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2014 PHOTOS:

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2013 Photos


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Special thanks to a few tour members who shared their photos with us and a very special thanks to Nian Chen for letting us post a few of her photos.


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2011 Photos


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2010 Photos



2009 Photos


2008 photos



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Neuschwanstein Castle

"Just in Time" choir

Verona Coluseum

Band members before Rothenburg concert

Students in Venice

Students on Kapellbrucke in Luzern

Backrub in the Switzerland Grimselpass

Texan friends in Strasbourg

Rothenburg concert

Merry-go-round in Strasbourg

More pictures at Eiffel Tower

Visiting Verona Coluseum

In front of Strasbourg Cathedral

Blue Bus members on Swiss Mountain Pass

Students on First, above Grindelwald, Swizterland

Students at the Eiffel Tower

SOA in Swiss Alps

Mr. Yoder with SOA students

Our students meet Tyrolean musicians in Leutasch

Choir students after concert in Rothenburg

Three SOA girls enjoy Swiss Mountains

Some staff in Venice

Students enjoy Lake Luzern

more of Leutasch music festival

Students in Luzern

Choir sings in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Tour members in Rothenburg

SOA girls at Notre Dame

Students go through Luzern bridge

Eiffel Tower

Students enjoy Strasbourg

SOA Students meet with Rothenburg's Nightwatchman

Dancers pose after Rothenburg concert

Blue Bus students take gondola ride, Venice

Girls after Rothenburg concert

Students at Juliet's balcony

Flag donated to SOA to give to American Cemetery in Luxembourg



Students infront of beautiful mountain valley in Grindelwald

Lunch at the higest point on Grossglockner Moiuntain Pass

Students (and Steve) enjoy Rotheburg before concert

Students enjoy beautiful day in Swiss Alps

Ryan & Dana, our "Time to Say Goodbye" duet team pose in Rothenburg

Students before concert in Abtenau, Austria

Posing at the Eiffel Tower

Students in Austrian Alps

Students line up to take Alpine Slide, Austria

Taking a gondola ride in Venice

Students at Germany hotel doorway

Band & Choir in Rothenburg

Students at Venice's Grand Canal

Choir sings a song in Verona's 2000 year old Roman arena

Two of the tubas in Rothenburg

Students in front of snowcapped Alps

Band students outside of Swiss concert hall


2005 Photos

Girls on Isola Bella Island, Italy

Students relax at lake on top of St. Gottard Pass

One the of highest points in Europe, the Jungfraujoch

Band members before first concert

Isola Bella

Choir sings Stars & Stripes

Students at the Grindelwald concert

Ol' Man River

Students visit "First"

2 Students in Cortina countryside

Stuts struts his stuff

Before concert in Rothenburg

Skating in Cortina's Olympic Rink

Alex plays guitarron

Razzle Dazzle

Some west coast kids in Venice

Students along Lake Maggiore, Italy

In front of Wieskirche, Bavaria

2004 Photos

Group Concert photo in La Chaux-de-Fonds

Footloose Performance


Guys before Rothenburg concert

Posing with the flowers of Isola Bella

Verona Coliseum

In front of the Dom church, Salzburg

Silly guys in Paris

Petite France, Strasbourg

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2003 photos

On top of the world

Buddies in Verona

SOAers enjoy town of Cortina

Lunch in Stresa

Choir performs in Cortina, Italy

Versailles 2003

Vaporetto ride after day in Venice

Along Lake Maggiore

In front of Golden Roof, Innsbruck

Girls in front of St. Mark's Basilica

Tyrolean Teddy Bear, Innsbruck

Peace - "Let It Be"

Staff Skit

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New photos from other recent years! (1998-2001)

Ah, that Italian gelati (ice cream)

Rothenburg's Night Watchman

Ready for a concert

SOA kids in Alps

Staff sliding in Saltmines

Mickey Mouse & friends

Skating in Cortina

2001 SOAers in Marktplatz, Rothenburg


Josy, Blue Bus driver, starts a snowball fight

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2002 photos

La Chaux concert photo 2002

Girls before Grindelwald concert

Utterly weird

Von Trapp decendent at movie Von Trapp house

SOA Bikers

Relaxing with view of Lake Maggiore

Flutes in Rothenburg

Students in front of Notre Dame, Paris

Everyone loves Grindelwald

Students at Palace of Versailles

"Singing in the Rain"

