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Cindy Belmore Andrade, 1-09 "I am currently living in Western Massachussetts with my husband, John, and our two girls, Georgiana and Gabriella. " cindles@aol.com


Meredith "Paige" Brendle Timer: "I met my husband, Josh through an SOA friend in 1996. We married in August of 1997. We have two children, Max (3) & Halle (1). I am a stay-at-home mommy (Love it!) and still am very involved in music through church activities. I love hearing from SOA friends & would love to catch up with others!" pbxr@bellsouth.net


Jennifer Bromback Neathery: Living in Auburn, GA ryednhi@aol.com


Julia Broussard Beglane, 12-03: "Wow, isn't this great? I have thought about SOA so much in the past(can you believe it) 13 years. It doesn't seem that long. I live in Virginia with my husband Jack of 7 years and my son Jackie-6. I have worked numerous jobs since 1990, but now I am a stay at home mom and started my own business. I make eye patches for children with Lazy Eye. I love it. I have to say that I still keep in touch with Kerstin. I would love to hear from any of you." jbeglane@msn.com


Karl Brown, 7/04: Wow!! Great to see everyone is doing so well. I'm Married to my wife LeAnn and we are blessed with an 8 month old daughter Natashia. I've been serving in the U.S. Air Force since Sept 1990 I've been to Hawaii, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Alaska, and am now in Greece. Hopefully now that I'm in Europe again I'll have more that 18 days (from the bus) to see some more sites. So when is the reunion tour?


Lee Buckalew, 10-08: "SOA was one of the truly life changing times of my life. It helped me grow as a musician and to really begin on a track of live and recorded sound production that I continue to this day.

In June of 2005 I started my own company, Pro Sound Advice. I provide professional sound system design, consultation and training services. I also provide free lance recording engineering services for The Pan Galactic Company, the company which has the recording contract for St. Louis Symphony and others. We were very fortunate this year (2008) to be able to assist with the recording of the U.S. premier, in St. Louis, of John Adams "Dr. Atomic Symphony" and then follow that up this fall with the John Adams "Guide to Strange Places". These will be released together next year (2009) on the Nonesuch record label.

I continue to teach as an adjunct faculty member at Webster University in St. Louis. I teach in the School of Electronic Media and in the Conservatory of Theatre Arts.

I was married in July of 1993 (one week after getting back from SOA) to my beautiful wife Mary. We have four children, LeighAnna (11), Marissa (9), Jesse (7) and Larkyn (almost 2). We live about 35 miles outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

I'd love to hear from folks from any of the years I was fortunate enough to tour with SOA"

Previous: I designed the very first Martin Audio Miniature Line Array sound system in the United States.   I have also continued to dabble in lighting design.  A team of three other gentlemen and myself produced an event for the world premiere of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Baileys "WIZARD OF OZ ON ICE".  It was called "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and as a part of this event we lit the Gateway Arch in St. Louis as a rainbow.  It was the first time that it had succesfully been lit.  We won the highest award that the international Illuminating Engineering Society gives for outdoor architectural illumination.  The Paul Waterbury Award.  This was the only time that it has been awarded for a temporary installation. It was awarded to us "with distinction".  This was a very special honor as this award is not given every year but only when work sufficiently worthy of merit is presented and then it is not always given "with distinction". I designed the sound systems and staging layouts for each year of the St. Louis Blues Heritage Festival, a jazz and blues festival second only to the New Orleans festival in size in the U.S." lee.buckalew@prosoundadvice.us


Monica Crandall Rigaud, 6/03: "I joined the US Army right after high school, spent 6 years enlisted and am now a Finance Officer stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC-jumping out of airplanes. I have been married for eight wonderful years, we now have one child, Briahna Rose who is 2 1/2 months old. " mrrigaud@hotmail.com


Lisa Dahlstein Kinworthy, 9/08: "Currently married to Scott Kinworthy. We have one daughter, Rebekah. I teach at Parkway South High School-piano, music theory, band and percussion, even though I sang alto with SOA. I was pretty excited to see that there was a SOA website. Not a day goes by that I don't think about that experience. " lkinworthy@pkwy.k12.mo.us

NOTE: Lisa's mom, Lena Dahlstein (chaperone), is in Springfield MO, and still supports the collegiate music programs there (where Lisa attended), especially Missouri State University.


