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I thought this was a very well-organized tour. The staff was amazing with how they handled problems and also showing enjoyment with all the responsibilities they had. As a music major, it was a great opportunity to see how real showbiz works. Thanks for a great experience!

B. Saflund, Coventry High School

This was a fantastic experience! This was very well planned and I loved all of it!

M. Konnerth, North Smithfield High School

Visiting Europe was definitely one of the best experiences of my life! I'll never forget the thrill of performing before such eager and receptive audiences, and feeling like I was part of a big family of dedicated musicians.

C. Schneider, Middletown High School


I still get chills sent up my spine when we perform an American song and (Europeans) whom we've never met before sing, cheer, clap, and chant! This group was excellent!

K Stetson, Scituate High School


I have learned new customs and also learned that most of the people are very nice in Europe. I also learned how to play percussion better and read music better.

B. Levesque, Tiverton High School


It was the most wonderful experience of my life and hopefully I'll be back!

H. Warshaw, Barrington High School


I've had the best musical experience in my whole life! I learned how to play with feeling and communicate through music. The staff and the musicians were extremely caring, loving, friendly and were always there for me. All the musicians learned how to perform and play from the heart because of the strong bond we all had for one another. Thank you soooo much!

G. Turpin, Bishop Hendricken High School


It was great! I was amazed at how, in just 22 days, we could become best friends. The people in Europe, too, were great to play for and they got us excited so we would put everything into the concert! I never imagined, either, that Europe could be this beautiful!

S. Costa, Tiverton High School



This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - so don't pass it up! It's amazing! The people I have met and the great friendships made will never be forgotten. It takes a unique and talented group of students to come together and make music as we did.

I really wasn't sure about leaving home for a month, but once I got to Elizabethtown College on the first day and everyone there was just like me, I knew it would be okay. This trip has also helped me prepare for college next year. It has taught me responsibility and independence that I will take with me wherever life may take me.

I loved the way the staff and chaperones were like our parents throughout the tour and not just people who are there to tell you to be quiet and go to bed. This tour was beyond a doubt the best thing that has happened in my life so far! I am very proud to say I am part of the 2007 Sound of America Concert Tour!

R. Melton, St. James High School


Not only is Europe a beautiful continent but the European people are great also!! My friends from the tour have made an impact on my life. They are the best musicians in the nation by far and their personalities I will always remember.

Staff, you are the best! You also took me in, in a way that no one ever has. You are my parents away from home and I appreciate this opportunity that you have given me.

T. Smith, Spartanburg High School


This trip has changed my outlook on foreign relations and musical appreciation in Europe.

E. Williams, Waccamaw High School


This was the best performing experience ever! I will always remember my SOA family and the experience of a lifetime I've had this summer!

C. Healy, St. James High School


I have learned more form this tour than I can possibly explain! I never realized our country was so diverse! Thank you all so much for this opportunity!

A. Lewis, Aynor High School


I was greatly impressed with everyone and everything that had something to do with the tour. It is definitely an experience that I shall never forget.

A. King, Laurens District #55 High School


I have never had so much fun in my life! It was a wonderful experience to be able to tour Europe. Before I came on tour I thought that I wouldn't have any friends, but I was wrong. I have some of the best friends in the world and I'm going to miss them so much. Thanks for a wonderful trip, SOA. Job well done!

E. McClain, Pendleton High School


At first I didn't think it would be real fun, educational, maybe but after the week at Dickinson college I had a different opinion. The people are extremely nice and will always be close to my heart. The experience of living in a different culture and making good friends is something that I would never change!

W. Lathan, Chester High School


This as the best tour ever had in my life! It was carried out wonderfully!

R. Hite, Chaperone, Leesville

The tour was great! Before the trip, Europe never seemed "real" to me. Now I have a better sense of how diverse the world is! The trip has given me a better appreciation for the U.S. and how easy speaking your own language is! I loved the tour and I know I've changed for the better because of it! Thank you!

C. Jones, Northwestern High School



I came a little bit skeptical about this trip. My brother went in 1998 and said it was the best time of his life but who was to say I would have the same experience and come out loving it? Right from the first day at the College I knew the people standing around me at rehearsals weren't going to be strangers by the end of the 25 days. I've loved every minute of this experience and I wouldn't change anything I did in Europe because I'm coming out a better person because of it!

H. Layman, Hamlin High School

I have performed in front of big crowds before, but I have never had the crowd encore the group twice! Also I have never performed in so many great concert halls like Notre Dame and St. Marks! It was a great experience!

