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Herman Ada, 1-05: "After S.O.A., I took some college, then joined the U.S. Army. I'll be serving til 2010. And latest news: my unit will be going to Iraq sometime this summer. soatenor@yahoo.com

Andrea Alumbaugh
"I hope everyone is doing well! I'm going through mid-terms this week and I'm doing well. Studies are at Berklee College of Music, Boston. While majoring in Music Buissness and Clarinet Performance, I've spent alot of hours rehearsing and playing with different people. I spent this past summer, unfortunatley not with SOA, but with another group in Australia. I however, did not play while there. I did see the Sydney Conservatory, which I paln to go for my Masters. The place is beautiful looking like a castle and the Opera house is just as goregeous. I miss all my friends on the green bus and hope to see some of you in Boston in the next year. I will try to play to be at the farewell concert this next year and hope to see all thouse faces I've missed. I send love to all." AMLUMBAUGH@MSN.COM


Nicholle Alumbaugh, 11-08: "Recently returned from spending 4 months in Alaska working as a line cook at a seasonal lodge...no better way to explore the world than getting paid to do it! Back in Reno, NV for the time being, working as a Baker for IGT (International Gaming Technologies) through Thomas Cuisine Management. Hope to eventually continue with music, and get a Master's in Music Business and focus on becoming a Special Events Coordinator. Perhaps own my own restaurant/bakery someday as well. My favorite (although only) nephew just turned two in July, and enjoying
spending time with him. Previous: It's amazing how time flies and how things can change so much! Anyhow, I am currently back in Reno, NV, working on my second degree in Culinary Arts. In the next year, I hope to be moving to NYC and getting my Masters in Music Business (I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing artists, such as Celine Dion, Elton John, Faith Hill, Bette Midler, Carole King, and MANY others) I've been spending all my time going to school, working (currently as a baker at a local restaurant/catering company), rockclimbing, and just plain having an awesome time! Hope all is well with everyone! Previous: graduated from UNLV with a BM in Music Performance for Oboe and EH.  oboelover55@hotmail.com


Sindy Ann Baldwin, 8/07: "Second Soprano from Nebraska here. Things are going well here in Lincoln. I am currently attending Massage Therapy school here in town and I am set to graduate with my associates in December. My little Nevaeh is going to be 5 very soon. I miss performing very much, and am trying to get back into singing. For fun this past Christmas (and a gift for family and friends), I recorded a few songs on a CD with a friend of mine that produced it. It was nice to step up to a microphone again. Other than that, just trying to get the most out of life! Hope you all are doing great! God Bless! Blue Bus, Blue Bus! "


Erin Barnett Bullock, 7/04: "Hey guys! It's been such a long time since I remembered to check this. My husband, Dan, and I have moved to his hometown in Kentucky, and I'm slowly getting adjusted to the strange accents down here :) I decided that interpreting wasn't for me, and I'll be going back to school in the Fall in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (fancy words for the person who does ultrasounds). I can't wait. Good to see that everyone is doing well, and I'll be thinking of you all who are or aren't at the send off on Sunday!" erinrbullock@hotmail.com

Shane Bauers, 2/04 : Hey everyone! This is Shane, baritone from the GOLD bus! I recently moved to an apartment in Baton Rouge, where I am attending Southeastern's nursing school. That is correct, I am going to be a nurse; a nurse anesthetist preferrably, but I will have to get my master's for that, probably at LSU. I live with a female roommate, whom I am in nursing school with. Anyway, the SOA tour I will never forget, and the gold bus was just freakin awesome! If anyone is ever in Louisiana, just email me and I will be glad to show you around the home town of the National Champions, GEAUX TIGERS!!! sbauers@selu.edu


Adam Bean: "I went to Interlochen Arts Camp last summer and won Principal Trombone in the top orchestra and kept that position all summer long! I won 1st chair at all-state for 2001 and 2002, making me the 1st trombonist in Arkansas to win 1st chair 3 years in a row. Needless to say, things have been going really well for me. I plan to study at the University of Tulsa next year."

 Chrystal Becker

We have received sad news from a '96 SOA alumnus that Chrystal was fatally injured when another vehicle hit her car not long ago. Chrystal was a soprano from Lewiston, ID. We are glad to have had her as part of our SOA family, but very sad that she has tragically left our world at such a young age.