Mike Davis, 5/03: "Hello from the Great state of Maine!  All is well here in Auburn. I am in my 10th year of teaching music in a K-6 school.  486 kids to teach each week keeps me very busy!  In addition to the 486 at school my wife and I now have 2 children!  Nicholas will be 3 on March 5th and Caleb will turn 1 on June 16th.  This year has flown by and with kids at home who are changing everyday we're hangin on for the ride! During the summer months we move out to East Stoneham, Maine where I am the Assistant Director for a summer camp, Camp Susan Curtis.  This camp targets children who come from low socio-economic households and provides them each with a tution free 2 week residential camp experience.  So as you can see we love to be surrounded by children all year long!  I hope everyone is doing well!  I'd love to hear from any of you when you get a chance :) Isnt Terri Great!  I love getting emails from her :)   MDMystro@adelphia.net


Kerstin Deppe Delaney, 8/07: "Hi there! I am now living in the Kansas City area. If there are any 1990 SOA alums in the area, please give me a shout! My son is now 4 years old and I am expecting my second child in late October. I am still employed by the same company out of Boston, but I get to work from home. Paige, Julia and Karl seriously need to update their listings! ;-)" kd.passion@gmail.com


Greg DeVor, 11-07: "This has been a long time in coming! ... After high school, I did my undergrad at the Univ of Toledo and then on to The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. Finished there in 1998 and then joined the Navy. I was a Naval Dentist for 4 years until the end of 2001. I am married to Holly whom I met at UT in 1991. We have 2 children, Angel (2.5) and Zac (5 months). We currently live in the 'burbs of Cleveland. I would love to catch up with you all ... assuming we can still remember! :)" wgni01@yahoo.com


Michele Engels Davey, 2/12 mdavey@prosolutionspromotions.com


Jesse Graybill, 5/10: After SOA was a stint with the USAF. Now I live in Seabeck, Washington with my girlfriend and would love to hear from other 1990 alumnists. Its been a long time but I still remember most of the music by heart. Funny that. :) jessgraybill@yahoo.com


Jesse Joyner, 9/04: "Well it's been a few years since I updated my information here. Tiffany and I are the proud parents of 2 yr. old TWINS. Marisa Kindness and Shelby Patience were born Oct 17, 2002 and I have been a stay at home dad for the past year. I love every minute of it and it looks as if SOA will have choir members in a few years. We are still living in Lilburn, Ga, for now. We plan to move to the north Georgia area sometime next summer to get out of Atlanta. I hope to open a small photo studio there. If you don't remember I took 30 rolls of film for the 18 day trip and had to buy more when we were in Germany. I hope to scan all of the shots and put them on my website someday for all to see. Some of the shots from europe have won awards. Please conact me if you would like at Jesse@joynersmultimedia.com"


Bryan Kinsey, 2-04: "WOW!!!  I can't believe it has been 14 years now.  A lot can happen in that amount of time.  I haven't really done much post-trip except the normal stuff; marriage, kids, etc.  I did manage to move from Texas to Oregon but that is about the extent of it.  I got started in college a little late in life so now I am halfway through getting my degree in mechanical engineering.  I would love to hear from anyone that went on the trip.  So feel free to contact me by email at any time. " kinsey_bryan@hotmail.com


Ginger Lamm: Graduated from Murray State University with degrees in History and Political Science. Lives in Louisville, KY, where she works in public relations for a political action committee representing all the hospitals in KY. She would love to get back in touch with her SOA friends! gg_6225@yahoo.com


Melissa Lower Miller: Married Steven Miller 6/97; Graduated with Physician Assistant degree 8/96 from Butler Univ, Presently will be working with a mobile wound care team. Living in Greenfield, IN.