B. Iron, McLaughlin Public High School


I loved it! I can't describe how much the trip meant to me! I'd recommend this trip to anyone!

K. Rothermel, Belle Fourche High School


This was the greatest trip of my life! I loved meeting new people and gaining new friendships. No trip is in comparison!! I loved it!!

K. Frye, Edgemont High School


This trip was breathtaking! The trip has changed me so much, and I have made friends for life. I can only hope I am able to tell enough people who will also be able to come on a trip with such a great outcoming happiness and satisfaction; the trip was emotionally challenging but very rewarding!

C. Schempp, Vermillion High School


The trip was a fascinating and fabulous experience! The trip is a very cultural and social growing experience.

S. Whitehorn, Pollock High School


At first I was terrified because I was afraid I wouldn't make any friends. Now I realize it was crazy to think because of how many new friends I've made. I loved the sight-seeing, shopping and most of the foods. Performing for the people was the most fun because you saw the smiling faces and cheering which made us feel like we accomplished something.

T. Paulin, Douglas High School

TENNESSEE [To the Top]

SOA has the most helpful staff I have ever seen! I've traveled with other groups overseas but it was nothing like this tour! The places we've visited were unbelievable! It's kind of like you're dreaming because you can't believe you're actually experiencing these places!

K.Gates, Overton High School


I am so pleased with this tour! I feel like I have stepped up a level in my musicianship by performing over and over and perfecting - not to mention the crowds' reactions as they clap staring back at me!

V. Sewell, Bolton High School


I learned so much about art, music, and most of all, about myself. I met the most wonderful people I've ever known. We really are a family!

J. Ragan, Hixson High School


I have never felt so "taken care of" by the (staff members). Everything was handled in the most professional way so as to ensure the experience of a lifetime. It amazes me how we all learned everything in such a short amount of time, but as Mr. Shaw (the former SOA director) said, "Together, we can move mountains".

S. Hildebrand Sullivan South High School


I loved it so much! I made so many friends that will last a lifetime! It was all worth it!

M. Sigler, Hixson High School


I was impressed by how good the band was. I am thrilled that I got to take advantage of a unique experience as being able to play music, use my German skills, and see Europe all at once! (It has been) very fulfilling and rewarding for me.

K. Randall, Hume-Fogg High School


TEXAS [To the Top]

This is the best choir/band I've every performed with and I loved it! I was always so excited when we would have a concert because it gave me such a great feeling every time! It is a great opportunity to make music with other talented musicians in places we only dream of going! The staff is wonderful and they do everything they possibly can to make sure you have the time of your life. This has been the greatest trip ever and I don't want to go home!

K. Brown, Tuloso-Midway High School


I never thought I would be in one place with so many talented people! It is amazing what happened when the choir first had to sing together and when I first heard the band! It is a sound that I will never forget!

C. Goodman, Bridge City High School


I never thought that these 200 people would become part of my family in such a short time!

V. Bivona, Tuloso-Midway High School


Being a part of SOA made me feel like they luckiest kid in the world for the rest of my life! I will cherish the friendships and memories of my musical experience!

L. Eldridge, Frenship High School


This trip was the most exciting thing I've ever been on! I have learned new things, and met people all over the country.

R. Raybon, Edna High School


You really do become one big family and make lots of great friends that you grow close to. I wasn't sure if I would make such great friends like everyone talked about in the brochures, but I really have and it's been fun!

A. McFarlin, Cypress Springs High School


This by far has been the best experience of my life! I came here with no friends, not knowing anybody! I am now leaving with more friends than I could ask for! I just wish everybody that I know could experience this! I will always remember this trip as long as I live!

R. Brunner, Hallettsville High School


It was really awesome getting to meet all of these great musicians from everywhere! It was great working with people so dedicated! I thank God everyday for this opportunity and I thank you for letting me be a part of it!

J. Anthony, Elkins High School


I came to this trip hoping that I would come out of it a better person with experiences and accomplishments. I wasn't disappointed! This tour did wonders for me! I realized how important individual participation, enthusiasm and responsibility are for a group and what a difference one person can make! There were so many talented people with a variety of interesting personalities. I am so glad that I was surrounded by people like these because they influenced and inspired me. I definitely feel that my life is more meaningful and I've acquired valuable morals that will last the rest of my life! I truly am thankful for this once in a lifetime opportunity, it really did change me for the better!