Chad Beegle, 3/06: "Hey, everyone.  I haven't been to the SOA site in a while and I thought that I would make a grand return.  A lot has happened since I have been here last.  I graduated in May with my Masters in Art Teaching in Music (Univ of the Arts in Philadelphia) and I am now teaching elementary general music and choir.  I LOVE IT!  I enjoy getting up every morning and going to work - okay, maybe not every day. I hope that all is well with everyone from the 2000 tour.  God bless!" chadwick_8@hotmail.com

Lonnie Bickford, 3/07 "After my awsome tour of Europe with sound of america,I finished my teaching req's I started teaching at Cenntenial m.s. as the beginning band teacher,i then deployed to Iraq with the Army(2003-2005)and injured my hand,so after the reconstructive surgary,I am learning how to play the sax all over again. Thank you S.O.A. for all the awsome memories!!! " bickodor@hotmail.com


Mick Bleyer, 6/08: " Baritone from the Green Bus; Single Again" soloist from PA; and Ragtime Dancer. Life has been full of success, I am happy to say. I've spread my wings a little from music and musical theatre to classical theatre and film work - Since SOA, I've tried to keep my hands in as much as possible. I went to Wagner College for 2 years, and then went on the National Tour of The Scarlet Pimpernel. Regionally, I've worked in PA, NY, MA, VA, and OH on such varied shows as A Chorus Line, Macbeth, Kiss Me, Kate, Twelfth Night, 365 Plays/365 Days, Guys and Dolls, Smokey Joe's Cafe, Phantom, and The Three Musketeers. In NYC, I've worked in every capacity of performance from TV to film, from the stage to the recording studio. I feel so blessed to be living and working as an actor in NY, and credit the SOA touring experience with jumpstarting my career."


Ron Bowermaster: "I would like to thank Mr. & Mrs.Barr for a wonderful time Anita and I had on the trip.Being that it was our 25th wedding anniversary what a way to celebrate it! I know Anita had a great time since it was her second time on tour with you're mom and dad the first being in 1970 .The sights that we saw will live in my memory forever.the most moving part was the American cemetery not dry eye could be found that day. It was great to be with such great young adults that I think were great ambassadors for the USA.Hopefully we will be able to do it again some year and when we do." Ron.Bowermaster@stoner.com


Kimberly Buczek: "Hey everyone, I can't believe that it has already been 7 months since our trip to Europe. Time has gone by way to fast. As of now my senior year is half way over and my college search is over. I will be attending Ithaca College in the fall where I will major in Music Education and Vocal Performance. I am really looking foward to graduation and to go off to college. I am really really excited about seeing everyone at the alumni concert in July. I know that I will be there for sure.

To everyone that was on the blue bus, "Blue Bus, Blue Bus!" "Wakie, Wakie!" I hope that everyone has had a great year so far. Especially all the Micha, Brad, Crystal, Dave, Jen, Sarah, Monica, Jes, Vanessa, and Jen. Ruthie, Deb, and Ann I also hope that you have had a wonderful year so far and hope that you will be at the concert in July also. Terri and Jan, you guys are the best ever and I can't wait to see you in July. Well, good buy for now, see everyone soon." Kim_b55@hotmail.com


Andrea Caron, 9/04: "Hey all! I'm glad to see everyone is doing well! I got my B.S. in Marine Biology with a minor in Voice from U Maryland in May '04, and now I'm back home in Mass singing at a dinner theatre and maybe doing some shows in the Boston/Providence area. I'm recording a demo soon and I'm hoping to make the big move to NY or LA early next year to pursue my crazy acting dream! If any of you are in the Mass/NY/LA area, let me know! I'd love to catch up with old SOA buds! I miss you all - and Europe - sooo much! Shoutout to the GOLD BUS DIVAS!!! Take care, everyone!!! :) dramakitten7@hotmail.com


Natalie Clarkson: She is finishing her 2nd yr at BYU, Provo and is majoring in English and Spanish and is still active in music.


Patsy Clarkson: She's working full time w/ her husband at Clarkson Prioperties, inc. She and her husband hope to retire soon so they can visit family, and do missionary work.


Katie Cunningham, 6-07: Hope everyone's doing well! I graduated with my masters in '06 from the University of Arkansas and just finished my first year teaching middle school math in Fayetteville. I still love looking through my SOA pictures - it was such an awesome experience! katiejean82@gmail.com


Isha Corbin, 1-06: "Oh my gosh it's been so long. For those of you who don't remember me (which is probably most of you) I was a second soprano with chin-length curly hair. I miss all of you so much, especially all of you on the white bus! George Washington bridge! After a long hiatus from college I am returning in the fall to major in Developmental Disabilites and Habilitation Services. I currently work with a group of guys with mental retardation and I love them to pieces. My boyfriend who I brought to the first reunion concert and I broke up about 3 months ago after 4 and a half years. Sad times, but I'm alright. It's a little awkward because we're still stuck in a lease together in a one bedroom apartment. Well, I guess that's all that's new in my world.
Feel free to drop me a line, even if we didn't hang out on the tour. I have precious few people in my life that can relate to music the way I know you all can and I'd love to reminice!" cheshireluna@gmail.com