Kimberly Marcum, 7/05: "I am a band director at a rural school in Northwest Ohio. I am in my 9th year of teaching and I love every minute. I just finished my Masters of Education and look forward to pursuing further education." sv_marcum@noacsc.org


Debbie McDaniel Palmer, 7/05: "I am currently in Dayton, OH with my husband and 4 kids whom we homeschool. My husband is active duty Air Force in the middle of his general surgery residency. I stay at home with the kiddos, stay busy with church and other activities. I just am enjoying life over all. I have kept in touch with a few of you, but would love to hear from more. Previous: I have been married for 13 years and have 4 kids (Lea - 12, Robby - 9, David - 5 and Cato - 20 months). Lived in Gaithersburg, MD. My husband is in the Air Force going to medical school. I am a stay at home mom and love every minute of it. Would love to hear from any SOA alumni, especially if they're in the area, maybe we could get together. You can check out our family pic's at http://www.bpalmerfamily.com Please contact me at brucendebbie@gmail.com


Greg Olsen, 2/03: "I am currently sitting at my computer typing information about myself. I have no great accomplishments but I won a free pepsi under the cap the other day. As you can see, I am still a card. I hope the gang will start to write because the only email I get is from Candy who wants me to see her photos. Read ya later" gregolsen@direcway.com


Lisa Olsson Becher: She'll be opening a recreational business this summer featuring miniature golf and go-kart racing. Living in Defiance, OH; LMBecher@aol.com


DeRand Peppers, 9/06: "Wow!  I have tried to find info on this for a long time!  I hope to hear from many of you guys!  I haven't talked to Siggy (guy from Iceland; I was his roommate) in a while.  I just stumbled on this website!  Anyone heard from JoAnne Pena?  Please contact.  Nice to see P. Brendle's name!  I will put this site on my favorites! " drpeppers7650@hotmail.com


Londa Riester Hopkins, 3/06: Wow, its going on 16 years since the big tour - that's hard to believe! It is so fun to tell my kids about my trip to Europe and show them the pictures.  My marriage to Grant is going on 12 years - he is an accountant for a mutual fund company.  Our three kids are Daulton (10), Savannah (7) and Autumn (4).  I'm a 5th grade teacher in Tucson, AZ.  Its a blessing that my own kids can come to work with me!  I wish I had more time for music, but life is so busy - I enjoy singing with our church's worship band. Take care! ghopkinsprint@earthlink.net


Richard Parkinson: "I am living in Salt Lake City, Utah with my wife, Karla, and my 5 kids (Slade, Kaden, Alexis, Stephen, and Abigail). For the past 8 years, I have sold pianos. In March 2000, I ended my pursuits there to start my own companies. I now run a business that sells a folow up program for a company out of Ohio. We also have business that teaches people how to profit using the internet. Music is still a big part of me. In the past 10 years, I have arranged several selections for a few different groups. We have recorded several projects, and I have even performed on some. If things go as planned, I will be singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir here in the near future, just so I can learn more about how to arrange for a choir of its magnitude. I would love to hear from you all, so E-mail me and let me know how things are going. Take Care 'til then!" rkpdevelopment@hotmail.com


Joanne Pena Perez, 3/06: "Remember almost getting thrown in jail in Paris for singing outside of Notre Dame Cathedral? Or the double decker bus and Barbie cleaning up Phil's yack? I know thats gross, but still funny. I, myself am married and have one son named Jacob (6) and plan to have at least one more. My husband is one of our nations brave soldiers in the US Army and has been for 7 years. He is currently deployed in Iraq for a year but will be home soon for his 2 week R&R. I live in Fort Bragg, NC and love it here. If anyone knows the where abouts of DeRand Peppers, Tiffany Smart, Tori Testa, Jody Gallager or Ziggy Sevanssen from Iceland, I would love to have there information. Please email me and lets catch up. Take care and God Bless." joanne_perez@hotmail.com


Sheila Peuse Jennebach: Stephan (her husband who she met at our concert in Bonn '90 and married in '95) and she visited his family and friends in near Cologne, Germany Feb/March 2000 for 3 weeks. They also got to stop in Rothenburg! She still lives in Rochester MN where she's working on an RN in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for Mayo Medical Center. jenne1@charter.net.


Shawn Potter: Graduated Brandeis University in '97. Worked at the Berklee College of Music and performing over 250 concerts with the Boston Symphony and Pops Orchestras Now he has moved to Japan, where he teaches music and English in Mobara City. He released his first solo CD this year in Japan. Trinity_235@yahoo.com.