M. Kim, Ursuline Academy


This SOA tour has been a wonderful experience that I will never forget! The dedication and determination shown by the band, chorus and instructors was amazing! I also made many life long friendships that I will never forget. To the staff of SOA, Thank you for accepting me to be a part of this program, it was a life changing event!

S. Hackett, Episcopal School of Dallas

It's the greatest feeling to be around kids with the same interests as you and getting to know and understand their ways of life in other states! I would definitely do this again with future SOA groups. Thank you, SOA staff, for all you have done to make this one of my most memorable summers of my life!

R. Reyes, J B Alexander High School

This was a remarkable experience - really indescribable! As a mother, chaperone and American, I was so proud of the SOA. Meeting the staff, the students, and wonderful people from (Europe) was a privilege.

R. Hughes, chaperone from Ft. Worth, TX


This tour is the greatest thing I have ever done! I'm glad I took the opportunity. I met so many friends, saw so many neat places. The performances were amazing! I was honored to play with such great musicians and still wonder why I was allowed to play next to them! It was great!

J. Amador, Bonnabel High School

It was an incredible experience! The staff made everything really fun and safe at the same time. There were just too many amazing things that happened on this tour, it's impossible to write it all down. All I can say is gracias por todo que nos diste SOA!

C. Riojas, Martin High School

I really had fun! This was more fun than I expected! The staff was GREAT! This was the best way to excel in music and to have the opportunity to travel to a great place where many kids my age don't get to see much often.

J. Ontiveros, Big Spring High School

I really feel that this was a life changing experience! I learned so much about myself and others, it is amazing! This trip was definitely the highlight of my life!

K. Tickner, Pilot Point High School


I thought it was a wonderful experience and I would love to do it again! The director has been the best choir teacher/director I have had. I am so grateful I had the opportunity of coming and making friendships that will last through the years.

R. Hughes, Bethesda Christian High School

The SOA tour has helped me in many ways! It helped improve my playing, tone quality and dexterity. It improved my character. I'm really glad I came on this tour it helped me out so much both playing wise and it made me a stronger person.

J. Ramirez, Pleasanton High School


The SOA experience has been the most wonderful, the most exciting, the most memorable experience of my life! Everything the brochure says is true and then some! I hope to join you again!

T. Guinn, Corsicana High School


I was not lied to when I was told that the quality of the SOA tour was excellent. I had such a wonderful time that I truly believe that there was never a dull moment on this tour. The cities and countries we visited were beautiful, the guides and bus drivers were great. The hotels were very comfortable. And of course, the staff was exceptional. The whole tour was great! Thank YOU for this wonderful opportunity!

S. Cardenas, Crystal City High School


I've never had such a wonderful time! It was the most exciting, 22-days I've ever spent! I thank the directors from the bottom of my heart!

B. Russell, Stone High School


This trip to Europe has been one of the most exciting times of my life and I think that what I have experienced will help me later in life. I hope that the tour continues to be as excellent as it was this year!!

K. McCorquodale, Eastwood High School


SOA has changed my life forever! The staff was wonderful and very knowledgeable about Europe. I hope I can make it back next year!!

P. Walko Rockdale High School


Before I departed for the tour I was really dreading what I was getting involved in! I was so wrapped up in my own touring company and school, I didn't want to go to Europe! After all the time spent with great staff members, bonding young men and women, and great guides, I must admit how grateful and happy I am to be an SOA member. Long live the SOA & long live the memories evolved around its purpose!

T. Russell, Idalou High School


This was a wonderful experience and I wish to thank SOA for all of these unforgettable memories. It was truly an honor to work with these people and I hope to sing with you again!

A. Seekatz, Canyon High School


I have enjoyed it very much. I have learned a great deal about people, life, and music.

M. Black, Lee High School


I was happy to find out that different people could become great friends and have experiences together through music.

Z. Griffin, Midway High School


My experience with SOA will always be memorable, this has been the best part of my life. SOA made my dream of touring around the world while playing come true. It helped me figure out who I really am and what I want to do for the rest of my life. Thank you for making me a part of SOA!

J. Nunez, El Campo High School


When the SOA brochures arrives, the tour seemed picture perfect. After going on the tour, the brochure is right on!

M. Callas, Lopez Fine Arts Academy


SOA started out as just a bunch of people with a lot of musical talent. When our tour was over, we were more than just friends, we were a family. SOA is something I will never forget!