Janelle Craig: "Hey everyone...I attended DeSales Universty (used to be Allentown College) this year studying Theatre. I haven't gotten the chance to go back to Euprope yet but if I stay at DeSales until my Junior year I plan on studying abroad. As some of you know, Billy Shaw (tenor) and I live in the same town and have gone through school together. Since we have both gone to college, I have keept in real close contact with him. He went to University of the Arts in Philly and studied voice. Lucky for us Allentown and Philly are really close so we saw each other all the time. He even went to my Semi-Formal at DeSales with me! We also have seen Jill and Mick a couple of times since the trip and hopefully will see both of them this summer. I miss my Minnesota boys Paully and Victor (Minnesota for the school year), but we talk often so that helps. I hope everyone keeps in touch and Billy and I will try and make it to the Bon Voyage Concert again this year!" Labonteluver@hotmail.com


Katie Cunningham: "Hey, everyone! I'm currently a freshman at the University of Arkansas, having a lot of fun! To all my friends, especially from the Green Bus, I miss y'all! Feel free to email me anytime!" KJCunningh@aol.com


Meghan Dewald, 1-06: "Hi everyone! I'm the soprano from PA who sang the "Jesus Christ the Apple Tree" solo. I graduated from Northwestern University in June 2005 and now I'm living in Louisville, KY as a Young Artist with Kentucky Opera--where I'll be performing in Little Women, Barber of Seville and as Juliette in an outreach production of Romeo and Juliette. Hope everyone from the tour is doing well--the summer of 2000 holds some of the best memories of my life!" meghan_dewald@yahoo.com


Travis Dillon, 8-05: "Hey everyone! Its been so long since I've updated my information. I haven't been on this website in a longtime. I just finished graduating from the State University of New York at New Paltz last may with a double major in business marketing and management and now I am looking for work. Thats pretty much what my life is consisted of now, finding a job so if anyone knows where I can get a job let me know! Just to let anyone on the blue-bus know -- my mom says 'hello' to everyone. She would make her own profile but she hates dealing with computers. Hope to hear from some of you guys who I lost touch with. My new e-mail is t.k.dillon@gmail.com or my instant messenger name is 'tketravdog'.


Jennifer Ellis, 5/03: "Hi everyone!! Its been awhile since I've been in touch with any of you. Hope all is well! Feel free to send me an email letting me know what you've been up to! :)" jellis9@naz.edu


Amber Estenson-Schwarzrock, 8-05: " I just thought of going on the website after I ran into my SOA CD in a box of stuff from high school! My news is my husband son and I are moving to London in 3 weeks! He just graduated law school and he is going to get is master's degree. I will go back to school at the royal academy as soon as we can afford it!! If your in London anytime soon let me know, our flat will be small but welcoming!! Check out pictures of our family at www.msnusers.com/trystenschwarzrock
Previous news: Has a son, Trysten. If you want to see is all we keep updated pictures up at Was in Don Giovanni, as Donna Anna, in Geneva, Switzerland." Amber had been attending Westminster Choir College, NJ. and has also spent a semester in Costa Rica. Lived in Switzerland all of last year studying french, and fiance Kris spent the summer months studying international law with me in Geneva.  We were wed in December and are now expecting our first child.  Studyed voice at the Univ of Minnesota.  Minnesota is only temporary(I can't handle the winters anymore!) We are just waiting until Kris graduates law school and we plan to move, hopefully abroad!  I hope everyone is doing well, I really enjoyed going back to Interlaken and Grindlewald last summer and remembering our great European adventure! singing2u@hotmail.com


Adam Fackler: "Hey, Hey, SOA! I haven't been to this site in years and I was suprised to see that people still wrote in, so I figured I would do it. Since my last update four score and seven years ago..haha I was at Murray State University. I spent 3 years there and then moved back to Louisville to work for my dad's commercial roofing contracting company. I have 26 hours left to graduate which I will do after I finish my "intern". I started doing slave labor and sweat equity is what he calls it and have worked my way up into the office's. I still do my fare share of roofing but I am working my way up to be a contractor. It kind of a weird descision but I worked for him during summer breaks and he took me on some public relation meetings (which is basically playing golf at nice courses on the company) and decided it is the life for me. I plan to get back into singing. I am holding out for a 4 part 16 man acapella group called the THOUROBREDS. They readission in March so I am excited and nervous at the same time. I want to give a shout out to my blue bus boys and girls, you know who you are:) Any body can drop me a line if they want I would be glad to catch up. PEACE!


