very same hospital while her dad was a resident in pediatrics in 1971. Chris works Home Properties, a real estate investment trust as the Dir. of Info. They just bought their first piano, a reconditioned 100 year old upright.

"I still remember fondly my summer with SOA and love to read about how folks are doing. A special hello to Amy, Kristen Sukalac and Jane Doorly, my wonderful roommates!" hle2r@virginia.edu


Katreena Feusner Mullican: Living in Hunstville, AL. kmullican@yahoo.com


Michael T. Grote, 4/04: "Currently owner of an entertainment company in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. Just notified of a nomination for My high school to the Music Educations Hall Of Fame for Bensalem Township. I have been married for seven years with 1 Daughter who currently is in her schools advanced orchestra along with choir she is in fourth grade and wants to be performing as long as her father she says. Also with recent occurances I am looking at going back to school to obtain my music educators degree, so hopefully I will be in contact with you more especially since I need info for a current young Tenor in Bensalem who is exceptionally talented and I would like to help him with this experience hopefully.


Cheryl Harringon Kinney: "This is an update...Our third child, Sean Charles, was born 10/7/02. Big sister, Coleen, is now 5. Big brother, Nathan, is 2-1/2. I continue to teach preschool, but now on a part-time basis. Brian and I still live in Delmar, Iowa." bckinney@netins.net


Beth Hough: She's now Chief Arranger for the US Army Field Band and Organist for Fort Meade Main Post Chapel. She's also Chorus director (of 4 ensembles) for Archbishop Spalding HS, MD. dhough@erols.com


Brett Johnson, 7/05: "I am a Major and engineer in the U.S. Air Force. This summer we were transfered from Massachusetts to sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hello to my SOA friends, and stay in touch Has a daughter too." kbnjohnson@comcast.net


Wendy Lathan Faircloth, 5/13: "I have been fortunate enough to see a few of the friends I made on the tour. Both Bobby Helms and Adam Reinhart came to visit and met my kids and parents. In 2012, I reconnected with Deanna DellaCioppa in Aruba for a week. I'm still in SC and have worked for an Insurance Brokers Office for the past 10 years. My time is spent w/work and raising my children, (now 16 and 13) as a single parent. Would love to hear from others from that amazing summer. wendi@cignetwork.com.

JC Laucks, 1-04: JC Laucks received a big promotion in Aug, 2003. He is now a full time instructor/Coordinator of Design and Technical Theatre at Tulsa Community College. He oversees a workforce development/technical occupation program in stage production technology. He married Margie Jackson 2/5/00 and are adopting a two wonderful boys, Trevor & Michael. jclaucks@hotmail.com


Ann Lindley: Rec'd her specialized Paralegal in Dec '99; working for a local attorney as a paralegal and living in Oneonta, NY


Love you guys!! Still consider this trip one of the many greatest highlights of my life :) Just saw that Mr. Stanley Bryce Blair had posted a "missed me especially" on the site forever ago and I wanted to let him know I saw it, albeit a few years late, and wanted to let him know I miss him "especially" as well and hope he is well :) Again, Love You Guys!!!!! Take care and God Bless! amberluckadoo@embarqmail.com


Adam Mildred, 12-06: "Adam Mildred is currently serving as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in the major felony division of the Allen County, Indiana prosecutor's Office. He and his wife, Shaunnette, reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Contact him at AdamMildred4FW@aol.com


Russ Peters, 5-09: "After graduating in 1991, I spent 8 years in the Air Force traveling to places like Upper Heyford England and then to the exotic deserts of Clovis New Mexico. While there I married my High School
sweet heart and then ended up getting out and moving to Greensboro NC. For the past ten years, I've been a network manager at the counties mental health department. My wife and I have two awesome kids and are really enjoying life down here.

I've just recently started going back through all our old pictures and realized that the pictures I had from our tour in 89 weren't all that great. If anyone still has good photo's from our trip and would be willing to share them, I'd love to see them. It was a trip that changed my outlook on life, and one I'd love to share with my kids. Please e-mail me and we can work out a way to share the pictures." Russ@Triad.rr.com



Jenny Pluhar, 12-08: "Hello everyone! Adam Mildred contacted me via facebook and I had to come directly to this site! How fun to unlock memories from such an amazing time in my past! I am currently living in Minneapolis, MN and am an aspiring author. I still sing on occasion - but nothing on a consistent basis. I would love to locate even more alum from '89. Let me know what's been going on for the last 20 years!! :) I can be found on facebook under Jennifer Pluhar.


Kristen Sukalak: Currently living in Paris, France. Lived in Brussels for 5 years. "I work with the international organizations like the UN and people all over the world. It's loads of fun! This year I got to hear SOA perform in Paris. It was great, and I very much enjoyed the opportunity to sing the Battle Hymn with SOA 2001. I think of the trip often and wonder what has happened to so many of you. I know I am leaving people out, but special thoughts for Heather, Jane, Joey, Nate, Libbey, Wendy, Barbara, Adam and all of you who helped make those three weeks such a great adventure!" kristieliz@yahoo.com


Daniel Wampler: I'm living in Houston, TX after graduating from Rice University with Masters in Music. This last season I sang with the Houston Grand Opera Chorus and I am singing with them again this year. I would love to hear from you. It is hard to believe how long it has been since our trip. I have all the pictures from that in a photo album and look through often. The experience of that summer has many great memories, especially Germany. In 1999, I was able to return to Europe for the first time since 1989. First in March and then later in June after I received a stipend to study German in Leipzig. The experience I had with SOA was what developed my interest in Germany. Since then I have been almost obsessed. I hope to return to Germany someday as an opera singer. That is what studied while in College and I'm still working towards it. Anyway, I hope that everyone is doing well and I would love to hear from any of you!. danielwampler@akllp.com


Bill Wardell: "I have up my job as a Contracts Mgr for an Electronic Toll Road Contractor in the SF BAy area and have since taken a position as a Program Mgr in sales for Level 3 Communications in Denver CO (after a brief stint as a ski bum!) Bill.Wardell@Level3.com


Amy Young: Reportedly working at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and got engaged over Christmas.

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