R. Treadway, Hereford High School


This was a major highlight in my life and the memories will be with me forever, as well as the friendships I have gained. Thanks ya'll!

R. Beck, Lake County Christian High School


At first I was excited about going to Europe and just singing. What I didn't realize was that the friends that I've made was the most important part of our "family" tour.

J. Contenta, Santa Fe High School


SOA has totally changed my life and I want to thank every single one of the SOA staff for giving me this to chance to enjoy other countries! I'll be back!

L. Cain, Lubbock Christian High School


It was one of the most memorable experiences that I will ever have. I would stress to younger generations that they strive to participate in a group with such love for each other and the music and memories we've shared. This experience is definitely worth any amount of money.

Z. Baker, Marble Falls High School


UTAH [To the Top]

It's positive, unique, very high-class but welcoming and the people are extremely loving. This is the best youth tour I've ever been on! I love the Sound of America! It is a touring experience unlike any other I've seen because of the professional yet homey and loving way in which it is ran. The staff is caring and helpful. The music is literally world-class, and the individuals which are chosen to be there are always quality in character and musicianship!

K. Sullivan, Timpanogos High School


I enjoyed being able to speak with the people who came to our concerts. They were all so nice and complimentary!

A. Clayson, Kanab High School


It has been absolutely amazing! I have had a fabulous time! I loved experiencing so many cultures and being able to go to some of the most beautiful places in the world!

A. Green, Mountain View High School

This past month has been such an amazing experience! I have made many great new friends and I have learned a whole lot on this trip! It has been so much fun learning about different cultures and visiting all these different places! I would definitely recommend this trip to other musicians who love to make music and share their talents!

A. Boyd, Pine View High School


You guys had thought of everything and I spent little to no time worrying about my welfare on the trip. I feel so privileged to have had this experience and to see the best of Europe at my young age. You've given me a tremendous block in my foundation to build my future in music and in any career I choose. You have no idea how grateful I am to have seen the world outside of my little Utah bubble. Thanks again!

M. Cheal, Mountain Crest High School

This has truly been an enlightening experience! I have learned so much about the art of music, people and so much more! It was an incredible experience that helped me grown in so many ways! I made so many close friends and became a better musician and person. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and encourage them to go! I loved it!

V. Miles, Altamont High School


I felt as though I was part of a great big family! I am grateful that Mr. Barr had the dream to start such a wonderful thing for the youth in the United States. . . . How many choirs can say that they have received 3 encores by one audience that didn't know them?

J. Vick, San Juan High School


It was fantastic! I've never been in a music group that had so much talent! I loved the goose bumps I got after the final song, as the crowd was cheering . . . and when the Europeans asked for an encore! Thank you for this opportunity!

D. Candland, Snow Canyon High School


I had no idea that I could have so much fun! The musicality of everyone there was amazing! We shared the most beautiful things on this earth - music, love, friendship and nature. Thank you SOA for the most perfect experience of my life!

J. Beal, Mountain Crest High School


It was so much better than I had expected! I never dreamed I'd make as close of friends on this trip as I did!

J. Green, Box Elder High School


It's amazing, all the feelings that flood through you as you hit the last note of the last song, at that last concert in Strasbourg! As the crowd rose to their feet, tears stream down your new found friends' faces, you find a sense of unity, love and faith that you can do anything, which can only be found on this tour.

R. Young, Snow College


The SOA tour FAR exceeded my expectations! I was really excited to see Europe, but the real joy came from making lifetime friends. The concerts were uplifting and enjoyable as well. I would go again without hesitation if the opportunity presented itself. Thanks to all of you for putting together an exciting and fun trip!

J. Rogers, chaperone, Alpine


I thought this tour was going to be like any other tour, but I would say it's 100 times better! Thank you so much!

A. Cordova, Bonneville High School


This tour was one of the greatest, most memorable experiences I've ever had! The music we made was amazing. I was so proud to be part of such a great performing group! The friends I made had such an impact on my life and I know I will never forget them! The worst part of the trip is leaving.

K. Simister, North Summit High School


I am impressed that so many people from all over the U.S. can gather together with one thing in common - music, . . . and become such great friends! I know that the friends I made on this trip will be friends for a lifetime. It was tons of fun! Thank you SOA Staff!!!

T. Taylor, Bingham High School


It is indescribable! It definitely was the absolute best 23 days of my life! I have a totally different outlook towards the world. I love it! The tour was priceless! I wouldn't trade the experience for anything!