Jennifer Feeney, 8/05: MARRIED MATT GORDON (SOA 2000) THIS PAST DECEMBER!" Hello SOA-ers! I'm sorry that it's been so long since I've last updated my info. So much has happened in the last six months. Matt Gordon and I were married December 21, 2004 and have purchased a home in Jacksonville, NC while he continues his service with the Marine Corps. I am looking to graduate from Nebraska Wesleyan University this May with a Vocal Music Education degree and hopes of teaching K-8. Because Matt was not deployed with his platoon (for medical reasons,) we will finally be able to start our lives together...in the same area code :) Hope to see some of you guys and gals there! I miss you all very much, especially Vanessa Sewell! Love you!! Labonteluver@hotmail.com


Meghan Flanagan: "When I toured with SOA in 2000, I was just entering into college. Now, I have just graduated from college with a Bachelor of Music in music history from Florida State University. I got married this past June to Josh Hone, who I met at school. We now live in Austin, TX, where he is attending the University of Texas for a PhD in physics. I hope to get involved with the Austin Lyric Opera and other performing arts organizations in the area. I miss everyone, and anytime I hear Stars and Stripes Forever I am transported back to that little lodge/tavern/bar thing in Switzerland? Austria? where the people were great and the food was terrible!" meghone@yahoo.com


Betsy Geraud: "Hey everybody! I can't believe that it's been two years already. The last two years of high school have been great and next fall I am off to the University of Idaho to study Music Ed. I hope that everybody is doing well." Betsy toured with SOA 2002! snow_bari16@msn.com


Jay Godeaux, 8/04: "Jay from red bus here. I was the big kid with long hair from Texas who sat first chair tuba. My dad was the cool guy chaperone with a funny accent. Yeah, I know someone has to remember me. Anywho, I haven't been on this site in a good 3 years. Since then I dated Andrea (also red bus...from Ohio) for a year, broke up for three, back together again, played in a metal band that got radio/tv play and publicity, played with some bigger names in underground music, am getting a degree in English to teach, etc. You can hear the band here: http://www.localmusicguide.net/mp3/mp3_0016.mp3"Oh, I lost 100 lbs too, so now I look like this: "http://www.houseofshui.com/412jg4.jpg Going to Europe basically adjusted my diet, and I got skinny rather quickly. It was pretty fun I suppose, the whole buying new pants thing." metalarch69@att.net


Matt Gordon, 8/10: I am still at Quantico, VA, but have had another child since my last update. Jennifer and I welcomed little Matthew Kerrick into the family on May 20, 2009. We are expecting our third and last child this September. Jennifer has been a music teacher since she graduated from NWU. I am getting ready to get out of the Marine Corps and then taking a job providing security on cargo ships that travel through Somali waters. If there are any SOAers that are around the Northern VA area let us knoww. Previous submission: MARRIED JENNIFER FEENEY (SOA 2000) DEC '04! "Well, I am finishing up with my tour in Iraq. After 9 months the Marine Corps is finally letting me come home. I am happy to say that Jennifer gave birth to our first child this past November. I very much look forward to holding her for the first time. Well, not much else going on with me. I will be moving to Quantico, VA this summer to finish up this contract with the Marines. Well, I hope everyone is doing well! Take care and God Bless! If you want to check out the website that is dedicated to our wedding, it is: gordonwedding.tripod.com. No www, before that. sgtgordon@gmail.com


Solomon Granor: "I'm at Amherst College, now, and my choir here is absolutely awesome. In the strange things department, I'm going back to Europe this summer. My choir is going on tour in Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czeck Republic. Meanwhile, I WANT TO SING IN SAN MARCO AGAIN. Sorry, I don't know what just came over me. If I have a chance to scan some photos, I may send them to Travis to put on his page. Oh, and I'm very happy because my dorm has a Coke machine with Fresca in it. (Who needs Fanta?)" Parlyne@aol.com