Maryann Stopha Reissig, 12/06 : "I'm now living in Knoxville, TN - i got married this year and am currently working as an IT Manager for the University of Tennessee. Would love to hear from Gloria Hong!" stopha@gmail.com


Heather Stump Ochalek: "I have three wonderful kids. I teach music at a local school and own have been the owner of a full tine music store and performing arts academy for 15 years." mso@musicshowcaseonline.com


Michael Swanson, 10/07: "Hmmm...since 1990?. Went to college, spent four years on the Vail ski patrol, walked away from medical school, became something of an industrial tree-hugger, and now live in St. Paul, MN. I work in environmental sustainability at Ecolab while finishing my MBA, and write the food and wine columns for a local magazine. I got married almost exactly one year ago. Rick Pozniak was in attendance, and as those of you who knew Rick might have guessed, there was some unpleasantness. If someone tells you that a sailor can't fit his entire head inside the champagne fountain, they're lying. " mjswanson@comcast.net


Tori Testa Clemens, 7/06: "Hi everyone! I had no idea there was a website like this. I can still remember the tour as if it was yesterday. I am currently the head of the Green brook School Districts Theatre Dept. in NJ. I am married for going on 9 years now to a great man and have 2 adorable yet at times smart alacky boys RJ and Sammy. they are 5 and 2. Since the tour I recieved my bachelors in acting and my Masters of Fine arts in Acting /Directing from Brooklyn College and NYU. I have directed mostly regional and some off broadway theatre and had a stint(15 min of fame) in a commercial and music video. I love teaching and cannot imagine doing anything else. i still sing mostly at weddings now but will always remember watching the sun come up over the Eiffel Tower(oh shhh we snuck out didn't we lol)hope anyone who remembers a short italian stays in touch and Joanna if your out there email me !" tori314@Aol.com


Karen Vernino Fontana: Married 12/18/99 to Michael Fontana and living in Latrobe, PA. KarFon@helicon.net.


Michael Warwick: snugglebeartx@msn.com


Chasaidy Weddel Cantrell, 2-09: "I graduated with an M.A. in Professional Counseling in August '05 and have been a counselor at Hereford Junior High since. I'm also the campus testing coordinator and §504 coordinator. I'm still married, no kids yet, and I miss and think of my friends from the trip often. Please get in touch!

I cannot believe it's been so long! I was 14 when we went on the trip and I'll be 30 in August! It's unbelievable that so much time has passed.

After I finished high school, I went to Lubbock Christian and Texas Tech. After 2 years, I transferred to WTAMU and graduated with a degree in education. I've been teaching in Hereford for 8 years; currently I teach 6th grade at Hereford Jr. High and am head of the reading department. I'll graduate with an M.A. in Professional Counseling this August. I'm hoping to go into school counseling while I finish my LPC requirements, then move into private practice. I'm married to the man who has been my best friend since the 5th grade. Kids are definitely in our plans, just not right now. Work and grad. school are taking up most of our time now.

I think about our trip and all the friends I made often. I would love to hear from any and all of you!" cantrellch@hotmail.com


Stan Wilkerson: See Special Alumni pages


Michelle Wilson Fisk: Had a baby girl, Kaatje, May 2000; continues to sing with the Salt Lake Symphonic Choir, UT.


Susan Wright, 6-08: NEW "WOW! So much has happened over the past 18 YEARS! Seems like a lifetime ago! I was just recently married on April 5, 2008! I have a wonderful husband, and 2 awesome step-children, a boy who is 19 and a girl who is 23! My husband is 13 years my senior. With that said, I have also recently found out that I am about to become a step-granma
too! OH WOW a granma at the age of 37! I don't have any biological children yet although we are working on that! :)

I recently received my certification as an EMT for the states of PA and NY. I volunteer with our local ambulance association and work with another as a transporter. I spend much of my time taking care of my Dad who has Multiple Sclerosis.

I am in the middle of earning a bachelor's degree, in what, not quite sure! :) Life keeps happening and things keep changing my schooling
efforts. I have made it thru all the gen-ed stuff, and need to start working on the core stuff for the degree. I am thinking of going into social work so that I can try and work with our nations US Veterans. My Dad is a veteran of the US Army, and being his primary caregiver and him utilizing the VA Health System, it has made me acutely aware of the help some of the veterans need is navigating the system.

Anyways -- enough of me -- would love to hear from any 1990 SOA member and relive the fun. I can be reached at sbartlow4508@hotmail.com. I am hoping to make it to the concert this year and perhaps connect with old friends! See you there!

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