S. Porter, Clearfield High School


VERMONT [To the Top]

I had an amazing time! The tour was more than I ever imagined it would be!

C. Hall, Montpelier High School

At first I was extremely skeptical. But, I have found SOA staff and coordinators are some of the most honest people I have ever met. I am so happy I wasn't stubborn and came on this trip! It has really been a life-changing experience for me. I have been on other tours, and this is clearly the best!

L. Laramie, Vergennes Union High School


This summer was the best! I had a ton of fun and made friends that I hope will last a lifetime! Seeing Europe was amazing and singing with the choir was such an awesome experience! I'll never forget any of it! Thanks to everyone who made it possible!

S. Mitchell, Stowe High School


It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life! Thank you, SOA, for making it possible

T. Callahan, Winooski High School


SOA was a very intense and emotional experience. I came here not knowing anyone, and now I know very special people all across the country. The sense of family and togetherness was unlike any feeling I have ever experienced!

B. Johnson, Peoples Academy High School


VIRGINIA [To the Top]

I feel that the trip was well planned and organized. I never felt lost or confused and I knew if I did, there would always be someone close by to help me. I felt like part of a family the entire time. I would gladly do this trip again and will recommend it to people in the future! I learned so much and am still in a daze from it all. I am definitely recommending this trip to anyone who asks about it!

K. Medcalf, Sherando High School


Together, we were heroes to people who didn't even know us, but loved us for our talent. Never before have I felt so good about myself!

A. Borish, Monticello High School

Wow!! Fun!! Laughs!! Everyone was so caring and supportive, definitely a big family! Thank you for the opportunity to pursue my dreams!

V. March, Deep Creek High School

I have had one of the best experiences in my life! I have made lots of new friends that I will remember all of my life, and I got to travel to places I know many people will never see. If I could, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

S. Hildebrand, Massaponax High School


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! This was something amazing! In every persons life there are pivotal moments when something is created, something so magnificent that it never comes again!

A. Burton, Eastern Reg. High School


Good people, good music, good opportunities and good fun! A good time was had by all!

J. Weber, Fauquier High School

It was fantastic! I made so many friends and was able to experience things I had only dreamed of. Beside creating beautiful music, I had a chance to redirect my focus.

S. Kious, Granby High School


It was absolutely wonderful! The level of musical ability and performance made it challenging and most rewarding. I wish all my friends and family could have this experience.

T. Wymer, Sherando High School


I learned some of the vigor it takes to become a professional and relearned that meaning and passion for music!

C. Franck, Charlottesville High School


I think it was wonderful to meet so many people, from all over the U.S., that share the same love of music that I do. I think this has been the greatest experience of my life!

M. Vollmer, Loudoun County High School


I think that it was a great experience, it made me feel like a better musician. I met so many great and dear friends that I am sure I will keep in close contact with . . . I know I will go home reflecting on the great experience I have had the privilege to participate in the past 25 days.

K. Ulmet, Burton High School


I've made the best of friends while gaining more experiences to help me grow. The emotional aspect of singing and performing is truly present within this family of musicians. Thank you for this opportunity! I shall return!

T. Czarkowski, Stonewall Jackson High School


I decided to travel with SOA again in 2001. This tour is very exciting and the experience of traveling abroad beats any book.

B. Herald, Virginia Tech


The tour was absolutely great! Great staff, great people!

C. Cox, Woodside High School


You and your staff represent all the good qualities and principles and beliefs we want our son to be exposed to . . . thanks for helping him grow into a person we can all be proud of!

Kurt & Jody Foiles, parents of Virginia SOA member


This tour was even better the second time around! The trip was handled very well by the directors, chaperones, guides, drivers, etc. You have an excellent program and I was happy to come back for a second time!

T. Diehm, Brentsville High School


This was the best thing I have ever done! It was a tremendous learning experienced and look forward to hope to participate in the near future!

M. Payne, Stafford High School


(This has been) the highlight of my life for certain! A fabulous group! Upon arriving at Dickinson (College), I found that there were no strangers, just friends I had not yet met.

G. Neely, L.C. Bird High School


SOA was the best use of my summer and time. I absolutely loved all the music we played and I believe it was worth going through all the grueling rehearsals. The experiences on this trip can't match anything else and probably never will. The close friends I've made will be there forever, even if they live on the west coast. The staff itself was #1 in my book, they worked so hard and managed to stay friendly even when they were exhausted! I learned a whole lot from Mr. Barr (director) especially on character building. I am extremely proud to say I was a part of the SOA!