Bert Hand: jhand21@hotmail.com


Deanna Hoskins White, 9/05: Barrett (husband) got a promotion at work and so is training these next few months. When he is done we will be moving...possibly to North Dakota. I'm not especially thrilled about the new location but I know it isn't permanant. :) Also, we are expecting another baby in March of '05. I am kind of hoping for twins and there very well may be two babies in here...we will find out on Oct. 17th with the ultra-sound. I would love to have twins, the main reason I guess is so I can say I gave birth to twins naturally!! :) I can't wait. In other news Avalon is 19 months now and loves to say "hello" and "bye-bye" to people. It's really cute because they look around for an adult and then laugh when they realize it's the little girl two and a half feet from the ground. I love to hear all of the updates. For now my life is my family. But don't worry, I will be writing about school and my career before too long. :) Just one day at a time for now." jua_mahaba@hotmail.com


Micha Hughes, 9/08: "Hi everyone! I didn't realize how many people still actively updated on here, so I figured I should hop on the bandwagon. The SOA Summer tour of 2000 still holds the best memories of my life! I still keep in touch with lots of Blue Bus people (I helped quite a bit with chanting the "Blue Bus Rap" on the final night for those of you who don't remember me. :) ) Anyway, I graduated in 2005 with my Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance from Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory. I am now just finishing my Masters in Music Education from Boston University. I've been teaching music for a little over three years now, and am also Music Director at a local church. I just took a new job with Cincinnati Opera as a ResidentTeaching Artist. Basically I sing a lot of opera arias and teaching people about opera. Its fantastic! I also sing with a professional Bach choir as chorus member/alto soloist. Its no SOA choir, but it'll do! I hope everyone is well. I would love to hear updates, espec ially from those of you who are close by. I'm living in Lexington, KY right now and am planning to re-locate to either Louisville or Cincinnati within the next 6 months. Blue bus, Blus bus!!! stargazer11_44@yahoo.com


Sean Jones, 8/06: Is in Wynton Marsalis's Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. His 3rd solo CD is due out in fall of 2006. Toured and was featured soloist again in SOA 2000. Received Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Performance from Youngstown State Univ, Dana School of Music, OH. He was awarded the Downbeat Magazine Downbeat Jazz on campus 2000 award and the Downbeat 2001 notable performance award. He's traveled the US and Europe with the International Jazz Quintet, "Sophisticated Ladies" musical, the Temptations and The Four Tops. He has also done performances with Joe Lavano, Frank Foster, Wess Anderson, Jimmy Owens, Conrad Herwig, Charles Schlutter, Bob Brookmeyer, Barbara Morrison, Cecil McBee, Stanley Cowell, Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, the Jazz Heritage Orchestra and Dickinson College's Jazz Ensemble. He currently holds the prestigious Ralph Bunch Fellowship at Rutgers Univ, NJ and also works in New York City. (He's performed at the Village Vanguard and the Apollo.) See Special Alumni for updates. See http://seanjonesjazz.com


Erin Kenny, 2-04: Hi everyone!!  It's always fun to read through and see what everybody's been up to!   College is rolling along, I'm a sophmore music education and flute performance major here at Fredonia.  I'm a new sister of Sigma Alpha Iota, it's lots of fun!  I'm also planning to spend a semester abroad in Ireland!!  I think while I'm over there, I will try to visit some of the places we were... although, it won't quite be the same.  (=  take care! e-mail me anytime... IrishEyezForYou@hotmail.com


Jennifer Klettke: With the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Coca Cola created banners to celebrate youth in Summit County. Students were nominated by others in town as being leaders that have made significant contributions to the environment or worked positively with people of different cultures. Here is a picture of her banner and a picture of her in her Olympic garb, her Je Parle Francais pin, and hairstyle for the day! Click here to see Jennifer's banner & photo . jaklettke@juno.com


Kate Labriola, 1/06: Has been performing with the American Showcase choir in Disney's Epcot park. Ran into the Barrs & Jan Ile over Thanksgiving. "I am a junior in college and decided to spend my spring semester in Florence, Italy studying art.  I've met a lot of people and have had the opportunity to travel all over Europe...once again!    I had the opportunity to go to Venice and Paris again, and it's amazing how quickly all the faces, and names and little moments came rushing back to me...some things that haven't crossed my mind in years!  It was a great feeling getting the opportunity to see those places again!  I don't think that I would be in Italy right now if I hadn't gone on SOA. That experience really got me excited to see the world and meet people. I still hold SOA as one of the most exciting times in my life and I'll never forget it!   I return to the U.S. at the end of April and will finish out my senior year at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania as an art history major.   A special shout out to everyone from the White Bus.  Miss you all! CIAO!!! katydid978@charter.net or labriola@susqu.edu


Monica Lawrence: ditzy1618@yahoo.com


Michael Levinson: Studying in Switzerland and came to SOA 2001's concert in La Chaux de Fonds.


