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The Sound of America Honor Band & Chorus European Concert Tour

Please note that after 38 years of successful and memorable summer concert tours presented to thousands of Europeans, benefiting thousands of talented young musicians, The Sound of America tour will not take place in 2015. During this time of restructuring, the SOA office staff will consider ways to try to make 2016 possible.

We are so very grateful for the wonderful folks we have met and enjoyed on tour and throughout Europe over the many years. We are so very proud of the professional level of the concerts and their success, during each and every tour. We are blessed to have been able to offer well-designed itineraries allowing our students to learn and explore some of the most amazing places in the world. We are glad also for our great concert locations, wonderful audiences, Elizabethtown College's staff, and great service and help given by our bus company, Voyages Josy Clement. We are glad to have given educational experiences that are meaningful and memorable because they were experienced in person. Stay updated with our Facebook page.


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What is the Sound of America Honor Band and Chorus Summer Music Program?

THE SOUND OF AMERICA, Inc. is a music program designed to enrich aspiring musicians through international performance and education. The SOA concert band and chorus is comprised of talented high school and college instrumentalists and vocalists from across the United States of America. Each year, a new group of students are chosen through musical audition and recommendations for the annual SOA European Concert Tour which takes place each summer.

NON-PROFIT: SOA is a federally registered not-for-profit organization which focuses on the musical and cultural enrichment of outstanding musical students, selected by musical ability and character. The Sound of America has non-profit status of 501(c)(3) and does not discriminate against race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, creed, sex or national origin.

LEADERSHIP/DIRECTORS: The SOA honor band is directed by Mr. Clyde M. Barr (President of North American Music Festivals, former President of Pennsylvania Music Educators Association), and the chorus will be under the direction of Dr. Nancy Klein, (Professor of Choirs, Old Dominion University, Virginia). This coming summer of 2015 would be the 39th annual tour of the Sound of America. (For more information on our directors and our experienced and caring staff, visit our staff pages.)

WHERE: After a rehearsal period of several days in Pennsylvania, the ensemble presents two grand Bon Voyage Concerts, after which the entire group travels to Europe to present high-quality concerts of goodwill in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg and France, before thousands of Europeans. The musicality level of the ensemble (band & chorus) is of "all-state" calibre. Concerts are extremely well received by the European audiences.

SIGNIFICANCE: The tour enables qualifying students from throughout the nation to represent America in a highly positive manner as they perform before large European audiences in many of the most unique and finest concert halls in Europe. Over 7000 Sound of America alumni, representing every state in America, can attest to the incredible musical experience and personal growth development they have received under the leadership of the S.O.A. Directors and Staff. Most consider their tour experience the happiest and most significant enrichment experience of their lifetime.

PURPOSE: The purpose of our program is multi-fold. SOA seeks to provide a positive, growing experience for talented young musicians, in which improved musical performance, appreciation of history, art history, languages, and different cultures are all attained objectives. By bringing high quality musical performances not only to stage in Pennsylvania, but from the United States to Europe, the SOA program has a unique opportunity to showcase the best of young America and bring together people of different cultures. This national-scope musical program has been improving intercultural and international perspectives and attitudes for almost four decades.

RECOGNITION: SOA has been recognized for excellence by former Presidents Ronald Reagan, George Bush and George W. Bush, as well as from former Pennsylvania Governor & Under-Secretary-General to the United Nations, Dick Thornburgh, former Pennsylvania Governor & Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, former First Lady and New York Senator and current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Additionally, diplomats at foreign and local posts have also applauded the work of SOA. Those include the Cultural Minister of the U.S. Embassy of Paris and Consul General and Minister Counselor for Public Affairs of the US Embassy, Superintendents of the U.S. Cemeteries, and numerous mayors throughout Europe.

WWW Sound of America

We have numerous pages on our website to answer your questions . For example:

How can I learn more about SOA and can I contact recent former tour members from my area?

Am I eligible?

What type of music is performed?

What have past participants thought of the tour?

Who are the students who have traveled with us and what have they done since?

Is it safe? What are the europeans like towards Americans?

VIDEOS of CONCERTS: Although we do not have any videos on this site, please feel free to browse www.youtube.com for videos of the Sound of America Honor Band & Chorus.

Music Educators:

We invite you to contact us directly to receive information for your finest students. You may e-mail us with nominations as well.

Inquire about our demo CD (free for directors), which features music from recent concert tours. It will demonstrate the quality of our musical groups as well as the type of music we perform. Please call us at 717-245-2826 or email us with any questions or concerns regarding your student.

Browse through our site to learn more about our directors, music, student selection, FAQs, special Patriotic CDs, special alumni, distinguished alumni comments, comments from previous tour members from every state and more.


Visit our Alumni News . Tour members from 1978-2009 can look at their alumni news and submit their own news. We've created a special page for alumni who have excelled in their field or have made special achievement. More recent years are already fully connected via their year's individual Facebook page. (There is a Facebook group page for each year starting with 1978.) If youi can't find yours on facebook, please ask us for help. Click here to read about some Special Alumni

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