D. Barlow, Broad Run High School


It was the most overwhelming feeling to have a standing room only crowd clapping, chanting and singing along as we performed. Thanks so very much!

M. Hoyle, Rural Retreat High School



This trip has been one of the greatest musical experiences I have ever had!

J. Trees, Kamiak High School


I've sang with the All Northwest Choir twice and this is equal in quality musically! I really appreciated that the staff trusted us and treated us like adults.

T. Ackley, Sequim High School


This trip was absolutely spectacular! The tour has literally been a dream come true!

C. Ferguson, Bainbridge High School


This trip was amazing! It opened my eyes to a whole new realm! I never realized there was so much musical talent and drive to perform! I loved being with a group who all wanted to be there and worked hard together. We really bonded as musicians and as friends. I met so many awesome people and made great friends! The staff was awesome and they all worked hard to get us where we needed to be!

L. Mann, Peninsula High School

Words could not express what this trip has meant to me! I am so unbelievably grateful for such an amazing opportunity and am still in disbelief that I experienced it! Thank you so much for making me a part of the SOA family!

K. Burch, Olympia High School

It is like a dream for us to be a part of something so special and connect through music to people across the world! Well done!

R. Stroud, Franklin Pierce HS


I think this trip will be one of the most memorable experiences in my life! The music we produced was incredible and the love everyone had for it was even better! I know I've grown these past weeks and I owe it all to the SOA tour! Thank you for such a great experience! You guys are the best!

T. Comstock, Freeman High School


Nothing in my life has come close to matching this experience! I met people on this tour that have changed my life and that I will always regard as my best friends. The S.O.A. has shown me that nothing can bond someone to a friend as much as this trip. I look forward to doing it again!

J. Sullins, Sequim High School

It was a trip I won't soon forget, and if I got another chance, I'd go again in a heartbeat!

J. Yurkiw, University HS


We really became like a great big family! It was a pleasure to tour such a historic part of the world with so many wonderful people. I have never made so many friends and had so much fun in my entire life!

R. Brittingham, Sunnyside High School


What a wonderful bunch of young people not only talented but all-around! Things seemed to be so organized that we seemed not to have any problems. You've done a great job!

K. Pryde, chaperone


I loved it! I was able to add a "new dimension" to my personality through seeing other cultures. I now better understand other people and how they live. I also have a stronger love for our country. And, I learned a lot about music. It was a great musical opportunity for me. I loved the whole trip!

B. Beale, Camas High School


The friends that I've made here are priceless beyond thought!

N. Boot, Mountain View High School


This has been the best experience of my life so far! The chaperones were great and I have never been around a more humorous and caring group of people.

M. Sturgeon, Mossyrock High School


This is the best experience I ever could have had! Thank you for all you've given all of us! This is the biggest and best family I could ever hope for!

L. Thompson, Auburn High School


Thank you a thousand times again for giving me this opportunity to go to the best place on earth with the best people! Now I can take back so much teaching methods and memories to my choir. Now more than ever, I know Music Education is the best thing I can do!

D. McWilliams, Lakes High School



This has honestly been the most incredible month of my life! I have made so many friends, and had so much fun! Everyone should be able to experience this tour!

B. Dunlap, Magnolia High School


The tour was great! It really was fun meeting the new people from all over the U.S., and getting a chance to perform with the nation's best!

K. Mongold, Franklin High School


I am very pleased that I decided to come on this tour. I have made many friends from all over the country and I feel like being away from home for an extended period has helped prepare me for college. I feel like I have really grown with having to make new friends & be on my own.

J. Rose, Point Pleasant High School


When I first arrived I didn't have a clue what to expect. I was really nervous about leaving my family for such a long time. After this trip, my family has grown. For that month, SOA was my family and I knew I could always depend on not only the students but the staff as well. The tour itself was outstanding! I feel I've been taught so much in such a short time which I know I will take the knowledge with me in the future. Thanks for everything!

R. Holt, Philip Barbour High School


SOA combines music, performing, and sight-seeing - all on one unforgettable tour! SOA has given me the ultimate musical experience!

M. Zurcher, Wahama High School

Thanks so much for the opportunity to go to Europe and be a performer! This tour has helped me grow. I would and will recommend this tour to anyone. The directors were GREAT, as was the doctor and all the chaperones. Thanks again!