Nicole Loizeaux: "Currently I am attending Lancaster Bible College, majoring in missionary work. I will be transfering next year to Emmaus Bible College to still major in missionary work, but also minor in music. This summer I will be going on a missions trip to Guam for 6 weeks. Soon I also start a concert tour with our chior the Conestogans in the south-eastern states.toured 2000, 18 years old, from Vermont, soprano 2, GOLD BUS" iamconfused7@hotmail.com


David Mack: "Remembering the fun times singing tenor in the SOA 2000 chorus... I'm currently a sophomore at Cornell University double majoring in Theater and Economics, and I'm the VP of Cornell's Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. In 2001, I attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts summer session but it didn't compare to SOA. Shout out to Jennifer, who I'd still love to see again, and everyone that knows me as "happy hands." Red Bus Rules!" dgm26@cornell.edu

Jessica Martins: "HELLO! I'm now in my second year at Berklee College of Music, so I now call Boston my home. Since SOA, I put out a cd with a friend of mine (www.rising2thebottom.com), and I'm currently recording a solo album (www.jessicamartins.com). I'm a little upset because I never received my SOA video and I am dying to relive that hilarious GOLD BUS performance of our "Ragtime" parody. Hope everyone is doing well. Really. I miss you guys. But let's not get all sentimental now. GOLD BUS DIVAS!" asquishy4u@aol.com


Brad McDaniel: "Hey guys! SOA was a blast. Although it has been almost 2 years ago, I still remember it. It was the greatest time of my life. I'm now finishing up my freshman year at Oklahoma State University. I'm majoring in International Business with a minor in French. I plan on studying abroad my junior year. I hope that everyone is doing okay. E-mail me and tell me how you have been. By the way, I was on the BLUE BUS!!! and hung out with Micha, Kim, Monica, Crystal, Dave, Ruthie.......hope you guys have a great year...." Bradmcdan@aol.com



Vanessa Miles: "Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I miss you. I wish I could have gone to the 2001 concerts, but there's no way I could have made it. I've been extremely busy with pageants, performances, and everything else, but it's been fun. I don't have a lot to say, but hello everyone from Red Bus! Love Nessa Tessa" butterfly7_16@hotmail.com


Matt Panas, 11-03: "Sure do miss my SOA family! Right now I'm in my third year of studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. I finally figured out what I want to do with my life, and I switched my major to Accounting. To fulfill my degree requirement here in Rochester, I have to work full-time for six months. I was selected to co-op with the U.S. Army Audit Agency near Alexandria, VA... I'm excited about the job, and the opportunity it will give for me to see some of my SOA family. If anyone will be in the D.C. area, please contact me, I know I'll be lonely! AIM: MPanas99. mpp6583@ritvax.isc.rit.edu


Jenn Post, 9-05 "I graduated from Concordia University River Forest this past August with a BA Earlychildhood Ed. I moved to Wisconsin to be closer to Brad. I am currently teaching four year olds at a childcare center. Recently I became engaged to my boyfriend. I hope all of you are doing well." postylynn20@yahoo.com


Ruthie Powell, 4/04: "I was the "cool" chaperone on the BLUE bus. Tee hee. I love my job with The LawStaff Group, recruiting and placing attorneys, paralegals & staff.  You know how some people spend their lives looking for a soulmate to live with/marry?  I never had a problem in that area. my husband  has always been wonderful.  I did, however, have difficulty finding a work environment which clicked for me until now.  The owner of our company, is the "Bill Gates of the staffing industry".  He has vision and innovation and busy savvy as I have never seen or known.  Our company has grown and prospered at an enormous rate, as a result of a lot of brilliant decisions, extremely hard work and blessings from above. I am happier and more satisfied with my life than I have ever been.  It's difficult to describe.  I just know that I've been looking for a work environment like this my whole life, and for the last year I've found it and it's the most wonderful feeling I've ever known!  I still miss you all and will cherish my memories from our wonderful tour forever. Take care...you're all the BEST!" ruthiep@bellsouth.net


Ryan Powell, 10/11: "This is Ryan Powell --the TALL tenor on the back row by the first sopranos. I graduated from Berry College, in the North Georgia mountains, with a degree in Environmental Science in 2005. I enjoyed singing in my college chorus was even awarded a voice scholarship all 4 years. I married my college sweetheart (Grace) in 2006. I was fortunate enough to get my own ChickFilA store in the lovely town of Wilmington, North Carolina. We were blessed with a son (Samuel) in 2009, with another baby boy due the first week of December, 2011. I am singing in a community chorus, and still enjoy it! Hope all of you are doing well. Be sure to send me a friend invite in Facebook. " rproswell@gmail.com