"Big Band Bash" choreography

Salt Mines 2002

Rebekah & Rebecca in Swiss Alps

Students at Disney

Mr. Barr directs in Rothenburg

Students get punished in Rothenburg

Good friends Grindelwald

Making new friends

Enjoying gardens of Isola Bella

Some special Parisian graffiti we found

Silly Chaperones

Taps trumpeters

Students enjoy Italian Gardens

"I could have danced"

Some Staff at Disney

Missed the Saturday Dance

Having fun in Europe


Tim sings in "My Fair Lady"

On the Grossglockner Pass

Pam & Katie get a lift

Students in Fantasyland

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~ ~ ~ ~

Ready for a hike above Grindelwald

2001 Choir Performance in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Enjoying Lake Maggiore

Choir in Rothenburg



Students at Palace - Isolabella

Students in St. Mark's Square, Venice

Students on Paris River Cruise

Tristan's jump

Katie & horse at Weiskirche

Luxembourg's Cow Art

Students on Lake Maggiore

Students pose on palace grounds of Isolabella

2001 Students on First

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Courtesy of Cortina's photographer, you may enjoy the following three photos:

Cortina Concert 2001 photo

Photo #2 of concert

Mr. Shaw receives gift from Cortina


You my wish to visit the website of Belgian relatives of Tristan Windle for concert pictures. They attended our Luxembourg concert and our visit to the American Cemetery.

Click here for their main page - look for the SOA button

Or Click here to go directly to their page of photos of the Luxembourg concert and American Cemetery.

Also - you may want to see some photos of Will Schmarder on his webpages.

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2000 Tour Photos

La Chaux de Fonds concert 2000

Strasbourg concert 2000

2000 Students in Disney

SOA members in Salt Mines

Photo from our first concert, Rothenburg, Germany

Taking a boat ride on lake Maggiore

Students at Isola Bella's palace, Stresa

In front of St. Mark's Basilica, Venice

Hear no evil . . .

Three students pose in Venice, from vaporetto ride

'00 Students (and Fred) with nutcracker in Rothenburg

Some saxes in Disney

Close up during the men's choral featured selection, Disney

Girls pose in Stresa, Italy

Students enjoy icecream in Rothenburg, Germany

Girls before Grindelwald concert

Chorus in Disney

Students take a horse carriage ride in Salzburg

Choir performs in Disney

Enjoying Italian Ice cream on Isola Bella

SOA Members take a buggy ride in Salzburg

Students at Notre Dame cathedral, Reims

One of our piccolo soloists

Our directors at Disney


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1999 Tour Photos

Choir performs in Luxembourg
Students in front of St. Mark's Basilica, Venice
Two SOA girls after Disney concert
Tour members take gondola on Grand Canal of Venice
Two new friends at the top of Alpine Slide
SOA Members on top of First cable car stop, Switzerland
Students at Disneyland Paris entrance
Tour members posing on Grossglockner Mountain Pass
Gliding through Venice on gondola
SOA Members enjoy Venice by taking gondola ride
SOA members enjoy Alps
SOA girls on our vaporetto ride, Venice
More of vaporetto ride, Venice
Students at Rothenburg fountain
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The following concert photos are large, and may take some time downloading, depending on your computer and your connection.



The 1998 SOA Band & Choir concert photo at La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland (large)

The 1998 SOA Band & Choir concert photo in Strasbourg, France (large)


'96 students & Dr. Ausmann at Mountain Pass

Choir in St. Mark's Basilica, Venice

'98 Students at Eiffel Tower

Soloist in Rothenburg

Jazz Combo '98

'98 Students in Regina Palace, Stresa

'98 girls receive roses at Rothenburg concert

Lunch in a wine barrel

In Disneyland, Paris

'97 students at Eiffel Tower

'96 Students in Rothenburg

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