M. Hatten, Huntington High School


The first time I heard us all together I was amazed and very impressed with the amount of talent that I was surrounded by!

A. Zigmond, Georgetown College (KY)


This tour has meant so much to me. I have made so many lifelong friends and experienced so much! It has changed my life forever. Thank you so much SOA! I'll never forget it!!

D. McClain, Robert Byrd High School


The friendships and new experiences were worth their weight in gold!

K. Chambers, Hampshire High School


My life now that I have toured with SOA will never be the same. It is hard to believe that in three weeks time you can become such a close family. SOA means the world to me, and I will never forget these last three weeks as long as I live!

R. Thompson, Harts High School


I loved it! It was great!!! I never thought that I'd make friends like the SOA alumni said, but I met the greatest people . . . people that I share interest with and goals.

M. Lackey, Pineville High School


I'll never forget the friends I have made and the wonderful influence the directors & staff have had on me.

R. Smith, University of Charleston


This was a super experience in quality musical performances, as well as an important lesson of life in various cultures and cooperation with others!

K. Cook, chaperone and high school band director


I now feel that, along with my fellow SOA members, I've changed the world in some small way for the better!

A. Harrison, Jefferson High School


Besides the personal attraction of touring Europe I have one comment: To share a musical experience with a person is enough . . . to be able to share this across the world is unforgettable!

And after another tour with SOA, he writes,

A real pleasure to experience with other students AND adults! I didn't know how this would compare to last year's trip, but it just keeps getting better! Bravo from the Cook family!

D. Cook, chaperone and high school band director


I have developed musically, culturally and personally on this trip. It is a great experience and I would encourage everyone to go!

K. Ohlinger, Wahama High School


WISCONSIN [To the Top]

It was an amazing life-changing experience! I never thought that I could ever sing in a chorus this amazing!

A. Nigl, LaCrosse Aquinas High School


The only word to describe this tour is AMAZING! I never thought I'd have so much fun and meet so many awesome people! This trip has really changed me for the better and I'd really like to go again. This exceeded my highest expectations!

M. Schweitzer, Marinette High School


SOA is the most amazing experience of your life with some of the most amazing people you'll ever meet and that students have to do it themselves to see how cool it really is!

J. Baumgartner, University of Minnesota, Duluth


I am still in awe of the talented kids that were on the tour! How they all came together for a few short days and then went out there and gave wonderful performances all over Europe, just amazing! They made one proud."

A. Baumgartner, Wisconsin chaperone

The cost of this trip was little to pay for the experiences and memories that every participant gained. The music aspect of this trip was phenomenal, young adults from all different areas and cultures coming together for one purpose . . . music! This was really a trip of a lifetime!

K. Myren, Eleva-Strum High School

This trip gave me the greatest outlook on life! Music is more than a hobby anymore, it means something to me. This was by far the best experience I could have had yet!

M. Oldenburg, Westby High School


The friends and memories I have created will last me a lifetime! Our staff, conductors and chaperones (along with both performing groups) were outstanding! I couldn't have asked for a better group to tour Europe with! Thank you!

L. Herman, Evansville High School

It was the greatest experience of my life! My life has truly changed! The concerts were amazing! Thank you SOA! If I can, I would love to come back!

B. Thier, Park Falls High School


It was incredible! I would have never thought I would sing in such an amazing choir and experience all the cultures that I did!

M. Klock, Middleton High School


WYOMING [To the Top]

As a former member of (another concert tour), I can honestly say that the Sound of America has proved to be an incredible improvement over (the other tour group).

D. Clapp, Wind River High School


This European trip was the best decision that I ever made! The SOA tour brought out more in me than I ever thought possible! If I had to choose a way to tour Europe, I would choose to travel w/ SOA and as a SINGER!

K. Turner, Star Valley High School


I had a wonderful time, as I knew I would! I was a bit scared at first about traveling so far away from home, all alone, but the staff really made me feel comfortable and well taken care of. Thanks for the experiences and memories!

H. Spooner, Cody High School


I loved the huge audiences! The buses were great and my supervisors did a really good job. Thanks for making this tour possible!

C. Tubbs, Pinedale High School


SOA is a wonderful experience that cannot be replaced by anything else. It has taught me undying love, forgiveness, tolerance, and responsibility. I am thankful for the opportunity to be with SOA!@

T. Kennah, Green River High School



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