Rachel Scapati: "Hey everyone, I just wanted to drop in and say hi. I'm doing excellent at the Hartt School in CT. I am managing and booking at a venue and hoping to do an internship this summer in NYC and next in Italy. Things are good and I just realized that it has been so long. hope all is good with everyone else." scarpati@mail.hartford.edu

Jason Schwartz, 3/09: "Hi everyone! I was SOA's principal clarinetist in both 1999 and 2000; I believe I had long hair in '99, though I cut it by '00. I had some of the greatest experiences of my youth during those two summers and I'm so happy to see that SOA is still thriving. I only wish someone could set up a separate Facebook page for each class to facilitate communication among us alumni. I'm currently finishing up my last semester of law school in DC, after which my girlfriend Alicia and I will move back to Manhattan where we met each other as NYU undergraduates. I kept up with the clarinet and piano at NYU and also played the bass in a rock band, but I'm sad to report that I've had less time to practice of late. Hopefully some of us can get back in touch and reminisce about our performances together. E-mail me or add me on Facebook. All my best!" j.daniel.schwartz@gmail.com

William (Billy) Shaw, 7/07: "After Candlewood International's U.S. tour of Lerner and Loews CAMELOT I returned to NYC. I have since worked with Metropolitan Opera in Lincoln Center with the Actors Corps. I performed in both TURANDOT and Andrea Chenier this past season. In a few weeks I will start rehearsals for "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" at the Depot Theatre in Wesport NY. On August 26th I will travel to Los Angeles where I will begin rehearsals with Stiletto Entertainment (Barry Manilow's Company). I will be the Lead Singer aboard the m.s. Rotterdam, Holland Americas Flagship Vessel. I will be performing in four Broadway Style Shows (0ne of which will be designed around me singing AND playing piano). I will be working with a cast of 10. We will be directed/choreographed by the same creative team who will be reviving Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on Broadway!! I have been blessed with wonderful opportunities since my time with SOA. I credit the European Concert tour with planting in me, the seed of performance. There is no greater gift of the heart than music. SOA gives that gift concert anfter concert and year after year.

PREVIOUS: I have graduated from American Musical and Dramatic Academy and started my acting career. Im on the road for seven months. Ive been living in NY and working for Comedy Central (voice overs) and the History Channel. I had the WONDERFUL pleasure of returning to Europe this past summer. I spent 2 months in Italy touring with a musical review which was part of an International Music Festival. You can find me on MySpace. I always love hearing from fellow SOAers.

I just shot a reeces peanut butter cup commercial, haha!! This was something I auditioned for on a whim. I also sang in Stephen Sondheim's 75 birthday celebration. It's a huge honor. " billshaw12@hotmail.com


Wyatt Sheeder, 1-05: "Wyatt Sheeder here, one of the guys from Iowa. I just graduated from Wartburg College with a double major in Music Education and Music Therapy. Currently, I'm completing my music therapy internship in Lancaster, Wisconsin. My last year at Wartburg, Wartburg Choir toured Europe and South Africa. I think my friends got sick of me talking about my SOA tour, but I couldn't help it when we were in some of the same places. I'd like to say hi to my roommate Victor if he ever reads this...and to Karen and Stephanie who helped me load the bus for three days when we got caught in a room together. RED BUS rules and I still have my red sticker on my passport! If anyone is ever in Wisconsin or Iowa, hit me up! Wyatt" wyattsheeder@hotmail.com


Theresa Smith, 3-09: "I'm going to be graduating with my masters in bassoon in May from the University of Houston. I don't know what is next for me...probably teaching. I'm slowly starting a reed making company called "Good Vibrations!" SOA holds a dear place in my heart. I would love to hear from and catch up with you guys! Cheers. Previous: Hi everyone! I am going to be a junior at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Its a crazy place, let me know if you ever go there. I am studdying music education and interior design. I would love to hear from you, when you have the time please write! You all are in my thoughts often. Thanks for all of the beautiful memories!" therezmo@yahoo.com


Amanda (Mandy) Snyder, 12/04: "Red headed alto sax player. Altoona, PA. Hey guys, just thought I'd drop a line, I realize it's been like a million years since SOA but I took a chance some of you might still check the webpage. I'm currently a senior at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh (Where Sean Jones is a prof, I just finished taking a jazz improv class with him). I'm studying Saxophone andMusic Education and Spanish, I'm gonna graduate in about a year and plan on moving to LA within the next two to pursue a career in performing (singing, writing, acting, so cliche!) It's amazing how often I look back at SOA. I still keep in touch with the Altoona crew and Kristin. Anyone out there still checkin this- drop me a line! Especially anyone in the LA area- I could use some friends when i get out there! Hope everyone's doing well. God bless." Jazzymusc@hotmail.com


