Testimonials from former SOA Participants

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"SOA gave us the keys to the world and in many cases, . . . helped to shape our destiny. I, for one, will always be grateful for that." - Tina Stixrude, alumnus and Foreign Service Officer at a US Consulate, Africa

The connecting pages offer some unsolicited comments written by past tour participants after their tour with Sound of America. Learn what others from across the country had to say about their experience with the Sound of America Honor Band and Chorus.

"I (and others) were knocked out by your concert! Everybody was so professional and slick, there was a need to constantly remind oneself that we were actually talking about amateurs here! It was a rare delight to receive such a mass display of good manners from all the participants after their performance, and their old-world courtesy when interacting with the audience was a great pleasure in this day and age. They made fine ambassadors for your country, generating an enormous amount of goodwill!" - Ken Hyde, England (audience member at the Grindelwald concert)

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"Their behavior and decorum were a tribute and fine representation to this great country of ours. These kids from throughout the United States singing and playing (music) throughout western Europe over a three week period. Yes, they had chaperones, but were also self-disciplined and highly motivated. I am proud to call them fellow Americans. They will make a difference in making this world a better place." - T. Hranek, passenger on our flight returning to the US, also father of Dad of 2 Army Sergeants and an ROTC Cadet


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