Benjamin Spratling: His SOA website


Eric Thomison, 4/10: "Hey SOA 2000!!!!! Just wanted to say I can't believe its been 10 years. Its High Time for a REUNION!!!!! Look me up on myspace.com/charmed_05 or facebook under Eric Thomison-Guillory. Love u all!!!!." eric_thomison@yahoo.com

Elizabeth Thompson, 8/03: "Hey everyone, it's me - the principal flute player. Wanted to let you all know that I got married in July!!! ('03) The same guy I was dating during our trip, Jonathan. We honeymooned in Chicago, MAUI, and L.A. I have one more year at the University of Kansas to get my flute performance degree, then I'll finally be done with school! I plan to do childcare after graduation (but not my own children for another couple years). Jonathan is a sound, lighting and video engineer. He is currently installing systems but in a few weeks will start "running" rental events that come through Kansas City and the area. I still savor every memory from our tour!!" ETlive4God@hotmail.com


Heidi Tice, 9/07: "Hi to everyone from the short, fluff-haired Gold Bus Soprano I! (The fluffy hair is finally under control!! Cheers all around--YEA!) I love reading what people have been doing over the years--so many accomplishments! My most recent accomplishment has been finishing my Masters of Library and Information Science through Drexel's online program. During my 3 years of grad school, I also certified as a Literary Braille transcriber. I currently work at the Provo City Library in Utah, but will likely be re-locating back to the east for a full-time library position--possibly in Alexandria, VA. Other future plans include catching up on all the reading and piano playing I've missed doing in the past 7 years, a possible LDS mission, and a hope to return to SOA as a (performing) chaperone. We'll see what happens! Hope everyone continues to do well in their lives! Previous: Graduating from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's in English and a minor in editing. My SOA roommie Natalie Clarkson ('00) has been in a couple of my English classes. She's still as fun and crazy as ever. ." onionscakesandparfaits@gmail.com


Devin Trier, 2-09: Currently teaching in Titusville, Pennsylvania as director of
bands. Previous: Received Music Education degree from Central Michigan University, mrflamadiddle@aol.com

Lindsay Varsaci, 1-06: "Hi everyone. I am finally about to graduate from West Chester. I am moving to NYC in June-July and am planning on auditioning in the opera/classical world. If anyone would like to get in touch, it would be great to hear from you. IM: JeChante18. "


Jami Vick, 3-06: "Hi everybody.  Long time since the last update I know and I apologize.  I totally forgot that you can do this.  Well, I got divorced last August, but don't feel bad it is a good thing.  I am in a new relationship and am loving him more than ever.  Will keep you updated, cuz we are going to get married eventually.  CONGRATS to Jennifer and Matt!!  I'm still in the Navy, going on 5 years now.  I'm in San Diego, CA so if anybody is ever this way hit me up.  Hope that everything is well with everybody else!!" jami_vick@yahoo.com


Sarah Williams: Hey all! I still miss everyone. :-) I'm surviving my first semester at Pomona College-and I love it! No idea what my major is yet... sarah.williams@pomona.edu


Nick Wuthrich, 9/05: A little update. I hope everyone is doing ok. I finally met up with some of my soa friends, nicole and andrea alumbaugh in vegas a few days ago. Its been 5 years since we last saw each other. It was pretty cool to see them again. I am still trying to figure out what to do in life, and can't make a decision. I have a cool job as a graphic artist and buyer for a clothing company, but don't know if that's what I want to do for the rest of my life. I guess, overall, life is well. God Bless. nickwuthrich@hotmail.com


Myron Zenker, 9/05: "I am currently serving in the Army with the 1st Infantry Division Band, playing in the Concert Band, Marching Band, Brass Band and Rock Band. Hoping to maybe catch a performance summer 2010 during mid-deployment leave. (It would be really fun to tour with SOA again, maybe a performing chaperone?? wink, wink...) Hope all is well with everyone, drop me a line sometime and all that jazz (though nobody ever will...), I'm pretty active on Facebook, it's easy to get a hold of me, would love to hear from anybody. As always, until next time, I bid you adieu." Previous: It's Myron, ther percussionist from North Dakota. A quick update; I am in my fifth year at the University of Mary in Bismarck majoring in Instrumental Music Education, with plans to graduate next fall. " myronzenker@hotmail.com

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